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December 2015

December 2015

Monday 7/12/15
Rosewood Vets
Winners: J.Buckley 41pts, Ladies P.Brown 36pts
1st Runnersup: K.Vollbrecht 41pts, Ladies S.Goodbun 35pts
2nd Runnersup: F.Akes 39pts, Ladies A.Brown 34pts
Rundown: Mens to 35pts, Ladies to 26pts
No2: P.Cook in hole, Ladies H.Gilbert 130cm
No9: R.Turnbull in hole, Ladies S.Goodbun 238cm
No11: R.Heathwood 200cm, Ladies H.Gilbert 67cm
No15: R.Turnbull in hole, Ladies H.Gilbert 100cm
Approaches: No16 B.Yates 640cm, Ladies A.Finch 129cm
MUOC B.Johnston, Ladies I.Duggan
On behalf of Organisers of vets we would like to wish you all a
Very Merry Christmas & a Safe & Happy New Year.
Our 1st game for New Year will be February 8th

Saturday 5/12/15
Monthly Medal
Winners: Men Div.1:- R.Avenell 79/65, Div.2:- J.Demmery 88/68, Ladies:- L.Smith 96/74
R/Up: Men Div.1:- P.Robb 84/69 ocb, Div.2:- F.Akes 91/70 ocb, Ladies:- J.Heath 97/75
Ball Rundown:- 71
No.2:- Men L.Hayne 264cms, Ladies 2nd shot:- J.Smith 276cms
No.9:- Men (0-18) A.Timperley, (19-36) 2nd shot J.Demmery 85cms, Ladies:- 2nd shot E.Nelson 386cms
No.11:- MenV.Gibbons 298cms, Ladies:- L.Smith 957cms
No.15:- MenP.Robb 393cms, Ladies:- L.Smith 130cms
Approach No.7 Men:- P.Johnston 980cms, Ladies:- E.Nelson 195cms
Best Gross:- T.Avenell 78, Mr.Putter:- J.Piccini 23, Mrs.Putter:- L.Smith, J.Heath 29

November 2015

November 2015

Saturday 28/11/15
4bbb Stab, 66 Players
Winners:- R.& A.Newham 49pts, Runnersup:-P.Solomon & R.Lee 48pts
B.R.D. to 46 Pts
No 2. D.Russell 169cm, L.Sheraton 157cm
No 9. 0-18 D.Hollands 53cm, 19-36 K.Hanly 2nd shot 21cm, E.Nelson 40cm
No 11. J.Demmery 348cm, E.Nelson 927cm
No 15. F.Akes 171cm
Approaches No 14 M.Clem 2nd shot 656cm, L.Smith 3rd shot 40cm
Next Week Monthly Mug

Saturday 21/11/15
Single Stab, Red Course, 60 players
Winners: Div.1: P.Kuhn 42pts, Div.2: G.Sharpe ocb 40pts, Ladies: H.Gilbert 34pts
R/Up: Div.1:- R.Ellison ocb 41pts, Div.2:- K.McGuire 40pts
Ball Rundown: 38pts
No.2: Men:- A.Timperley 279cms, Ladies:- E.Nelson 420cms,
No.9: Men (0-18):- P.Johnston 568cms, Men(19-36):- K.McGuire 255cms, Ladies:- E.Nelson 115cms
No.11: Men:- C.Innes 68cms, Ladies:- L.Smith 1000cms
No.15: Men:- K.McGuire 1080cms, Ladies:- H.Gilbert 933cms
Approach No.12: Men:- A.Timperley 720cms, Ladies:- J.Heath 797cms
Next game 28/11/15 4BBB Stab. Please arrange own partners.

Tuesday 17/11/2015
Ladies Results, 9 Hole Fun Day
Winner: Liz
Runner-up: Marysha, 2nd Runner-up:Talitha
3rd. Liz in the hole 3rd shot
7th Anne 68cm 4th shot
Best Putter: Liz 17 putts left handed, Worst Putter: Anne 26 putts left handed
Most use of the course: Debbie & Issy.
24/11/2015 Start 9am Presentation, AGM and Christmas Luncheon (11:30AM)

Monday 16/11/15
Rosewood Vets, 56 players. Trophy donors S.Heise, D.Macklin, J.Demmery
Single Stableford
Winners: D.Macklin 41pts, Ladies A.Finch 37pts
Runnersup: D.Hastie 40pts o.c.b. Ladies M.Boonstoppel 35pts
Rundown: Mens to 35pts, Ladies to 31pts
No 2. C.Stevenson 263cm, Ladies J.Cook 2nd shot 29cm
No 9. T.Maroske 2nd shot in hole, Ladies J.Browning 2nd shot 413cm
No 11. J.Hafner 540cm, Ladies S.Erith 379cm
No 15 P.Cook 2nd shot 16cm, Ladies J.Heath 2nd shot in hole
Approaches No 3 D.Macklin 3rd shot in hole, Ladies A.Brown 4th shot in hole
Next game 7th December, 2015 (Christmas). All veteran golfers welcome.

Saturday 14/11/15
2 Person Ambrose, Early birds.
Winners. M.Augustine & J.Ellamans 71/63 3/4, R/Up C.Bath & B.Thoms 78/64/1/4 O.C.B.
Ball r/down to 68.
No 2. R.Johnson 210 cms, E.Nelson 173 cms 2nd shot.
No 9. M.Augustine 210 cms, G.Gibson 32 cms 2nd shot, E.Nelson 173 cms 2nd shot.
No 11. P.Voller 341 cms, L.Smith 255.cms.
Approach No 6. Men J.Piccini 38 cms, Ladies J.Heath 67 cms.
Next Saturday 21/11/15.
Single Stab Men & ladies off red markers.
Saturday 28/11/15/ 4BBB Stab.
Rosewood golf club cent auction 28/11/15 from 7 p.m. All welcome

Tuesday 10/11/15
Ladies Results, Hackers Day, Ambrose
Winners: Shirley & Michaela 35 1/2
B.R.D: Daphne & Donna 36
No 2: Shirley & Michaela 2nd shot 81cm
No 9: Ruth & Janelle 2nd shot 18cm
17/11/2015 Fun Day 8am start.

Saturday 7/11/15
Single stroke Monthly Mug.
Winner Div 1. T.Stanford 78/68, Runner Up.A. Timperley 77/69
Winner Div 2. J.Wojcicki 101/69, Runner Up W.Allan 93/71
Ladies Winner. S.Heise 102/76 o.c.b, Runner Up L.Smith 98/76.
No 2. T.Stanford 106 cms, E.Nelson 23cms.
No 9. G.Maxwell 374 cms, D.Hastie 78 cms 2nd shot, E.Nelson 28 cms 2nd shot.
No 11. T.Stanford 144 cms.
No 15. D.Hastie 377cms.
Aproach.No 6. G.Maxwell 47 cms, L.Smith 253
Best gross. A.Timperley 77nett.
Ball Run Down. Ladies 79, Men ???
Mr Putter. P.Gibson 25, Mrs Putter H.Gilbert 30.
Men Mug of Mug winner Div 1. P.Solomon 83/7, Div 2. C.Innes 93/72. Ladies mug of mug winner S. Hiese 102/76.
Saturday 14th 2 Person Ambrose.
Saturday 21st Single stab Men & ladies will be hitting of red markers.

Tuesday 3/11/15
Ladies Results, Texas FourBall Mixed Day.
Winners: J & W Browning, S.Browning & M.Brown.
Runners-up: J.Cook, J.Heath, V.Gibbons & B.Johnstone.
B.R.D: R & A. Newham, M.Boonstoppe , & L.Johns;
B.Bugden, J&H Gilbert & R.Ellison.
No 2:  J.Baulch 26cm, P.Johnston in the hole.
No 9: J.Browning in the hole,  S.Browning in the hole.
No 11: C.Vandaalen, F.Akes 500cm.
No 15: J.Soppa 4cm, J.Demmery 40cm.
No 6: Funny Line, H.Gilbert,  F.Akes
No 12: Approach, J.Browning, W.Johnston
Longest Drive:
Div 1: L.Smith, R.Ellison
Div 2: J.Browning, M.Brown
Div 3: L.Hook,  B.Johnstone
Most Use Of The Course: D.Bourne, D.Smith, L.Hunter&amp, K.McGuire.
10/11/2015 Hackers Day Start 9:00am.

