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August, 2018

August, 2018



Saturday, 25 August 2018:


Mens Winner:  D Wojcicki 44 Pts 
Runner-Up:  G Maxwell 42 pts
No 2 Mens:  Skinner, Ladies:  E.Nelson 655cm
No 9:   D Russell 302cm, Ladies:  Skinner
No 11:  S Browning 147cm
No 15:  B Butterfield 232cm
Approach:  No 7:  Skinner

Mixed Foursomes Championship:

Gross Winners:  A Finch & T Stanford 129
Nett Winners:  V Gibbons & M Gibson 101.5
Next Week:  Monthly Mug – Single Stroke event


Single Stab 18-8-18
Mens Div1 Winner;R.Grahame  38pts Runner Up J.Wojcicki 36pts
Div2 Winner;W.Allan 42pts Runner Up M.Voller 41pts
Ladies Winnner; S.Heise 37pts Ruunner up L.Sheraton 35pts
Pot of Gold Winner; M.Voller
Ball Rundown; 36pts
          N.T.P No2 Mens;B.Sheraton 337cm Ladies; L.Sheraton 54cm
                      No9 Mens 0-18M.Brown 247cm 19-36;J.Demmery 35cm
                                Ladies; D.Pearson 118cm
                       No11 Mens;T.Ross 197cm Ladies; E Nelson 595cm
                      No15 Mens; 0-18R.Hunter 10cm 19-36 W Allan 28cm
                                Ladies; E.Nelson 10cm
    Approach No14 Mens; D Green 203cm Ladies M.Gibson 83cm
     September 2nd Fathers Day Comp Chook Run (9 & 18 Holes)
     Single Stab Sponsored By Schweppes
     All Welcome

July, 2018

July, 2018

Rosewood Golf Ressults for 28th July,2018

Matchplay results
M.Clem & R.Farraway def I.Pengelly & R.Winrow 6/5
W.&S.Browning def R.Newham & T.Stanford 3/2
Ladies winner L.&J.Smith def E.Nelson & S.Morgan 1up
Winner Div1 B.Sheraton 40pts    Div2 J.Demmery 41pts
Runnersup Div1 P.Johnston 38pts o.c.b.   Div2 S.Noble 39pts o.c.b.
Rundown to35pts
N.T.P’S No2 R.Johnson 88cm
No9 0-18 P.Toohey 480cm  19-36 J.Hunter 16cm Ladies M.Gibson 126cm
No11 L.Baldry 205cm
No15 0-18 P.Johnston 558cm  19-36 J.Buckley 22cm  Ladies M.Gibson 99cm
Approach No5 W.Johnston 410cm  Ladies S.Morgan 350cm
Next week Monthly Mug


Rosewood Golf Club Results
Saturday, 21 July 2018:
Single Stableford & 1st Round Men’s and Ladies 4 Ball Matchplay

Single Stableford Results:
Winner:  S Noble 39 pts ocb
R/Up:  R Graham 39 pts
R/Down:  36 pts

Pin Shots:
No 2:  W Johnston 325 cm, Ladies:  E Nelson 198 cm
No 9:  (0-18) Todd Stanford 441 cm, (19-36) E Wright 56 cm, Ladies:  E Nelson 86 cm
No 11:  B Donald 291 cm, Ladies:  Janelle Browning 656 cm
No 15:  (0-18) Skinner, (19-36) S Noble 50 cm, Ladies:  M Gibson 52 cm

Approach (No 12):
Men:  Paul Johnston 500 cm, Ladies:  E Nelson 631 cm

4 Ball Matchplay Results:

Men’s Winners:  S Browning & W Browning
Ladies Winners:  J Smith & L Smith, E Nelson & S Morgan


Rosewood Golf Results 14-7-2018
                          Single Stableford
                         Winner Mens Div1 R.Ellison 42pts Runners Up
J.Gilbert 40pts

