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December, 2017

December, 2017


Single Stroke:

Winner:   J Osborne 80/66
R/up:  S Voller  91/70
R/Down:   71
Pin Shots:

No 2:    Men:   W Johnston 194 cm,   Ladies:  M Boonstoppel 560 cm
No 9:    Men:  (0-18) Skinner,  (19-36):  S Voller 49 cm,   Ladies:  S Heise 945 cm
No 11:   Men:   J  Soppa 230 cm
No 15:   Men:   (0-18) O Schmidt 447 cm,  (19-36) B Donald 75 cm (2nd shot),  Ladies:   L Smith 433 cm
Approach:   No 10:   Men:  T .Ross 35 cm

23 DECEMBER 2017

Single Stableford:
Winner:   Men:  S Voller 42 pts   Ladies: D Thomson 33 pts
R/Up:   Men:  D Hollands 41 pts
Pin Shots:

No 2:     Men:  D Hartman 527 cm,   Ladies:  L.Smith 2nd shot (in hole)
No 9:     Men:  (0-18) D Hollands 394 cm,  (19-36):  J Daniels 57 cm (2nd shot), Ladies:  M.Boonstoppel 121 cm (2nd shot)
No 11:   Men: P. Johnston 62 cm
No 15:   Men:  (19-36):   J Daniels 109 cm (2nd shot)   Ladies:  L Smith 900 cm

Single Stab. 16/12 17

  Winner: Men:  M.Voller 42pts

 R/Up:  Men: J.Wojcicki  41pts    Ladies:- S.Heise 39pts

Rundown: 38pts

N.T.P: No.2: Men: J.Daniels 57cms                         Ladies: M.Gibson 60cms

No.9: Men: S.Browning 708 cms                 Ladies: M.Gibson 154cms

No.11: Men: D.Holllands 770cms                Ladies:  E.Nelson 65cms

No.15: Men(0-18): T.Stanford 686cms       Men(19-36)2nd Shot: M.Voller 5cms      Ladies: M.Gibson 150cms

Approach No.12: Men: L Hayne 294cms       Ladies: E Nelson 304cms

4 Ball Best Ball Stableford   9-12-2017
Winners:  P Toohey & D Butterfield  51 Pts
Runner /Ups: E Nelson & M Clem 47 Pts
Run Down To: 44 Pts
N.T.P.  No2  Men: A.Huntley 334 cm         Ladies: S Morgan 95 cm 2nd Shot
N.T.P   No9  Men: W Johnston 393 cm      Ladies: E Nelson 17 cm 2nd Shot
N.T.P.  No11 Men:-V Gibbons 116 cm          Ladies:M.Boonstoppel 92 cm 2nd Shot
N.T.P.  No15 Men (0-18): L Hayne 1168 cm  Men (19-36) 2nd Shot: P Toohey 105 2nd Shot                                                                         Ladies 2nd Shot: E Nelson 306 cm
Approach No18 Men: L Hayne 236 cm        Ladies: E Nelson 533 cm

Rosewood golf Results 2-12-2017
Monthy Mug
Div 1 Winner:  D Hollands 78/67      Runner/ Up: D Wojcicki 82/68
Div 2 Winner:  P Toohey 83/63         Runner/Up: D Hartman 89/70 ocb
Ladies Winner:  L Smith 97/76         Runner/Up: S Heise  105/79
Run Down to 72
N.T.P. No2  Men:  D Hollands 234cm         Ladies: Nil
N.T.P. No9  Men:   T Stanford 555cm          Ladies: Nil
N.T.P. No11 Men:  G Noble 277cm               Ladies: Nil
N.T.P. No15 0-18 Men: P.J.Osullivan 380 cm    Men (19-36): D Hastie 70 cm  Ladies: L Smith 800 cm
Approach No12: Men:  J Wojcicki 104cm      Ladies: E Nelson 472 cm
Best Gross  D Hollands   78
Mr Putter   W Johnston & I Penngelly  26
Mrs Putters  S Heise & E Nelson 32

November, 2017

November, 2017

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Winner :  C.Bath & B. Thoms 75/ 62.5
R/up :  W.Johnston & L.Smith 72/63
Run Down To 64/3/4

No2. Men: W.Draheim 328 cms   Ladies:  L.isa Smith 1000cms

No9: Men: Voller 244cms              Ladies: Jill Smith 41 cms
No11: Men: W.Hill 187 cms            Ladies: Nil
No15: Men: W.Hill 237 cms           Ladies: Nil

Approach  Men: No12  Ladies:No12
Saturday 4/12/2017 Monthy mug

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Lions Club Day


Winner:  R Lee 40 pts

R/Up:  J Hooper 38 pts


Winner:  E Nelson 34 pts

R/Up:  M Gibson 24 pts

Pin Shots:


No 2:  L Hayne 268 cm

No 9:  D Hastie 752 cm

No 11:  D Mallett 179 cm

No 15:  0-18:  R Lee 710 cm

19-36:  D Butterfield 83 cm

Pin Shots:


No 2:  Nil,  No 9:  Nil,  No 11:  Nil

No 15:  E Nelson 74 cm


No 6:  Men:  Nil

No 6:  Ladies:  E Nelson 32 cm

Bradman Award:  J Smith

Rosewood Open 11, November 2017    

  MDGA Order of merit event

Best Gross: A Barry 72-69
Winner Men’s Div 1: D Mallett   74-64          Runner/Up A Barry 72-69 ocb
Winner Men’s Div 2: D Hastie 87-64             Runner/Up  W Allan 91-71
Winner Ladies: J Smith 99-75 ocb                  Runner/Up M Gibson 99-75
Run Down To  71