October 2015

October 2015

Saturday 31/10/15
Single Stab.
Winner Div 1. P.Ross 43 ocb, R/up.A.Bailey 43.
Winner Div 2. A.Browning 42 pts, R/up R.Winrow 40 pts.ocb.
Ladies Winner. M.Gibson 34 pts o.c.b, R/up J.Heath 34 pts
Ball Run/down. Men to 36, Ladies to 32.
No 2. P.Voller 344 cms, E.Nelson 165 cms 2nd shot
No 9. P.Robb 117 cms, E.Nelson 456cms 2nd shot
No 11.K.Hanley 296 cms,
No 15.A. Timperley 304 cms.
Approach No 1. A.Bailey 218 cms, Ladies S.Heise 440 cms.
Best Gross. Adrian Bailey 71

Tuesday 27/10/15
Ladies Results, Canadian Foursomes.
Winners: P.Brown & M.Boonstoppel 100/77.
Runners-up: R.Wass & M.Gibson 99/77 1/2.
B.R.D: E.Nelson & A.Newham, D.Stanford & L.Sheraton.
No 2: No-one.
No 9: S.Morgan & B.Mack 478cm 2nd shot.
No 11: R.Wass 680cm 1st shot.
No 15: D.Stanford 700cm 2nd shot.
3/11/15 Texas FourBall Melbourne Cup Day Mixed Day All Welcome, 8am Start

Saturday 24/10/15
4BBB Stableford.
Winners. C.Bath and B.Thoms 53 pts.
R/Up. D.Hartman and R.Johnson 47 pts.
No 2. M.Clem 184 cms, E.Nelson 2nd shot 331 cms
No 9. R.Lee 374 cms, J.Buckley 2nd shot 18 cms, M.Gibson 19 cms
No 11. D.Hartman 80 cms, J.Browning 1270 cm
No 15. F.Akes 176 cms.
Approach. No 14 Men J.Piccini 51 cms, Ladies L.Sheraton 147 cms.
Ball r/down to 45.

Tuesday 20/10/15
Ladies Results, Par 3 Course Mixed Day
Winner: Ladies& Men: M.Gibson 69/51 1/2.
Runner-up: D.Stanford 74/58 1/2
B.R.D : J.Demmery, L.Hunter, L.Sheraton.
N.T.P: Ladies & Men
No 2: S.Heise 1st shot 215cm.
No 4: P.Brown 2nd shot 158cm.
No 5: R.Wass 2nd shot 39cm.
No 9: D.Macklin 1st shot 43cm.
27/10/2015 Canadian Foursome.
Melbourne Day 3/11/2015 Texas Four Ball Mixed Day

Saturday 17/10/15
Single Stab.
Winner Div 1. D.Butterfield 38 pts o.c.b, R/up A.Bailey 38pts
Winner Div 2. T.Maroske 45 o.c.b, R/up E.Wright 45 pts
Ladies Winner. M.Gibson 37 o.c.b, R/up E.Nelson 37 pts.
No 2. E.Nelson 76 cms 2nd shot, W.Heath 672 cms
No 9. A,Bailey 67 cms, E.Nelson.
No 11. D.Butterfield, M.Gibson.
No 15. F.Akes 236 cms, L.Kelly 124 cms.
Approach 5th. Men D.Butterfield 146, Ladies E.Nelson 141 cms.
Ball r/down. Men.37pts, Ladies 31.
Saturday 24/10/15.4 b.b.b. Stab.Get your partners organised please.

Tuesday 13/10/15
Ladies Results
Medal of Medals. Single Stroke.
Winners: Div 1 : M.Boonstoppel 95/74, Div 2: B.Mack 101/71.
Runners-up: Div 1: M.Gibson 98/747, Div 2: S.Erith 103/74.
B.R.D: E.Nelson, S.Heise, S.Morgan, P.Brown.
No 2: G.Morris 28cm 2nd Shot.
No 9: E.Nelson 90cm 2nd shot.
No 11: G.Morris 41cm 1st shot.
No 15: J.Cook 1050cn 2nd shot.
MEDAL OF MEDALS: S.Erith 103/74.
20/10/2015 Par 3 Course Mixed Day.
All Welcome. 8am start.

Monday 12/10/15
Rosewood Vets, Trophy donors T.Maroske & R.Newham S/Stab 56 players
Winners: J.Duggan 43pts, Ladies J.Cook 38pts
Runnersup: J.Hunter 40pts o.c.b, Ladies D.Stanford 37pts o.c.b.
Mens rundown to 35pts, Ladies to 35pts
No 2. T.Maroske 548cm, S.Erith 2nd shot in hole
No 9. J.Demmery 2nd shot in hole, A.Finch 2nd shot 31cm
No 11. R.Parnell 261cm, F.Parnell 575cm
No 15, R.Parnell 2nd shot in hole, A.Newham 2nd shot 117cm
Approach No 14 R.Johnson 2nd shot 103cm, J.Cook 3rd shot 86cm
Next Game 16th November 8.00a.m. start. All veteran golfers welcome.

Saturday 10/10/15
4BBB Stableford
Winners. W.Johnston, L.Smith 49 pts
R/Up B.Donald, W.Allan 38 o.c.b.
Ball r/down to 45 pts
No 2. J.Buckley HOLE IN ONE, Leona Sheraton 70 cms 2nd shot.
No 9. R.Hunter 730 cms, K.McGuire 20 cms 2nd shot, Lisa Smith 17cms 2nd shot.
No 11 T.Brown 258 cms, Lisa Smith 807 cms
No 15.M.Clem 439 cms, Jill Soppa 337 cms.
Approach No 12.Men L.Hayne 234 cms, Ladies Jo Heath 132 cms

Ladies Results Tuesday 6/10/15.
Monthly Medal.
Winners: Div 1: E.Nelson 79/69, Div2: S.Erith 100/71.
Runners-up: Div1: L.Sheraton 95/72, Div 2: T.Gorton 112/74
B.R.D: A.Finch, M.Gibson, M.Boonstoppel, J.Browning, S.Heise.
No 2: M.Gibson 2nd shot 64 cm.
No 9: S.Heise 2nd shot 187 cm.
No 11: E.Nelson 1st shot 558cm.
No 15: A.Finch 2nd shot 33cm.
Mrs Putter: 27 putts E.Nelson.
13/10/15 Medal of Medal & Single Stroke.
20/10/15 Mixed Day Par 3 Course All Welcome 8am start

Saturday 3/10/15
Single Stroke Monthly Mug & Putting
Winners:- Mens Div 1 J.Piccini 78/66, Mens Div2 B.Sheraton 87/66 ocb, Ladies S.Morgan 97/70
Runnersup:-Mens Div 1 A.Timperley 77/68, Mens Div2 K.Davey 89/66 ocb, Ladies R.Wass 94/74
Rundown:-Mens to 69, Ladies to 76
No 2. R.Lee 83cm, Ladies A.Finch 2nd shot 31cm
No 9. 0-18 G.Wylie 285cm, 19-36 T.Brown 2nd shot 30cm, Ladies M.Woodrow 2nd shot 97cm
No 11. A.Huntley 90cm, Ladies S.Heise 800cm
No 15. R.Lee 131cm, Ladies S.Morgan 2nd shot 113cm
Approach No 6. J.Young 2nd shot 337cm, R.Wass 3rd shot 9cm.
Best Gross. A.Timperley 77
Mr Putter. W.Robinson 29 o.c.b, Mrs Putter S.Morgan 27