                        Winners   Ladies  J.Smith 35pts
                         Rundown; 36pts
                       N.T.P N02 Mens M.Brown 326cm  Ladies No2 2nd
ShotJ.Smith 240cm
                       N.T.P. No9 Mens0-18 Skinner Ladies No9 2nd Shot
E.Nelson 190cm
                                                     19-36 T.Brown 31cm
                      N.T.P. No11 Mens P.Johnston 282cm  Ladies No11 J.Smith
                      N.T.P. No15 Div1   0-18P.Johnston 900cm  Mens Div2
19-36 F.Akes12cm  Ladies2nd Shot E.Nelson 60cm
                      Approach No3  Mens  2nd Shot R.Farraway 261cm Ladies
3rd ShotE.Nelson 142cm

June, 2018

June, 2018

                   Rosewood Golf Results 23/06/18
                   Single Stab Winner; L.Hayne 42pts
                                      Runner Up; W.Hill 40pts
                           Ball Rundown; 37pts
              N.T.P No2 Mens;R.Hunter 1100cm  Laides;S.Morgan 650cm
                         No9Mens;0-18 O.Schmidt 346cm 19-36 E.Wright 41cm
                         Ladies; E.Nelson 152cm
                        No11 Mens; L.Baldry 380cms        Ladies; E.Nelson
                        No15 Mens;0-18 P.Voller 688cms     Ladies; L.Smith
                                  Mens 19-36 D.Butterfield 2nd shot in hole
                       ApproachNo17   Mens; T.Stanford 294cms
Ladies; E.Nelson 96cms
                       Eagle No5 L.Hayne
             Matchplay Winners; Mens; M.Clem Ladies; L.Smith



Rosewood Golf Results 16-6-2018
  Single Stableford
Winner:  B Donald 45 pts ocb,                   Runner Up:  P Voller 45 pts
N.T.P.    No-2    MenP-Voller 32cms-           LadiesJ-Smith 940cms
              No-9     Men 19-36 hcp J-Wojcicki 23cms
              No-11   Men R-Farraway 585cms   Ladies S-Morgan828cms
              No-15  Men0-18Hcp P-Ross630cms  19-36HcpT-Brown 211cms
        App- No8 R-Farraway-246cms    Ladies-E-Nelson    91cms
Ball-rundown to 37
Matchplay  Finalists Men  M-Clem&L-Baldry    Ladies     S-Morgan &L-Smith


Saturday, 9 June 2018:

Single Stableford & 1st Round Members’ Single Matchplay:

Winners:  Men:  S Voller 42 pts, Ladies:  E Nelson 36 pts
R/Up:  Men:  M Newman 41 pts
Rundown 38 pts
Pin Shots:
No 2:    Men:  D Hartman, Ladies:  Skinner
No 9:    Men:  0-18:  W Johnston, 19-36 (2nd Shot):  J Daniels, Ladies (2nd Shot):  E Nelson
No 11:   Men:  B Sheraton, Ladies:  T Klos
No 15:   Men:  0-18:  L Hayne, 19-36 (2nd Shot):  E Wright, Ladies (2nd Shot):  H Gilbert

Approach:  No 16:  Men:  M Jones, Ladies:  L Smith

Single Matchplay (1st Round):
Men:  W Johnston, M Clem, R Farraway, L Baldry
Ladies:  S Morgan



Saturday, 2 June 2018:


S/Stroke – Monthly Mug – 2/06/2018
Winners:- Div1  J.Piccini83/68 Div2 W.Crouch 87/68 Ladies E.Nelson 81/72
Runnersup:-  Div1R.Farraway 86/70  Div2 P.Voller 88/69 Ladies L.Sheraton
Rundown:- Mens to70       Ladies74
N.T.P’S No2 D.Butterfield 900cm Ladies L.Smith 446cm
No9 0-18 L.Hayne 580cm 19-36 A.Elape 20cm  Ladies E.Nelson 172cm
No11W.Crouch 495cm Ladies L.Sheraton 853cm
No15 0-18O.Schmidt 450cm 19-36  W.Browning 46cm   Ladies L.Sheraton in hole
Approaches No No7 Mens T.Stanford 286cm Ladies E.Nelson 236cm
Best Gross:-T.Ross 80
Mr.Putter:-D.Mallet 26 Mrs Putter:-  E.Nelson 27

May, 2018

May, 2018

Saturday, 26 May 2018:

