March, 2018

March, 2018


Single Stab 31/3/18
Winner Mens;-P.Johnston 43 pts
Winner Ladies;-J.Browning 36pts
R/Up Mens;-S.Browning 42pts
Ball R/down 39 pts
N.T.P No2 Mens;-P.SDolomon 354cm Ladies;-J.Browning 60cm
             No9 Mens;-0-18P.Solomon 439cm  19-36 W.Browning 82cm
             No9Ladies 2nd shot J.Browninng 92cm
             No11 Mens;- P.Johnston 54cm  Ladies;- J.Browning 318cm
             No15 Mens;-0-18L.Hayne 44cm 19-362nd shot D.Hastie in the hole
            No15 Ladies 2nd shot E.Nelson 54cm
Approach No17 Mens;- S.Browning 142cm
                                  Ladies;-E.Nelson 59cm



Single Stroke 24/3/18
Winner:– Mens S.Browning 82/67 ocb
R/Up ;– Mens D.Butterfield 89/67
Ladies Monthly Mug Winner: E.Nelson81/71
Ball/Rundown: 70      R/Up: L.Smith 93/72
N.T.P No2: Mens P.Kuhn 126cm Ladies E.Nelson 2nd shot In the hole
             No9: Mens 0-18 B.Ellison 416cm 19-36 J.Demmery 33cm
                         Ladies E.Nelson85cm
             No11 Mens  D.Green339cm LadiesJ.Browning 890cm
             No15 Mens 0-18 B.Hall 701cm 19-36 M.Voller38cm
             No15 Ladies M.Boonstopper 269cm
Approach No8 Mens D.Green 264cm Ladies No8 E.Nelson 135cm
                                Best Gross M D Dance 79



Foursomes  17/3/18

Gross Winners Men:– J.Soppa/D.Wojcicki 129    Ladies:- E.Nelson/ M.Boonstoppel 136

Nett Winners Men:– S.Browning/W.Browning 107.5  Ladies:- M.Gibson/ S.Morgan 116

Rundown 107.75

Single Stab. 17/3/18

Winner:– D.Mallett 39pts

Runner Up:– P.Voller 38pts

Rundown 36pts

N.T.P No.2 J.Daniels 325cm

          No.9 S.Browning 261cm

          No. 11 S.Browning 231cm

         No.15 I.Pengelly 185cm


Single Stab 10/3/18
Winner: P.Toohey 40 pts
R/Up: J.Morgan 39 pts
Ball R/Down:35 pts
N.T.P No 2 Mens: D.Green 445 cm  Ladies: H.Gilbert 62 cm
No9 Mens: 0-18 O.Schmidt 128 cm 19-36 K.Hanly 106 cm
No11 Mens: D.Mallett 285 cm   Ladies: Skennner
No 15 Mens: 0-18 T.Stanford 402 cm   19-36 B.Donald [ In the
hole] Ladies:E.Nelson 122 cm
Approach Mens No16 S.Browning 592 cm  Ladies  No16 E.Nelson 85 cm


Monthly Mug 3/3/2018
Winners:- Div1 P.Toohey 83/65  Div 2 J.Demmery 89/69
Runnersup Div1 W.Johnston 83/67 Div2 D.Hastie 93/70
Rundown to  73
N.T.P’S No2 L.Hayne 253cms   M.Boonstoppel 57cms 2nd shot
                 No9 0-18  T.Stanford 729cms  19-36 S.Voller 13cm   M.Boonstoppel 225cms
                 No11 M.Voller 212cm    E.Nelson 595cm
                 No15 0-18 D.Green 526cm  19-36 T.Brown 197cm   E.Nelson 89cm
Approach No 7 T.Stanford 112cms      L.Smith 543cms
Best Gross D.Green 82
Mr Putter  D.Hollands 27
Mrs Putter L.Smith 29

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