September 2015

September 2015

Saturday 26/9/15.
4 Ball Aggregate Stableford
Winners: T.Stanford, C.Innes 77pts o.c.b.
R/Up: S.Voller, M.Voller 77 pts.
No 2. R.Stagg 297 cms, Janelle Browning 71 cms 2nd shot
No 9. A.Timperley 621 cms, J.Demmery 1 cm, Glynys Morris 382 cms 2nd shot
No 11. P.Voller 230 cms, Margie Woodrow 1595 cms
No 15. K.Mugurie 436 cms, Janelle Browning 125 cms
Approach No 16. P.Johnson 496 cms, G.Morris 43 cms
T.Stanford eagle 5th hole.
Ball r/down to 71
Saturday 3/10/15/ Monthly Mug
Monday 5/10/15 Labour Day – Single stab. Tee times from 7am to 12 Noon

Tuesday 22/9/15
Ladies Results. 2 Person Ambrose Mixed Day.
Winners: D.Stanford, T.Maroske & M.Gibson 78/65 1/6.
Runners-up: S.Heise & J.Demmery 78/66 1/4.
B.R.D: B.Bugden & B.Hutton & J.Browning & A.Browning.
No 2: G.Morris & P.Johnston 36cm 2nd shot.
No 9: B.Bugden & B.Hutton in the hole 2nd shot.
No 11: R.Wass 1st shot 77cm.
No 15: P.Brown & W.Hills 25cm 2nd shot.
29/9/15 at Ipswich for a return match.
2/10/15 B&D Country Day 8:30 start.

Saturday 19/9/15.
Robbie Faint memorial day.
Single stab.
Winner.Div.1: D.Russell 42pts, Div.2:P.Voller 39pts, Ladies: L.Smith 35pts
R/up.Div.1: M.Newman 40pts, Div.2: A.Browning 38pts ocb, Ladies:D.Bowe 34pts
Ball r/down men: 36pts, ladies:29pts
No 2.Men: S.Voller 170 cms.Ladies:Liz Nelson 210
No 9.Men: M.Augustine 360. 2nd shot J.Demmery in hole, Women: Lisa Smith 112 cms 2nd shot
No 11.Men: J.Duggan 158cms, Ladies: No-One
No 15.Men: D.Wojcicki 115cms, Ladies: D.Bowe 228cms
Approach.No M.Newman 160cms, ladies:L.Smith 720cms
Saturday 26/9/15.4 ball agg stab get your partners organised.
Saturday 3/10/15.Monthly Mug.
Monday 5/10/15.Labour day event,Single stab.Tee times from 7 a.m

Tuesday 15/9/15
Ladies Results. Secret Partners 4bbb stab.
Winners: B.Mack & E.Nelson 75pts.
Runners-up: D.Smith & J.Cook 64pts ocb.
B.R.D: M.Gibson & P.Brown 64pts
M.Gibson & S.Heise 63pts.
No 2: B.Mack 2nd -0.5cm
No 9: J.Heath 2nd shot 43cm.
No 11: No-one
No 15: S.Erith 2nd shot 326cm.
22/9/15 Mixed Day All welcome.
2 Person Ambrose. 8 o’clock Shotgun Start.

Saturday 12/9/15
Single stab
Winner Div 1. L.Hayne 46 pts. R/Up M.Dance 41pts.
Winner Div 2. J.Duggan 43pts. R/Up B.B.Butterfield 41 pts.
Ladies winner. J.Heath 39 pts. R/Up S.Heise 36pts.
Ball r/down men 38, Ladies 34
Approach: Men N.Troloff. Ladies. M.Gibson.
No 2. D.Butterfield 131 cms, Jill Smith 170 cms 2nd shot.
No 9. P.Solomon 330 cms, J.Hunter in hole 2nd shot, Lisa Smith 359 cms 2nd shot.
No 11. P.Solomon 27cms.
No 15. R.Lee 529 cms, J.Soppa 190cms
19/9/2015, Robbie Faint Memorial day.Single Stab.
Please note.Rosewood vets 12/10/15 Shot gun Start time is now 8/30.A.M

Tuesday 8/9/15
Rosewood Golf Club Ladies Results
Single Stableford Trophy donor Ann Hayes
Winners: Div.1 R. Wass 35, Div. 2 S. Erith 38
Runners-up: Div.1 E. Nelson 34, Div.2 D. Smith 34
Ball Run-down A. Finch 33, P. Brown 32 , A. Newham 32
No.2 R. Wass 2nd shot in Hole
No.9 B. Mack 2nd shot 236cm
No.11 E. Nelson 800 cm
No.15 D. Stanley 2nd shot 110 cm
Next week 15/9/15 Aggregate stableford, Secret partners.
Ipswich Challenge 29/9/15

Saturday 5/9/15
Monthly Mug S/Stroke and Putting. 73 Players
Winners: Mens Div 1 R.Johnson 77/66, Div 2 K.Akes 88/67 ocb, Ladies G.Morris 96/73 ocb
Runners Up: Men Div 1 J.Maxwell 79/68, Div 2 W.Robinson 97/67 ocb, Ladies J.Smith 94/71
Rundown: Men 70, Ladies 74
No 2: R.Hunter 481cm, G.Morris 2nd shot in the hole
No 9: 0-18 A Timperley 20cm, 19-36 K.McGuire 2 shot 10cm, A.Finch 192cm
No 11: A.Bailey 196cm, R.Wass 573cm
No 15: J.Young 59cm
Approach : No 3 B.Gutherie 473cm, G.Morris 225cm
Mr Putter: J.Young 23, Mrs Putter G.Morris 28
Best Gross: M.Newman 74

Tuesday 1/9/15
Ladies Results, Monthly Medal.
Winners: Div 1: L.Sheraton 93/69, Div 2: D.Stanford 103/72.
Runners-up: Div 1: E.Nelson 83/73, Div 2: D.Smith 109/74.
B.R.D: A.Finch, S.Erith, G.Morris & M.Boonstoppel.
No 2: P.Brown 2nd shot 77cm.
No 9: E.Nelson 2nd shot 171 cm.
No 11: E.Nelson 1st shot 401 cm.
No 15: I.Duggan 2nd shot 417cm.
Mrs Putter: S.Erith. 29putts.
8/9/15 Single Stab.

August 2015

August 2015

Saturday 29/8/15
27 Hole Foursomes, Field 71
Gross Winners: A.Bailey, A.Finch 121
Net Winners: P.Gibson, M.Gibson 101
S/Stab:- Winner: A.Timperley 39pts ocb, R/Up: M.Dance 39pts
No.2: R.Graham 442cms
No.9: 0-18 P.Gibson 356cms, 19-36 J.Wojicicki 236cms 2nd shot, Ladies M.Gibson 12cm 2nd shot
No.11: J.Hunter 191cms
No.15: J.Wojcicki 191cm, Ladies: J.Browning 98cm
Approach No.12: D.Green 194cm, Ladies: M.Gibson 167cm

Tuesday 25/8/15
Ladies Results, Texas Four Ball Breast Cancer Day.
Winners: L&D Sheraton. M.Boonstoopel&B.Sheraton 169pts.
1st Runners-up: S.Morgan , B.Bugden , L.Hayne & C.Stevenson 165pts.
2nd Runners-up: D.Stanford , A & R Newham & B.Hutton. 160pts.
B.R.D: S &T Goodbun , M.Gibson & P.Gibson , B &B Mack , S.Erith & K.Matzke.
N.T.P:           Ladies                                           Men
No 2: L.Sheraton 2nd in the hole.      W.Johnston 2nd in the hole.
No 9: M.Gibson 2nd shot 37cm.         P.Gibson 2nd shot 30cm.
No 11: J.Heath 1st shot 448cm.          J.Hunter 1st shot 524 cm.
No 15: B.Bugden 2nd in the hole.       L.Hayne 2nd shot in the hole.
Accuracy Drive No 6: Ladies: S.Erith, Men: J.Hunter.
Most use of the course: C.Innes , D.Smith , I.Duggan & J.Scroxton.
Lucky Card Draw: G.Morris , J.Browning , M & J Middap.
1/9/15 Monthly Medal. 8:00am Start.