4th Round Championships – S/Stroke
Winners: Div1 I.Pengelly 82/67   Div2 T.Brown 89/62   Ladies L.Smith 91/70
Runnersup: Div1 W.Johnston 84/68 o.c.b  Div2  J.Wojcicki 87/67 o.c.b
Ladies A.Finch 91/72
Rundown Mens 71   Ladies to 74
N.T.P’S No2 J.Soppa 404cm    Ladies E.Nelson 285cm
No9 0-18 A.Timperley 424cm  19-36 W.Allan 35cm    Ladies L.Smith 16cm
No11 W.Johnston 477cm    Ladies S.Morgan 950cm
No15 0-18 W.Johnston 318cm   19-36 B.Butterfield 10cm    Ladies E.Nelson 44cm
Approaches No14 P.Kuhn 660cm      Ladies E.Nellson 73cm
Championship Winners:
A.Grade Gross & Club Champion: A.Barry 308    Nett: P.Solomon 280
B.Grade Gross: J.Soppa  337     Nett: P.Toohey 270
C.Grade Gross: J.Wojcicki 363    Nett: T.Brown 279
Ladies Gross Winner: E.Nelson 335   Nett: Winner S.Morgan 283
Senior Nett Winner: S.Noble 281
Congratulations All winners


Saturday, 19 May 2018:
Single Stroke & 3rd Round Club Championships:

Men’s Winners:
Div 1:  P Toohey 82/65,
Div 2:  M Voller 89/68 ocb

Ladies Winner:  S Morgan 96/67

Men’s Runner-Ups:
Div 1:  D Mallett 74/66 ocb
Div 2:  D Hastie 90/68

Ladies Runner-Up:  M Gibson 91/68

Men’s Run Down to 70 Nett
Ladies Run Down to 73 Nett

Pin Shots (Men):
No 2:  D Wojcicki 172cm
No 9:  0-18 – S Browning 850 cm, 19-36 (2nd Shot) – S Voller in Hole
No 11:  C Innes 221 cm
No 15:  0-18 – A Timperley 376 cm, 19-36 (2nd Shot) – D Hastie 26 cm

Pin Shots (Ladies): 
No 2 (2nd Shot):  E Nelson 64 cm
No 9 (2nd Shot):  J Browning 43 cm
No 11:  S Heise 153 cm
No 15 (2nd Shot):  L Sheraton 193 cm

Approaches (No 6):
Men:  R Lee 273 cm (2nd Shot)
Ladies:  E Nelson 304 cm (3rd Shot)




S/Stroke – 2nd rnd Championships – 12/5/2018

Winners:- Div1 T.Stanford 80/70  Div2 T.Brown 89/61  Ladies M.Gibson 95/71

Runnersup:- Div1 M.Clem 88/71o.c.b. Div 2  W.Robinson 102/69 Ladies E.Nelson 82/73

Mens Rundown to 72nett  Ladies 74nett

N.T.P’S No2 D.Wojcicki 248 cm  Ladies M.Gibson 66 cm

No9 0-18 D.Hollands 261 cm  19-36 J.Hunter 143 cm  Ladies M.Gibson 153 cm

No11 W.Browning 74 cm

No15 0-18 R.Graham 603cm  19-36 K.Hanly 28cm

Approaches No13 A.Barry 30 cm  Ladies E.Nelson   


S/Stroke Monthly Mug – 1st Rnd Championships – 5/5/2018
Winners Div1 P.Toohey 80/62   Div2 W.Crouch 81/61  Ladies M.Gibson 94/69
Runnersup  Div1 P.Solomon 76/65  Div2 C.Innes 95/68 o.c.b.  Ladies S.Morgan 101/71
Rundown Mens to 69 nett     Ladies to 74 nett
N.T.P.’S  No2  W.Crouch 16cm  Ladies E.Nelson 130cm
No 9 0-18 A.Timperley 533cm  19-36 K.McGuire 41cm   Ladies E.Nelson 44cm
No11 D.Russell 214cm Ladies S.Morgan 218cm
No15;- 0-18A.Timperley 838cm 19-36 J.Hunter 12cm  Ladies A.Finch 20cm
Approaches NO 5 W.Johnston 107cm   Ladies L.Sheraton 249cm
Best Gross P.Solomon 76
Mr Putter P.Toohey 24 Mrs Putter A.Finch 28

