April 2018

April 2018


Saturday 28.4.18:  4BBB Stab ANZAC Shield
Winners:  C.Bath & B.Thoms 50pts
Runners Up: M.& T.Brown  48pts
Rundown to  43pts
N.T.P’S No2  J.Buckley  Ladies E.Nelson
No9 T.Brown   Ladies  J.Browning
No11  R.Johnson      Ladies E.Nelson
No15   0-18 A.Timperley   19-36 J.Hunter Ladies E.Nelson
Approach No 12  A.Timperley   Ladies E.Nelson


4BBB Mixed Stroke Championship & Single Stab. 21/4/18

4BBB Winners P.Johnston&J.Smith 61  R/Ups:– S.Browning & S.Morgan 62

Single Stab. Winner:-T.Ross 43pts R/Up:-L.Baldry 38pts

N.T.P- No.2:-Mens;- P.Solomon 870cm Ladies;- L.Sheraton 83cm

             No.9:– 0-18 S.Browning 814cm 19-36 J.Morgan 36cm Ladies L.Smith in the hole

            No.11:-J.Hunter 295cm Ladies ;-E.Nelson353cm

            No.15:-0-=18W.Johnston1000cm 19-36 S.Noble 66cm Ladies;- H.Gilbert 95cm

           Approach Mens no3 T.Ross 87cm Ladies L Smith 67cm

            Ball R/down 36pts


Single Stab. 14/4/18
Winner:-J.Morgan 45pts
Runner Up:-J.Buckley 42pts
N.T.P No.2– Men:-M.Clem 152cm  Ladies:-E.Nelson110cm
             No.9– Men(0-18):- D.Hartman625cm Men(19-36):-R.Boughen 49cm
                          Ladies:-E.Nelson 55cm
            No.11– Men:-R.Ellison 241cm Ladies:-Skinner
            No.15– Men:-0-18 P.Solomon 58cm 19-36 E.Wright 60cm
                           Ladies:-M.Gibson 1102cm
Approach No.10– Men:-V Gibbons 330cm    Ladies:-Skinner


S/Stroke  –  Monthly Mug
Winners:– Mens Div1 M.Brown 85/68   Div2  S.Noble 99/71o.c.b   Ladies:
                       E.Nelson 85/75
Runnersup;– P.Solomon 80/69   Div2  C.Innis 99/71   Ladies S.Heise 104/78
Rundown Mens to 72       Ladies to 79nett
N.T.P’s No2  R.Lee 514cm   Ladies J.Browning 89cm
               No9 0-18  M.Brown 584cm  19-36 J.Hunter 63cm  Ladies A.Finch 19cm
               No11 P.Toohey  149cm     Ladies E.Nelson 297cm
               No15  0-18 S.Johnson 172cm  19-36 J.Buckley 20cm  Ladies E.Nelson 80cm
Approaches No 1 L.Hayne 186cm    Ladies E.Nelson 695cm
Best Gross:– M.Newman 79
Mr Putter:– J.Piccini  26    Mrs Putter E.Nelson 28

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