Saturday 22/8/15.
Single Stab. Lions charity day.
Winner Div 1. R. Johnson 41, R/up A. Timperley 39.
Winner Div 2. K. Hanly 47, R/up A. Huntley 41 o.c.b.
Winner Ladies. S. Goodbun 38 o.c.b. R/UP M. Gibson 38.
N0 2. C. Bath 193 cms, J. Smith in hole 2nd shot.
No 9. A. Bailey, J. Ellamans 2cms 2nd shot, G. Morris 117 cms 2nd shot
No 11. R. Johnson 413 cms, L. Smith 317 cms
No 15. D. Butterfield 465 cms, S. Heise 520 cms 2nd shot.
Approach No 6. Men.R.Johnson, Ladies.E.Nelson 188 cms.
Ball r/down Men 38, Ladies.37.
Saturday 29th Mixed foursomes championships and Single Stab for other players.

Tuesday 18/8/15
Ladies Results, 4BBB Stroke Championships.
Winners: G.Morris & B.Bugden 62nett.
Runners-up: J.Cook & D.Stanford 65nett.
B.R.D: E.Nelson & R.Wass
No 2: D.Smith 327cm 2nd shot.
No 9: G.Morris 2nd shot in the hole.
No 11: A.Finch 265cm 1st shot & eagles nest.
No 15: G.Morris 46cm 2nd shot.
25/8/15 Breast Cancer Day Texas Fourball. Mixed Day All Welcome 8:30 Shotgun Start

Saturday 15/8/15.
Single Stab and Finals 4 ball match play.
Winner Finals Mens & Ladies M/play Men. M.Clem & J.Young. Ladies M/play.M.Gibson & M.Woodrow.
Winner Div 1. J.Collins 42 pts, R/Up D.Russell 40 pts.
Winner Div 2. J.Ellamans 41pts, R/Up R.Newham 40 ocb.
Ladies Winner. A.Newham 34 pts, R/Up Jill Soppa 31 pts o.c.b.
Ball r/down Ladies 31, Men 38.
No 2: D.Russell 63 cms, G.Morris 42 cms 2nd shot.
No 9: J.Young 223cms, K.Davey in hole 2nd shot, L.Sheraton 163 cms 2nd shot
No 11: S.Volller 360 cms, Jill Soppa 154 cms.
No 15: A.Timperley 112 cms.
Approach No 6: Men.J.Collins 137 cms, Ladies.E.Nelson 78 cms.
Saturday 22/8/15.Lions charity day $15.00.Per player

Tuesday 11/8/15
Ladies Results, Single Stab.
Winner Div 1: G.Morris 36pts. Runner-up: L.Sheraton 33pts.
Winner Div 2: B.Mack 37pts. Runner_up: D.Smith 36pts.
B.R.D: S.Heise, S.Morgan, J.Cook, M.Boonstopple.
No 2: M.Boonstopple 36cm 2nd shot.
No 9: J.Cook 149 cm 2nd shot.
No 11: E.Nelson 1830cm 1st shot
No 15: A.Finch 81 cm 2nd shot.
Winners of 4 Ball Matchplay: R.Wass & E.Nelson.
18/8/18 4 BBB Stroke Championships.
25/8/15 Breast Cancer Day Mixed Day Texas Fourball 8:30 shotgun start.

Monday 10/8/15
Results Rosewood Vets, Sponsors J.Heath & P.Brown. 50 players.
Winners Men: B.Carter 43pts, Ladies: S.Morgan 37pts.
Runners-up Men: B.Sheraton 37pts, Ladies: D.Johnson 35pts ocb.
B.R.D Mens to 35pts. Ladies to 30pts.
N.T.P: MEN Ladies
No 2:  Men L.Hayne 2nd shot in the hole, Ladies J.Cook 2nd shot in the hole.
No 9: Men J.Demmery 2nd shot in the hole, Ladies A.Finch 2nd shot 64cm.
No 11: Men J.Buckley 1st shot 644cm, Ladies A.Finch 1st shot 654cm.
No 15: Men J.Demmery 2nd shot in the hole, Ladies S.Goodbun 2nd shot 122cm.
Approaches: No 1: Men : C.Payne 3rd shot 70cm, Ladies: A.Finch 4th shot 1cm.
Next Veteran Game 7/9/15. Sponsors : S.Erith & J.Stanford.
All Veterans Welcome.

Saturday 8/8/2015.
Single stab.
Winner Div 1.A.Bailey 42 pts, R/Up D.Hartman 41 ocb.
Winner Div 2.P.Johnston 40 ocb, R/Up.J.Middap 40
Ladies winner L.Smith.
Ball r/down men 37
No 2. D. Wojcicki 800 cm, Ladies L.Sheraton 40 cm 2nd shot.
No 9. R.Graham 443 cm, Ladies M.Gibson 22 cm 2nd shot.
No 11. D.Hartman 217 cm, Ladies M. Boonstoppel 110 cm.
No 15. D. Butterfield 325 cm.
Approach. Men.E.Wright 213 cm, Ladies S.Morgan 160 cm.
Saturday 15th Single stab
Saturday 22nd Lions charity day $15.00 per player

Saturday 1/8/15
Monthly Mug S/Stroke, 77 Players
Winners: Mens Div 1 A.Bailey 72/65, Mens Div 2 B.Johnston 97/64
Ladies: J.Smith 93/70 o.c.b.
Runners Up: Mens Div 1 R.Hunter 86/70 ocb, Mens Div 2 M.Brown 87/67
Ladies: L.Sheraton 95/70
Rundown: Mens 72, Ladies: 76
No 2. Mens J.Young 320cm, Ladies M.Gibson 278cm 2nd shot
No 9. Mens 0-18 M.Augustine 317cm, 19-36 K.McGuire 72cm 2nd shot
No 11. Mens D.Green 471cms, Ladies: G.Morris 84cms
No 15. Mens K.Hanly 339cms, Ladies: J.Soppa 176cms 2nd shot
Approaches: No 14 Men P.Gibson 171cms, Ladies G.Morris 198cms
Best Gross: A.Bailey 72
Mr Putter: S.Browning 25, Mrs Putter: A.Finch 25

July 2015

July 2015

Tuesday 28/7/15
Ladies Results, Single Stab
Winner: D.Smith 32pts
Runner-up: A.Finch 30pts
No 2: R.Wass in the hole 2nd shot.
No 9: A.Finch 49cm 2nd shot.
No 11: A.Finch 380cm 1st shot.
No 15: B.Mack 1320cm 2nd shot.
4/8/15 Monthly Medal, 11/8/15 Final 4 ball Matchplay & Single stab.
25/8/15 Breast Cancer Day Mixed Day All Welcome.

Saturday 25/7/15
Single Stab
Winner: Men Div1 T.Stanford 44pts, Div2 S.Noble 40pts, Ladies. S.Morgan 36pts
R/Up: Men Div1 R.Lee 41pts, Div2 B.Butterfield 39pts ocb, Ladies. E.Nelson 33pts
Ball Rundown: Men 36pts ocb, Ladies 31pts
No2: Men B.Butterfield 266cms, Ladies E.Nelson 55cms 2nd shot
No9: Men B.Thoms 60cms 2nd shot, Ladies M.Woodrow 105cms 2nd shot
No11: Men R.Lee 252cms, Ladies L.Smith 334cms
No15: Men: C.Bath 452cms, Ladies No-One
Approach No.17, Men P.Ross 590cms, Ladies E.Nelson 339cms

Saturday 18/7/15
Single Stroke.
Winner Div 1. P.Solomon 77/66, R/Up R.Graham.78/67.
Winner Div 2. J.Hunter 93/68 o.c.b, R/Up M.Brown 89/68
Men’s ball r/down 73.
Ladies. E.Nelson 84/75, R/Up G.Morris 96/74 .
Ladies Ball r/down 79.
No.2 Men: R.Graham 373cms, Ladies: G.Morris 43cms 2nd shot
No.9 Men: (0-18) L.Hayne 170cms, (19 -36) 2nd shot K.Hanly 115cms, Ladies 2nd shot E.Nelson 115cms
No.11 Men: D.Bourne 374cms, Ladies: No-One
No.15 Men: P.Ross 311cms, Ladies: No-One
Approach No.6 Men: D.Wojcicki 81cms, Ladies: R.Wass 1000cms

Tuesday 14/7/15
Ladies Results, Single Stab.
Winner: M.Gibson 35pts
Runner-up: M.Boonstoppel 34pts.
No2: A.Finch 224cm 1st shot.
No9: M.Gibson 61 cm 2nd shot.
No11: S.Erith 740cm 1st shot.
No15: D.Stanford 325cm 2nd shot.
21/7/15 2nd matchplay over flow single stab.