April 2018

April 2018


Saturday 28.4.18:  4BBB Stab ANZAC Shield
Winners:  C.Bath & B.Thoms 50pts
Runners Up: M.& T.Brown  48pts
Rundown to  43pts
N.T.P’S No2  J.Buckley  Ladies E.Nelson
No9 T.Brown   Ladies  J.Browning
No11  R.Johnson      Ladies E.Nelson
No15   0-18 A.Timperley   19-36 J.Hunter Ladies E.Nelson
Approach No 12  A.Timperley   Ladies E.Nelson


4BBB Mixed Stroke Championship & Single Stab. 21/4/18

4BBB Winners P.Johnston&J.Smith 61  R/Ups:– S.Browning & S.Morgan 62

Single Stab. Winner:-T.Ross 43pts R/Up:-L.Baldry 38pts

N.T.P- No.2:-Mens;- P.Solomon 870cm Ladies;- L.Sheraton 83cm

             No.9:– 0-18 S.Browning 814cm 19-36 J.Morgan 36cm Ladies L.Smith in the hole

            No.11:-J.Hunter 295cm Ladies ;-E.Nelson353cm

            No.15:-0-=18W.Johnston1000cm 19-36 S.Noble 66cm Ladies;- H.Gilbert 95cm

           Approach Mens no3 T.Ross 87cm Ladies L Smith 67cm

            Ball R/down 36pts


Single Stab. 14/4/18
Winner:-J.Morgan 45pts
Runner Up:-J.Buckley 42pts
N.T.P No.2– Men:-M.Clem 152cm  Ladies:-E.Nelson110cm
             No.9– Men(0-18):- D.Hartman625cm Men(19-36):-R.Boughen 49cm
                          Ladies:-E.Nelson 55cm
            No.11– Men:-R.Ellison 241cm Ladies:-Skinner
            No.15– Men:-0-18 P.Solomon 58cm 19-36 E.Wright 60cm
                           Ladies:-M.Gibson 1102cm
Approach No.10– Men:-V Gibbons 330cm    Ladies:-Skinner


S/Stroke  –  Monthly Mug
Winners:– Mens Div1 M.Brown 85/68   Div2  S.Noble 99/71o.c.b   Ladies:
                       E.Nelson 85/75
Runnersup;– P.Solomon 80/69   Div2  C.Innis 99/71   Ladies S.Heise 104/78
Rundown Mens to 72       Ladies to 79nett
N.T.P’s No2  R.Lee 514cm   Ladies J.Browning 89cm
               No9 0-18  M.Brown 584cm  19-36 J.Hunter 63cm  Ladies A.Finch 19cm
               No11 P.Toohey  149cm     Ladies E.Nelson 297cm
               No15  0-18 S.Johnson 172cm  19-36 J.Buckley 20cm  Ladies E.Nelson 80cm
Approaches No 1 L.Hayne 186cm    Ladies E.Nelson 695cm
Best Gross:– M.Newman 79
Mr Putter:– J.Piccini  26    Mrs Putter E.Nelson 28

March, 2018

March, 2018


Single Stab 31/3/18
Winner Mens;-P.Johnston 43 pts
Winner Ladies;-J.Browning 36pts
R/Up Mens;-S.Browning 42pts
Ball R/down 39 pts
N.T.P No2 Mens;-P.SDolomon 354cm Ladies;-J.Browning 60cm
             No9 Mens;-0-18P.Solomon 439cm  19-36 W.Browning 82cm
             No9Ladies 2nd shot J.Browninng 92cm
             No11 Mens;- P.Johnston 54cm  Ladies;- J.Browning 318cm
             No15 Mens;-0-18L.Hayne 44cm 19-362nd shot D.Hastie in the hole
            No15 Ladies 2nd shot E.Nelson 54cm
Approach No17 Mens;- S.Browning 142cm
                                  Ladies;-E.Nelson 59cm



Single Stroke 24/3/18
Winner:– Mens S.Browning 82/67 ocb
R/Up ;– Mens D.Butterfield 89/67
Ladies Monthly Mug Winner: E.Nelson81/71
Ball/Rundown: 70      R/Up: L.Smith 93/72
N.T.P No2: Mens P.Kuhn 126cm Ladies E.Nelson 2nd shot In the hole
             No9: Mens 0-18 B.Ellison 416cm 19-36 J.Demmery 33cm
                         Ladies E.Nelson85cm
             No11 Mens  D.Green339cm LadiesJ.Browning 890cm
             No15 Mens 0-18 B.Hall 701cm 19-36 M.Voller38cm
             No15 Ladies M.Boonstopper 269cm
Approach No8 Mens D.Green 264cm Ladies No8 E.Nelson 135cm
                                Best Gross M D Dance 79



