March 2015

March 2015

Tuesday 31/3/15
Ladies Results, Irish Fours
Winners: S.Morgan, B.Bugden, A.Browning & S.Heise 95pts.
Runners-up: A.Finch, P.Brown, S.Erith & B.Mack 93pts.
B.R.D: R.Wass, G.Morris, J.Heath & D.Stanford 82pts.
No2: J.Cook 105cm 2nd shot
No9: A.Finch 57cm 2nd shot
No11: B.Mack 877cm 1st shot
No15: G.Morris 88cm 2nd shot.
7/4/15 Monthly Medal.
14/4/15 Mixed Day. All welcome Mixed Foursomes

Saturday 28/3/15.
2 Person Ambrose,
Winners J.Young & M.Clem.62 3/4.
1st r/up.T.Stanford & C.Innes.63.
2nd r/up M.Augustine & J.Ellamans 63.25.
Ball r/down to 66/1/2

Saturday 4th Single stab.
Saturday 11th Monthly Mug.

Tuesday 24/3/15
Ladies Results. Mixed Day, Sponsored By Jim Madden.
4B.B.B. Stab
Winners: S.Morgan & D.Macklin 44pts
Runners-up: R.Wass & B.Victor 41pts
B.R.D: J.Heath & V.Gibbons 40pts, D & J Stanford 39pts, L & D Sheraton 39pts.
No 2: Ladies J.Heath 390cm,
No 9: Men D.Macklin 161cm
No 11: Ladies G.Swan 1900 cms, Men T. McArthur 1800 cms
No 15: Ladies G.Morris 383cm
31/3/15 Irish Fours. Pennants at Hattonvale

Saturday 21/3/15
27 Hole Foursomes & S.Stab, 69players
Gross Winners: Mens D.Topping & D.Green 118, Ladies E.Nelson & R.Wass 133
Nett winners: Mens M.Clem & B.Hutton 96.25, Ladies S.Heise & J.Heath 118
Winner: C.Stevenson 42pts o.c.b, Runnerup: P.O’Sullivan 42pts
Rundown to 37pts
No2: K.Davey 1030cm
No9: 0-18 A.Bailey 556cm, 19-36 R.Pflugrath 2nd shot 19cm
No11: B.Carter 177cm
No15: R.Pflugrath 586cm
Approach No6 R.Johnson 112cm

Tuesday 17/3/15
Ladies Results, Hartball
Winners: S.Erith, P.Brown, B.Mack and S.Heise 87/58 1/2.
Longest Drive: No 8: Div 1: 0-23 G.Morris, Div 2: 24-28 S.Morgan, Div 3: B.Mack
24/3/15 Mixed Day 4B.B.B. Stab.8am Shotgun Start. Sponsored By Jim Madden

Monday 16/3/15
Rosewood Veterans Single Stableford. Trophies donated by B.Cameron for B. Cameron Memorial
50 Players
Winners: F.Akes 43pts, Ladies S.Morgan 35pts
Runnersup: R.Winrow 40pts o.c.b. Ladies S.Erith 34pts
Rundown Mens to 35pts, Ladies 30pts
No2: T.Goodbun 81cms, Ladies D.Stanford 2nd shot 23cm
No9: J.Hafner 140cm, Ladies S.Morgan 2nd shot 49cm
No11: R.Ellison 350cm, Ladies S.Morgan 2nd shot 39cm
No15: J.Hafner 2nd shot 2cm, Ladies S.Goodbun 2nd shot 86cm
Approache: No16 R.Murgatroyd 3rd shot 41cm, Ladies A.Brown 4th shot 132cm
Next Game: 13th April 2015 8.30am start. All veteran golfers welcome.

Saturday 14/3/15.
4 B.B.B. Stab.
Winners: C.Bath & B.Thoms 52 pts.
R/U:O.Schmidt & R.Johnson 50 pts.
Ball r/down to 43.
No2: O.Schmidt 13 cms, Leona Sheraton 69 cms 2nd shot.
No9: J.Young 108 cms, Liz Nelson 118 cms 2nd shot.
No11: W.Johnston 18 cms.
No15: S.Heise 321 cms
Approach: No7.Greg Maxwell 310 cms. Lisa Smith 116 cms.
Single Stab Winner M. Newman 39 pts, R/Up J.Hunter 36 pts.
Saturday 21st Single Stab + Members foursomes championships

Tuesday 10/3/15
Ladies Results, Single Stab
Div1: R.Wass 34pts
Div2: P.Brown 38pts
Runners-up Div1: A.Finch 30pts, Div2: K.Browning 32pts
Ball Run Up: L.Sheraton , M.Gibson , D.Stanford
No 2: 2nd shot D.Stanford 80cm
No 11: 1st shot P.Brown 736cm
No 15: 2nd shot A.Finch 37cm
17/3/15 Hartball. Pennants at Wolston Park.
24/3/15 Mixed Day All Welcome 4BBB Stab

Saturday 7/3/15.
Single Stroke, Monthly Mug, Field 84
Winner Div 1: P.Solomon.78/65, R/up B.Carter 83/67
Winner Div 2: A.Blaine 89/64 ocb, R/up K.Sippel 92/64.
Winner Ladies: E.Nelson 84/72, R/up L.Smith 104/80
No2: S.Browning 116 cms, Annie Finch 13cms 2nd shot.
No9: J.Piccini 250cms, R.Pflugrath 10 cms 2nd shot, Annie Finch 126cms 2nd shot.
No11: A.Blaine 61 cms, E.Nelson 354 cms
No15: P.Solomon 235 cms, Dot Stanford 420 cms 2nd shot.
Approach No17 Men D.Green164 cms, Ladies E.Nelson 105 cms.
Best gross.R.Robertson 78 gross.
Ball r/down Men 72. 81.
Mr putter.R.Robertson, Mrs putter Lisa Smith 29 ocb.
Saturday 14th 4bbb.Stab.

Tuesday 3/3/15
Ladies Results, Monthly Medal
Div 1: D.Stanley 95/73
Div 2: D.Stanford 105/77
Runners-up Div1: A.Finch 93/77
Div 2: S.Erith 109/80
No2: B.Mack 344cm, No 9: A.Finch 139cm, No 11: B.Mack 264 cm, No 15: S.Erith 264cm
Mrs Putter: A.Finch 25 Putts

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