Monday 13/7/15
Rosewood Vets, S/Stab, 45 players
Trophies from A.Newham & J.Soppa
Winners: V.Gibbons 38pts, Ladies M.Boonstoppel 33pts
Runnersup: E.Wright 37pts o.c.b, A.Brown 31pts o.c.b
Rundown: Mens to 32pts, Ladies to 29pts
No2: T.Maroske 2nd shot 45cm, I.Duggan 2nd shot 65cm
No9: K.Matzke 2nd shot 41cm, A.Brown 2nd shot 148cm
No11: G.Dawson 723cm, M.Gibson 375cm
No15: T.Maroske 2nd shot 24cm, M.Boonstoppel 2nd shot 198cm
Approach: No 14 J.Demmery 3rd shot in hole, A. Brown 4th shot in hole
Next game 10th August 8.30 start. All veteran golfers welcome.

Saturday 11/7/15
Single Stab, 70 players
Winners: Mens Div 1. P.Ross 38pts ocb, Div 2. J.Wojcicki 41pts, Ladies. M.Gibson 37pts
Runnersup: Mens Div1. R.Graham 38pts, Div2. P.Voller 40pts, Ladies. E.Nelson 33pts o.c.b.
Rundown: Mens to 36pts, Ladies to 33pts
No2: T.Stanford 9cm, Ladies 2nd shot J.Heath 74cm
No9: 0-18 L.Hayne 310cm, 19-36 S.Voller 2nd shot 17cm, Ladies J.Smith 55cm 2nd shot
No11: V.Gibbons 227cms, Ladies: E.Nelson 309cms
Approach No7. Mens D.Macklin 2nd shot 110cm, Ladies E.Nelson 3rd shot 209cm
Match Play final won by M.Clem 2/1

Tuesday 7/7/15.
Ladies Results, Monthly Medal.
Winners: Div1. R.Wass 92/70, Div2. T.Gorton 115/75
Runners-up: Div1. J.Heath 93/72, Div2. B.Mack 103/72
B.R.B: A.Finch, S.Erith
No2: B.Mack 210 cm
No9: A.Finch45cm
No11: B.Mack 1450cm
No15: M.Gibson 15cm

Saturday 4/7/15
Monthly Mug S/Stroke
Winners: Mens Div 1. B.Hutton 83/67 Mens Div 2. W.Robinson 95/65. Ladies. J.Heath 88/67
Runnerups: Mens Div1. A.Timperlly 78/69 ocb. Mens Div2. L.Else 99/66. Ladies D.Stanford 101/70
Rundown: Mens to 71, Ladies to 71
No2. Ladies 2nd shot G.Morris 5cm
No9. Mens 0-18 P.Johnston 234cm, 19-36 S.Noble 2nd shot 42cm
No11. P.Gibson 143 cms.
No15. D.Russell 285 cms, Jill Soppa 2nd 470 cms.
Approaches: No1: Mens B.Hutton 2nd shot 411cm, Ladies 3rd shot J.Heath 418cm
Mr Putter: D.Macklin 25, Mrs Putter E.Nelson 26.
Best Gross: P.Gibson 78. o.c.b.

June 2015

June 2015

Tuesday 30/6/15
Ladies Results
Winners: R. Wass 97/75
Runner-up: M. Boonstoppel 96/77.
B.R.D: L.Sheraton, D. Norris, S. Morgan.
No2: S. Erith 88CM 2nd shot.
No9: J. Cook 292cm 2nd shot.
No11: A. Finch 757cm 1st shot.
No15: M. Boonstoppel 83cm 2nd shot.
7/07/2015 Monthly Medal.

Saturday 27/6/15.
Single Stab.
Div 1. D.Wojcicki 40 pts, R/Up J.Soppa 39 pts.
Div 2. A.Huntley 44 pts.R/U.R.Winrow 39 ocb Mens ball r/down to 38
Ladies. L.Sheraton 33 pts.R/Up M.Gibson 31.ball r/down to 28.
No2: P.Solomon 396 cms, L.Sheraton 326 2nd shopt.
No9: D.Green 95cms, D.Butterfield 67 cms 2nd shot, E.Nelson 95 cms.
No11: P.Robb 245 cms, M.Gibson 1210.
No15: D.Butterfield 345 cms.
Aproach: R.Hunter 932 cms, Ladies G.Morris 298 cms.
Ladies Handicap match play final G.Morris def E.nelson.
Saturday 4/7/15 Monthly mug Single stroke.

Tuesday 23/6/15
Ladies Open Day
Div 1: A.Finch 36pts, Div 2: S.Littlejohns 39pts, Div 3: D.Stanford 37pts ocb.
Div 1: R.Williams 33pts ocb, Div 2: J.Sippel 37pts, Div 3: S.Treadgold 37pts.
B.R.D to 31pts.
No 2: D.Gould 594cm 1st shot (Div 1).
No 9: D.Stanley 101cm 2nd shot (Div 2).
No 11: D.Stanford 29cm 1st shot (All in).
No 15: G.Geldard 214cm 2nd shot (Div 3).
Accuracy Drive No 6: M.Gamble.
Last week 27 hole Foursomes Championships Gross Winners were R.Wass & E.Nelson 140.
Nett Winners were M.Gibson & G.Morris 110 3/4.
30/6/15 Single stroke.

Saturday 20/6/15.
Single Stab.Field 72.
Winner Div 1. M.Newman 40 pts.o.c.b. R/Up. P.Solomon 40 pts.
Winner Div 2. B.Taylor 40pts. R/Up D.Butterfield 38 pts.
Ladies winner. J.Heath 35 pts. R/Up M.Gibson 30 pts.
Ball r/down. Men 35, Ladies 27.
Approach No 12. R.Graham 664 cms. Ladies J.Heath 159 cms.
No2. D.Hollands 250 cms, E.Nelson 34 cms 2nd shot.
No9. L.Cameron.244cms, J.Hunter 121 cms 2nd shot, E.Nelson 286 2nd shot.
No11. P.Gibson 493 cms, G.Morris 593 cms.
No15. T.Maroske 140 cms, M.Gibson 2nd shot.

Tuesday 16/6/15
Ladies Results
27 Hole Foursomes Championships.
Winners: M.Gibson & G.Morris 146-110 3/4
Runners-up: A.Finch & J.Browning 148-114 1/4
B.R.D: S.Heise & B.Mack, E.Nelson & R.Wass
No2: B.Bugden & P.Brown 40cm 2nd shot
No9: M.Boonstoppel & J.Heath 134cm 2nd shot
No11 : E.Nelson & R.Wass 14cm 2nd shot
No15: M.Boonstoppel & J.Heath 202cm 2nd shot
23/6/2015 Ladies Open Day Single Stab. 8:30 start.