Foursomes  17/3/18

Gross Winners Men:– J.Soppa/D.Wojcicki 129    Ladies:- E.Nelson/ M.Boonstoppel 136

Nett Winners Men:– S.Browning/W.Browning 107.5  Ladies:- M.Gibson/ S.Morgan 116

Rundown 107.75

Single Stab. 17/3/18

Winner:– D.Mallett 39pts

Runner Up:– P.Voller 38pts

Rundown 36pts

N.T.P No.2 J.Daniels 325cm

          No.9 S.Browning 261cm

          No. 11 S.Browning 231cm

         No.15 I.Pengelly 185cm


Single Stab 10/3/18
Winner: P.Toohey 40 pts
R/Up: J.Morgan 39 pts
Ball R/Down:35 pts
N.T.P No 2 Mens: D.Green 445 cm  Ladies: H.Gilbert 62 cm
No9 Mens: 0-18 O.Schmidt 128 cm 19-36 K.Hanly 106 cm
No11 Mens: D.Mallett 285 cm   Ladies: Skennner
No 15 Mens: 0-18 T.Stanford 402 cm   19-36 B.Donald [ In the
hole] Ladies:E.Nelson 122 cm
Approach Mens No16 S.Browning 592 cm  Ladies  No16 E.Nelson 85 cm


Monthly Mug 3/3/2018
Winners:- Div1 P.Toohey 83/65  Div 2 J.Demmery 89/69
Runnersup Div1 W.Johnston 83/67 Div2 D.Hastie 93/70
Rundown to  73
N.T.P’S No2 L.Hayne 253cms   M.Boonstoppel 57cms 2nd shot
                 No9 0-18  T.Stanford 729cms  19-36 S.Voller 13cm   M.Boonstoppel 225cms
                 No11 M.Voller 212cm    E.Nelson 595cm
                 No15 0-18 D.Green 526cm  19-36 T.Brown 197cm   E.Nelson 89cm
Approach No 7 T.Stanford 112cms      L.Smith 543cms
Best Gross D.Green 82
Mr Putter  D.Hollands 27
Mrs Putter L.Smith 29

February, 2018

February, 2018


2 Person Ambrose 17/2/18
Winners:- D.Wojcicki/J.Wojcicki 70/61 3/4
R/Ups:- E.Nelson/ M.Clem 71/64
Rundown:– 67
N.T.P:- No2. Men:- P.Toohey 406cms 
            No9:- Men:- K.Hanly 273cms
            No11:- Men:- P.Johnston 276cms    Ladies:- E.Nelson 997cms
            No15:- W.Allan 107cms


Single Stab:- 10/2/18

Winner:- R.Winrow 41pts ocb

Runner up:- J.Demmery 41pts

Rundown:- 38pts

Ladies Monthly Mug Winner:- E. Nelson 87/78 Runner Up M. Boonstoppel 96/77

N.T.P.’s No2 R. Johnson 253cm    Ladies:- M. Boonstoppel 64cm

No9 0-18 A. Timperley 619cm   19-36 M. Voller in the hole  Ladies:- E. Nelson 125cm

No11:- M.Clem 538cm

No15:- (0-18) D.Green 595 cms (19-36) S.Noble 305 cms     Ladies:- E.Nelson 2nd shot in hole