Monday 15/6/15
Rosewood Vets, Single Stab
Trophy Donors D.Smith & J.&L.Hunter 45Players
Winners: K.Davey 42pts, Ladies D.Johnson 34pts
Runnersup: R.Winrow 38pts o.c.b. Ladies A.Brown 34pts
Rundown: Mens to 34pts, Ladies to 33pts
No2: J.Hafner 2nd shot 55cm, Ladies M.Boonstoppel 2nd shot 9cm
No9: B.Carter 2nd shot 15cm, Ladies A.Brown 2nd shot 24cm
No11: R.Winrow 115cm, Ladies J.Heath 744cm
No15: K.Davey 2nd shot 49cm, Ladies M.Boonstoppel 2nd shot 62cm
Approaches: No 17 R.Newham 3rd shot 28cm, Ladies S.Heise 4th shot in hole
Next Game 13th July. All veteran golfers welcome

Saturday 13/6/15
Single Stab.
Winner P.Johnston 43 pts
R/Up K.Davey 42 pts, Ball r/down to 37 pts.
No2: T.Stanford 615 cms, Jill Soppa 32 cms.
No9: G.Maxwell 560 cms, B.Sheraton in hole 2nd shot, E.Nelson 24 cms.
No11: M.Clem 506 cms, J.Smith 475 cms.
No15: V.Gibbons.
Approach No3: T.Maroske 399 cms, L.Smith 21 cms

Tuesday 9/6/15
Ladies Results, 4Ball Agg. Stab.
Sponsor: David Pahkle
Winners: J&S Browning 78pts
Runners-up: P.Brown & D.Macklin 73pts
B.R.D: A.Finch & L.Hayne 69pts, J.Heath & V.Gibbons 68 pts & D.Norris & F.Akes 68pts.
No 2: D.Sheraton & S.Erith 476cm
No 9: D.Macklin & P.Brown 296cm
No 11: D.Sheraton & S.Erith 263cm
No 15: M.Clem & E.Nelson 476cm
Most use of the course:
B.Bugden & M.Gerasin.
16/6/2015 27 Hole Foursomes Championships

Saturday 6/6/15
Single Stroke Monthly Mug & Putting
Winners: Div1 D.Russell 78/65, Div2 A.Window 91/67, Ladies S.Heise 95/68
Runnersup: Div1 P.Ross 82/66, Div2 T.Brown o.c.b. 104/69, Ladies G.Morris 96/74
Rundown: Mens to 71, Ladies to 77 nett
No2: T.Avenell 390cm, Ladies A.Finch 95cm
No9: 0-18 R.Hunter 167cm, 19-36 T.Brown 2nd shot 28cm, Ladies L.Smith 2nd shot 16cm
No11: J.Hunter 207cm, Ladies D.Stanford 1000cm
No15: T.Avenell 275cm
Approach: No16 P.Robb 578cm, Ladies E.Nelson 408cm
Best Gross: T.Weigand 73
Mr.Putter: T.Stanford 26
Mrs Putter: S.Heise 28

Tuesday 2/6/15
Ladies Monthly Medal
Div 1: G.Morris 91/69
Div 2: P.Brown 97/71
Div 1: E.Nelson 84/75
Div 2: D.Norris 104/76
B.R.D: A.Finch, S.Heise, M.Gibson, M.Boonstoopel & B.Mack
No 2: D.Stanford 53cm 2nd shot
No 9: G.Morris 70cm 2nd shot
No 11: E.Nelson 320cm 1st shot
No 15: E.Nelson 99cm 2nd shot.

May 2015

May 2015

Saturday 30/5/15
Single stroke.Final Round Championships, Field 84
Div (1) Winner D.Topping 75/67, R/U J.Collins 81/71.
Div (2) Winner. S.Voller 87/68.R/up o.c.b. B.Sheraton 97/69
Ladies Winner: J.Heath 94/72, R/up L.Smith 97/74
Ball r/down Men.72, Ladies 76
No2. G.NOBLE 148 cms, E.Nelson 11 cms.
No9. E.Wright 2nd shot in hole, M.Woodrow 22cms.
No11. J.Thornton 213 cms, A.Finch 286 cms.
No15. D.Butterfield 265cms, S.Heise 622 cms.
Approach No5. D.Topping 147cms, E.Nelson 4th 43 cms
Championship winners.
(A) Grade Gross, M.Newman 310.
(A) Grade Nett, J.Colllins 292.
(B) Grade Gross, D.Hollands 354 won on play off
(B) Grade Nett, (B) W.Johnston 288.
(C) Grade Gross, C.Payne 364.
(C) Grade Nett, J.Buckley 290
Ladies Div 1, E.Nelson 340 Gross, Nett A.Finch 314.
Ladies Div 2. J.Heath 386, Nett L.Smith 295.
Juniors winner. A.Browning 398 gross, Nett winner C.Wilson 294
Over 70.Winner. A.Window 297 nett
Saturday 6/6/15 Single stroke Monthly Mug.

Tuesday 25/5/15
Ladies Results 4th round Championships and single stab.
Winners: Div 1: E.Nelson 34pts, Div 2: D.Smith 34pts
Runners-up: Div 1: A.Finch 34pts, Div 2: S.Heise 33pts.
B.R.D: S.Erith, G.Morris, B.Mack & J.Browning.
No2: E.Nelson 33cm 2nd shot.
No9: Mrs Skinner.
No11: J.Heath 700cm 2nd shot.
No15: E.Nelson 19cm 2nd shot.
2/6/15 Monthly Medal
9/6/15 Mixed Day 4BALL Agg. Stab Sponsors by David Pahlke

Saturday 23/5/15.
Single Stroke, 3rd Round championships.
Mens Div 1. J.Collins 78/65, R/up J.Soppa 83/70, Div2. J.Buckley 83/63, R/Up.A.Huntley 91/68.
Ladies Winner L.Smith 95/72, R/up J.Soppa 107/75 o.c.b.
No2. S.Voller 341 cms, Lisa Smith in hole.
No9. J.Osborne 850 cms. C.Payne 24 cms 2nd shot, E Nelson 172 cms 2nd shot.
No11. E. Nelson, C.Wilson 489cms.
No15. D.Green 1179 cms, J.Browning 348 cms.
Approach. Ladies E.Nelson 800 cms.
Ball r/down Men.73. ladies.76.
30/5/15 Final rnd Championships.

Tuesday 19/5/15
Ladies Results, Single Stab.
Winners: Div 1: R.Wass 35pts, Div 2: P.Brown 38pts
Runners-up: Div 1: E.Nelson 33pts, Div 2: S.Erith 35pts
B.R.D: L.Sheraton, S.Morgan, S.Heise & J.Browning.
No2: M.Boonstoppel 49cm 2nd shot.
No9: A.Finch 52cm 2nd shot.
No11: R.Wass 697cm 1st shot.
No15: B.Bugden 1900cn 2nd shot.
26/5/15 Single Stab & 4th Rnd Championships.

Saturday 16/5/15
Single Stroke
Winners:- Men Div.1: D.Hollands 78/65, Div.2: C.Wilson 96/67 ocb, Ladies: J.Heath 93/71
R/Up:- Men Div.1: M.Newman 76/69, Div.2: A.Huntley 91/67, Ladies: E.Nelson 83/74 ocb
Rundown Men: 73, Ladies: ?
No.2 D.Hartman 222cms, Ladies: G.Morris 29cms
No.9 J.Collins 81cms, 2nd shot K.Davey in hole, Ladies: E.Nelson 50cms
No.11 D.Green 205cms, Ladies: E.Nelson 10mtrs
No.15 M.Voller 361cms, Ladies: No-One
Approach No.12 Men: T.Avenell 121cms, Ladies: E.Nelson 30cms

Tuesday 12/5/15
Ladies Results, Single Stab.
Winners: Div1. G.Morris 36pts, Div2. J.Browning 36pts
Runners-up: Div1. E.Nelson 34pts, Div2. S.Erith 34pts
B.R.D: J.Cook, D.Stanley, B.Bugden & B.Mack.
No2: B.Bugden 37cm 2nd shot.
No9: M.Boonstoppel 132cm 2nd shot.
No11: R.Wass 228cm. Winning the Eagles Nest.
No15: S.Morgan 50cm 2nd shot.
19/5/15 3rd round of the Championships and Single Stab

Monday 11/5/15
Rosewood Vets, S/Stableford, 40players Trophy, Donors D.Stanford & M.Boonstoppel
Winners Mens: P.Moran 38pts, Ladies: J.Heath 35pts
Runnersup Mens: J.Osborne 36pts: Ladies: A.Brown 33pts
Rundown Mens to 31pts, Ladies to 30pts
No2: J.J.Mills 61cm, Ladies L.Hunter 129cm
No9: D.Sheraton 54cm, Ladies A.Brown 237cm
No11: J.Demmery 333cm, Ladies A.Brown 388cm
No15: J.Demmery 15cm, Ladies D.Smith 231cm
Approach No 3: Men No One, Ladies F.Parnell 190cm
Next game Monday 15th June,2015. 8.30am Start.

Saturday 9/5/15
Monthly Mug & 1st Rnd Club Championships, 86Players
Winners: Mens Div1. M.Newman 74/67, Div2. J.Buckley 90/70 o.c.b. Ladies. S.Heise 101/74
Runnersup: Div1. W.Johnston 86/69, Div2. V.Gibbons 96/70, Ladies. J.Heath 98/75 o.c.b.
Rundown: Mens to 74 nett, Ladies 78Nett
No2. Mens R.Hunter 126cm, Ladies S.Heise 2nd shot in hole
No9. 0-18 G.Maxwell 274cm, 19-36 J.Demmery 2nd shot 63cm, Ladies G.Morris 2nd shot 109cm
No11. Mens J.Thornton 476cm, Ladies S.Morgan 416cm
No15. Mens M.Newman 150cm, Ladies S.Heise 2nd shot 878cm
Approaches: No6 Mens M.Newman 2nd shot 180cm, Ladies E.Nelson 3rd shot 45cm
Best Gross: M.Newman
Best Putters. Men P.Voller, J.Young and R.Pflugrath 28, Ladies E.Nelson 27
May 16th Single Stroke and 2nd rnd Club Championships

Tuesday 5/5/15
Ladies Results 5/5/15
Monthly Medal & 1st Round Championships.
Div 1: J.Heath 102/78, Div 2: J.Browning 104/75
Runners-up: Div 1: M.Gibson 103/79, Div 2: S.Erith 109/79
B.R.D: E.Nelson, P.Brown, G.Swan, G.Morris & D.Stanford.
No2: P.Brown 253cm 2nd shot
No9: E.Nelson 233cm 2nd shot
No15: S.Erith 171cm 2nd shot
Mrs Putter: M.Boonstoppel 26Putts
Saturday 9/5/15 Monthly Mug & 1st round of Championships.
12/5/15 2nd round Championships & Single Stab.

Saturday 2/5/15.
Monthly Mug – ***Cancelled due to rain***
Transferred to Saturday 9/5/15 along with 1st round club championships.

APRIL 2015

APRIL 2015

Tuesday 28/4/15
Ladies Results
Rosewood v’s Ipswich Ladies, Single Stab
Rosewood 338pts & Ipswich 307pts.
                                        Rosewood                  Ipswich
Winners:                        J.Cook 39pts              P.Rogers 35pts
1st Runners-up:           E.Nelson 36pts           P.Lane 34pts
2nd Runners-up:          R.Wass 35pts             W.Scott 32pts ocb
3rd Runners-up:           S.Heise 34pts ocb     A.Brown 32pts
B.RD: J.Heath, S.Morgan, D.Stanford, A.Smyly, S.Roderick & B.Wellings.
No2: P.Rogers 2nd shot 4cm
No9: R.Wass 2nd shot 5cm
No11: J.Cook 1st shot 427cm
No15: S.Erith 2nd shot 327cm
Most use of course: Rosewood-I.Duggan, Ipswich- J.Wilson
5/5/15 Monthly Medal. Start of Championships.

Saturday 25/4/15
4.B.B.B.Stab, Sponsored by E-Service personnel, Field 86.
Winners J.Soppa & A.Browning 52 pts.
1st R/Up D.Green & N.Green 50pts.
2nd R/Up B.Butterfield & W.Allan 47 pts.
Approach: 4th Div1. no one. Div2. M.Brown 366 cms. Ladies Div1 E.Nelson 215 cms, Div2.J.Browning 806 cms.
Approach 14th. Div1. M.Augustine 510 cms, Div2. J.Wojcicki 27cms. Ladies Div1. J.Heath 810 cms, one.
N.T.P Men. No2. J.Morris 127 cms Div2 J.Buckley 64 cms.
No9. P.Ross 107 cms, Div2 D.Butterfielld in hole.
No11. A.Timperley 520cms.
No15. Div1 W.Johnston 51 cms. Div2 W.Allan.
N.T.P. Ladies
No2. E.Nelson 8cms, J.Browning 221cms
No9. A.Finch 70 cms, J.Browning 309cms.
No11. E.Nelson 1579 cms, S.Heise 406 cms.
No15. J.llewellyn 40 cms, S.Heise 81 cms.
Most use of course G.Morris S.Morgan 31pts. R/UP P.Johnston J.Smith ocb 34.
Ball R/down to 41 ocb

Tuesday 21/4/15
Ladies Results, Russian Roulette
Winners: S.Heise & A.Finch 46pts.
Runners-up: G.Morris & R.Wass 44pts ocb.
No2: B.Mack 128cm 2nd shot.
No11: B.Mack 10 mtrs 1st shot.
No15: E.Nelson 202cm 2nd shot.
28/4/15 Single Stab Competition With Ipswich Ladies at Rosewood

Saturday 18/4/15
Event 4 ball Mixed Stroke C’ships & S/Stroke, 80 players
Winners: C’ships E.Nelson & M.Clem 62nett, Runner-up o.c.b. L.Smith & W.Johnston 65nett
S/Stroke winners: Div1 D.Hartman 82/66, Div2 W.Hill 89/64
Runner-up: Div1 D.Wojcicki 83/67, Div2 G.Noble 93/68 o.c.b.
Rundown to 72nett
No2: W.Hill 349cm, Ladies L.Smith 32cm
No9: 0-18 D.Mallett 290cm, 19-36 R.Winrow 2nd shot 8cm, Ladies A.Finch 174cm
No11: P.Kuhn, Ladies L.Smith 346cm
No15: D.Hartman 680cm, Ladies J.Browning 473cm
Approach: No3 J.Soppa 2nd shot 129cm, Ladies E.Nelson 3rd shot 700cm
25thApril ANZAC DAY 4BBBstab

Tuesday 14/4/15
Ladies Results 14/4/15
Mixed Foursomes
Winners: S.Morgan & L.Hayne 84/631/2
Runners-up: P.Brown & T.Maroske 91/68
B.R.D: S.Erith & W.Gordon , S.Heise & D.Macklin , L & D. Sheraton.
No2: S.Heise & D.Macklin 103cm 2nd shot.
No9: S.Morgan & L.Hayne 79cm 2nd shot.
No15: B & B.Mack 31cm 2nd shot.
21/4/15 Russian Roulette

Monday 13/4/15
Rosewood Vets, Single Stab, 58 players
Winners: L.Hayne 40pts, Ladies J.Heath 36pts
Runnersup: B.Carter 39pts o.c.b. Ladies S.Heise 34pts
Rundown: Mens 36pts, Ladies 30pts
No2 A.Riedel 2nd shot in hole, Ladies D.Johnson 162cm
No9 L.Smith 1mm, Ladies S.Heise 2nd shot 262cm
No11 J.Hunter 350cm,
No15 L.Hayne 2nd shot in hole, Ladies A.Brown 257cm
Approach No1 B.Carter 3rd shot 122cm, Ladies D.Johnson 4th shot in hole
Next game 11th May 2015 8.30am start. All veteran golfers welcome.