Approach No 14  Men:- K.Hanly 134cm Ladies:- E.Nelson 145cms


Single Stroke – Monthly Mug- 3/2/18

Winners- Div.1:- W.Hill 84/69    Div.2:- S.Noble 99/71

Runner up:- Div.1:- D.Wojcicki 85/71   Div.2:- J.Wojcicki 94/73

Rundown:- 73

N.T.P.’s No2 T.Stanford 825cm      S.Heise 351cm

No9 0-18 R.Ellison 420cm   19-36 J.Morgan 56cm

No11:- R.Johnson 81cm

No15:- (0-18) D.Green 429cms (19-36) J.Hunter 117cms     Ladies:- S.Heise 233cms

Approach No 6 M.Newman 70cm

Best Gross A.Bailey & T.Avenell  80

Mr. Putter :- D.Wojcicki and R.Johnson 27

January, 2018

January, 2018

Single Stab 27/1/18
Winner: R.Ellison 42 pts o.c.b
Runner/up: J .Wojcicki 42pts
Ball/Rd: 39pts
N.T.P No2 Mens: D.Hollands 231cm. Ladies: L.Smith 215cm
             No9 Mens: 0-18 D.Hollands 621cm 19-36 J.Wojcicki  253cm

                      Ladies: L.Smith 359cm
             No11 Mens R Ellison 71cm   Ladies; E.Nelson 1090cm

              No15 Men s0-18 R.Ellison 150cm 19-36 J.Wojcicki22cm  Ladies E.Nelson 39cm
Approch No13  Mens  M.Brown 160cm    Ladies E.Nelson


Australia Day Single Stableford – 26 January 2018

Winner:  L Thelfall 42 pts ocb

Run Down:  C Stevenson 42 pts, R Winrow 40 pts, B Mathers 40 pts, W Browning 40 pts


No 2:  B Donald

No 9:  J Young

No 11: S Browning

No 15: J Daniels

Single Stab. 20/1/18
Winner: S.Noble 41pts
R/Up: R.Ellison 39pts
Rundown: 37pts
N.T.P: No.2 Men: O.Schimdt 231cms   Ladies: S.Heise 590cms
              No.9 Men: (0-18) W.Johnston 292cms  (19-36) T.Brown 800cms
                         Ladies: E.Nelson 19cms
              No.11 Men: A.Timperley 83cms        Ladies: E.Nelson 882cms
              No.15 Men: (0-18) R.Ellison 770cms (19-36) J.Hunter 64cms
                           Ladies: E.Nelson 65cms
Approach No.5 Men: M.Newman 10cms    Ladies: E.Nelson 55cms


Single Stable ford 13/01/18

Winner:  P.Ross 40 pts ocb

R/ up:  J.Osborne 40 pts

B/Rd: 38 pts


No2: Mens: W.Hill 131cm 

           Ladies: S.Heise 368 cm

No9: Mens: Skenner

           (19-36) R.Winrow

            Ladies: L .Smith

No11: Men: B.Butterfeild 166cm                            

No 15: Men: E Wight 858cm

              (19-36) hc J.Wojiciki 15cm

              Ladies: E.Nelson 144cm

Approach No12: Mens:   W .Hill                      

                                   Ladies: E.Nelson


Monthly Mug & Putting 6/01/18
Winners Div 1: B.Sheraton 85/67     

                   Div 2: J.Morgan 95/69 ocb
R/Up Div 1: R.Ellison 88/71   

            Div 2: J.Daniels 88/69
Rundown to 71
N.T.P’S No2: D.Wojcicki 389cm 

                           Ladies: L.Smith 36cm
No9: (0-18) R.Lee 625cm 

            (19-36) J.Demmery in hole 2nd shot
No11: R.Winrow 251cms
No15: (0-18) O.Schmidt 475cms

             (19-36) J.Morgan 47cms 

             Ladies: L.Smith 25cms
Approach No3: L.Hayne 199cm
Best Gross: A.Bailey 75
Mr Putter: J.Piccini 26

Thursday 18 hole comp, January 2018

Thursday 18 hole comp, January 2018

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Winner:  R Ala-Outinen 42 pts

R/Up:  B Yates 38 pts

Pin Shot:

No 15:  B Yates 1500 cm

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Winner:  O Schmidt 41 pts

R/Up:  R Ala-Outinen 40 pts

R/Down:  K McGuire 36 pts

Pin Shot:

No 11:  M Schilling 603 cm

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Winner: S. Gardner 39 pts
R/Up: B.Yates 37 pts ocb
Pin Shot:
No 9: M. Schilling 1605 cm

No 15: S. Gardner 650 cm


Thursday, 4 January 2018

Winner: D Mckee 38 pts
R/Up: R Ala-Outinen 37 pts ocb
Pin Shot:
No 11: B Yates 535 cm