Saturday 11/4/15.
Single Stroke, Monthly mug.
Ladies winner: E.Nelson 83/73. R/Up L.Smith 98/74.
Ladies ball r/down to 78.
Men Winner Div1: K.Hopper 82/66, R/Up.O.Schmidt 82/69.
Winner Div2: J.Smith 96/68, R/Up B.Taylor 104/69.
Men Ball r/down to 73.
Mr putter R.Graham 24 putts. Mrs putter E.Nelson.26.
No9. D.Hollands 509 cms, J.Demmery 42cms 2nd shot, A.Finch 24cms 2nd shot.
No11. I.Longworth 210.cms.
No15. E.Nelson 131cms, M.Clem 121 cms. S.Heise 821.2nd shot.
Approach No5. Ladies L.Sheraton 131 cms, Men G.Maxwell 441cms.
Saturday 18/4/15 Mixed 4 ball Stroke Championships, Single stroke for overflow players.

Tuesday 7/4/15
Rosewood Golf Club Ladies Results
Monthly Medal
Winners : Div. 1 E. Nelson 84/73 Div. 2 S. Heise OCB 114/87
Runners-up: Div 1 A. Finch 99/83 Div. 2 D. Stanford 116/87
Ball Rundown: D. Stanley, R. Wass, P. Brown, L. Sheraton
N. T. P.
No.2 J. Cook 151cm
No.9 E. Nelson 18cm.
No.11 L. Sheraton 827 cm
No.15 E. Nelson 55 cm
Mrs putter : E. Nelson, D. Stanford 27
Next game 14/4/15 Mixed foursomes

Saturday 4/4/15
Single Stab.
Winner: D.Hollands 38pts o.c.b.
R/Up: W.Johnston 38
Ball r/down: 34pts.
No11. T.Avenell 275 cms.
No15. A.Timperly 885 cms.
Approach: D.Routh 157 cms.
Saturday 11th single stroke monthly mug

March 2015

March 2015

Tuesday 31/3/15
Ladies Results, Irish Fours
Winners: S.Morgan, B.Bugden, A.Browning & S.Heise 95pts.
Runners-up: A.Finch, P.Brown, S.Erith & B.Mack 93pts.
B.R.D: R.Wass, G.Morris, J.Heath & D.Stanford 82pts.
No2: J.Cook 105cm 2nd shot
No9: A.Finch 57cm 2nd shot
No11: B.Mack 877cm 1st shot
No15: G.Morris 88cm 2nd shot.
7/4/15 Monthly Medal.
14/4/15 Mixed Day. All welcome Mixed Foursomes

Saturday 28/3/15.
2 Person Ambrose,
Winners J.Young & M.Clem.62 3/4.
1st r/up.T.Stanford & C.Innes.63.
2nd r/up M.Augustine & J.Ellamans 63.25.
Ball r/down to 66/1/2

Saturday 4th Single stab.
Saturday 11th Monthly Mug.

Tuesday 24/3/15
Ladies Results. Mixed Day, Sponsored By Jim Madden.
4B.B.B. Stab
Winners: S.Morgan & D.Macklin 44pts
Runners-up: R.Wass & B.Victor 41pts
B.R.D: J.Heath & V.Gibbons 40pts, D & J Stanford 39pts, L & D Sheraton 39pts.
No 2: Ladies J.Heath 390cm,
No 9: Men D.Macklin 161cm
No 11: Ladies G.Swan 1900 cms, Men T. McArthur 1800 cms
No 15: Ladies G.Morris 383cm
31/3/15 Irish Fours. Pennants at Hattonvale

Saturday 21/3/15
27 Hole Foursomes & S.Stab, 69players
Gross Winners: Mens D.Topping & D.Green 118, Ladies E.Nelson & R.Wass 133
Nett winners: Mens M.Clem & B.Hutton 96.25, Ladies S.Heise & J.Heath 118
Winner: C.Stevenson 42pts o.c.b, Runnerup: P.O’Sullivan 42pts
Rundown to 37pts
No2: K.Davey 1030cm
No9: 0-18 A.Bailey 556cm, 19-36 R.Pflugrath 2nd shot 19cm
No11: B.Carter 177cm
No15: R.Pflugrath 586cm
Approach No6 R.Johnson 112cm

Tuesday 17/3/15
Ladies Results, Hartball
Winners: S.Erith, P.Brown, B.Mack and S.Heise 87/58 1/2.
Longest Drive: No 8: Div 1: 0-23 G.Morris, Div 2: 24-28 S.Morgan, Div 3: B.Mack
24/3/15 Mixed Day 4B.B.B. Stab.8am Shotgun Start. Sponsored By Jim Madden

Monday 16/3/15
Rosewood Veterans Single Stableford. Trophies donated by B.Cameron for B. Cameron Memorial
50 Players
Winners: F.Akes 43pts, Ladies S.Morgan 35pts
Runnersup: R.Winrow 40pts o.c.b. Ladies S.Erith 34pts
Rundown Mens to 35pts, Ladies 30pts
No2: T.Goodbun 81cms, Ladies D.Stanford 2nd shot 23cm
No9: J.Hafner 140cm, Ladies S.Morgan 2nd shot 49cm
No11: R.Ellison 350cm, Ladies S.Morgan 2nd shot 39cm
No15: J.Hafner 2nd shot 2cm, Ladies S.Goodbun 2nd shot 86cm
Approache: No16 R.Murgatroyd 3rd shot 41cm, Ladies A.Brown 4th shot 132cm
Next Game: 13th April 2015 8.30am start. All veteran golfers welcome.

Saturday 14/3/15.
4 B.B.B. Stab.
Winners: C.Bath & B.Thoms 52 pts.
R/U:O.Schmidt & R.Johnson 50 pts.
Ball r/down to 43.
No2: O.Schmidt 13 cms, Leona Sheraton 69 cms 2nd shot.
No9: J.Young 108 cms, Liz Nelson 118 cms 2nd shot.
No11: W.Johnston 18 cms.
No15: S.Heise 321 cms
Approach: No7.Greg Maxwell 310 cms. Lisa Smith 116 cms.
Single Stab Winner M. Newman 39 pts, R/Up J.Hunter 36 pts.
Saturday 21st Single Stab + Members foursomes championships

Tuesday 10/3/15
Ladies Results, Single Stab
Div1: R.Wass 34pts
Div2: P.Brown 38pts
Runners-up Div1: A.Finch 30pts, Div2: K.Browning 32pts
Ball Run Up: L.Sheraton , M.Gibson , D.Stanford
No 2: 2nd shot D.Stanford 80cm
No 11: 1st shot P.Brown 736cm
No 15: 2nd shot A.Finch 37cm
17/3/15 Hartball. Pennants at Wolston Park.
24/3/15 Mixed Day All Welcome 4BBB Stab

Saturday 7/3/15.
Single Stroke, Monthly Mug, Field 84
Winner Div 1: P.Solomon.78/65, R/up B.Carter 83/67
Winner Div 2: A.Blaine 89/64 ocb, R/up K.Sippel 92/64.
Winner Ladies: E.Nelson 84/72, R/up L.Smith 104/80
No2: S.Browning 116 cms, Annie Finch 13cms 2nd shot.
No9: J.Piccini 250cms, R.Pflugrath 10 cms 2nd shot, Annie Finch 126cms 2nd shot.
No11: A.Blaine 61 cms, E.Nelson 354 cms
No15: P.Solomon 235 cms, Dot Stanford 420 cms 2nd shot.
Approach No17 Men D.Green164 cms, Ladies E.Nelson 105 cms.
Best gross.R.Robertson 78 gross.
Ball r/down Men 72. 81.
Mr putter.R.Robertson, Mrs putter Lisa Smith 29 ocb.
Saturday 14th 4bbb.Stab.

Tuesday 3/3/15
Ladies Results, Monthly Medal
Div 1: D.Stanley 95/73
Div 2: D.Stanford 105/77
Runners-up Div1: A.Finch 93/77
Div 2: S.Erith 109/80
No2: B.Mack 344cm, No 9: A.Finch 139cm, No 11: B.Mack 264 cm, No 15: S.Erith 264cm
Mrs Putter: A.Finch 25 Putts