Pin Shots:
No2: Men: A Huntley     390 cm                       Ladies: Nil
No9: Men: K Robertson 22cm                          Ladies 2nd shot: Nil
No11: Men: M Frohmuller 158 cm                   Ladies Nil
No15: Men (0-18): D .Hollands 108cm           Men: (19-36): M Voller in hole
Ladies: K Frohmuller 158cm
Approach:  Men: No12  A Barry 84cm           Ladies: No12 M Gibson 168 cm


Monthly Mug 4 November 2017    

Sponsored by the Rosewood Golf Club
Winners:  Mens Div 1: M Clem 83/66 ocb

                      Runner /Up: Wojcicki81/66-
Ladies:  J Smith 97/73
Mens Div 2: R Boughen 86/66

                      Runner /Up:- K Hanly 88/67
Ladies  E Nelson 86/77
Run Down To 70

Pin Shots:

No2: Men: C.Bath 326cm                          Ladies: A.Finch 771cm
Men: M.Augustine 394cm               Ladies: E.Nelson 20cm 2nd shot
No11: Men: P Ross 478 cm
No15: (0-18) Men: D Russell 98 cm        Men: (19-36) D Hastie 8cm

No.15: Ladies: E Nelson 54 cm
Approach  Men: No6: S.Voller 177cm       Ladies: No.6: A.Finch 239cm

Mug Of Mug Winners:

Division 1: M Clem 83/66

Division 2: J Wojcicki 92/68 Ladies J Smith 97/73
Best Gross: A Barry 74
Mr. Putter: A Barry 25
Mrs. Putter: J.Smith 29
NEXT WEEK  Rosewood Open  M.D.G.A. Event All Welcome

September, 2017

September, 2017

Saturday, 30 September 2017

Single Stableford

Div 1:

Winner:                     R Graham 42 pts

Runner Up:              A Timperley 39 pts

Div 2:

Winner:                     A Huntley 43 pts

Runner-Up:              R Boughen 41 pts

Ball Run Down to 37 pts

Pin Shots:

No 2:              Men:                          S Browning 10 cm

                        Ladies:                       E Nelson 417 cm

No 9:              Men:                          B Thomson 260 cm

                        Ladies:                       E Nelson 124 cm (2nd Shot)

No 11:           Men:                          L Baldry 44 cm

                        Ladies:                       Nil

No 15:           Men (0-18):             R Hunter 880cm

                        Men (19-36) :           E Wright 120 cm (2nd Shot)

                        Ladies:                       E Nelson 23 cm (2nd Shot)


No 12:            Men:                          M Newman 272 cm

                        Ladies:                       E Nelson 355 cm

23 September 2017                

Rosewood Golf Results 4 ball Aggregate Stableford

      Winners: C.Bath/A.Thoms 77pts

      Runner Up: M.Brown/T.Brown 76pts

      Run Down 74pts

Pin Shots:

No 2

       Men: B Johnston 150cm

       Ladies: E Nelson 1055cm

No 9

        Men: M Clem 950cm

        Ladies: E Nelson 520cm

No 11

         Men: R Johnston 707cm

         Ladies: E Nelson 1833cm

No 15

          Men (0-18): P Solomon 461cm

          Men (19-36): D Hastie 11cm

          Ladies: E Nelson 2nd shot in hole

Approach No 6

          Men: P Johnston

          Ladies: L Smith 168cm
16 September 2017

Rosewood Golf Results Two Persons Ambrose

           Winners: D.Hollands/ M.Voller 62

           Runners Up: J.Soppa/ S.Browning

           Run Down To 67

Pin Shots:

No 2

            Men: Nil

            Ladies: Nil

No 9

            Men: D.Butterfield 387cm

            Ladies: E.Nelson  114cm

No 11

             Men: J.Buckley 84cm

             Ladies: Nil

No 15

              Men (0-18): J.Osborne 13m

              Men (19-36): J.Buckley  51cm

              Ladies: J.Smith 97cm

Approach No 6

              Men: Nil

              Ladies: Nil


9 September 2017:

Single Stableford Sponsored by Jamie and Jill Soppa

Men Division 1:

               Winner: P.Kuhn 40pts

               R/up: D.Russell 39pts

Men Division 2:

               Winner: T.Maroske 40pts ocb

               R/up: T.Brown 40pts

               Ball Run down to 36pts

Pin Shots:

No 2

               Men: R.Johnson 48cm

No 9

               Men (0-18): D.Hollands 350 cm

               Men (19-36): E.Wright 25 cm

               Ladies: L.Smith 15 cm

No 11

               Men: D.Butterfield 692 cm

               Ladies: M.Gibson 692 cm

No 15

               Men (0-18): I.Pengelly 440 cm

               Men (19-36): P.Toohey 20 cm

               Ladies: L.Smith 54 cm

Approach No 17:

               Men: A.Barry 107 cm

               Ladies: E.Nelson 52 cm


August, 2017

August, 2017

Rosewood Golf Results 26/8/2017
               Div1 Men  P.Solomon  40pts o.c.b.           R/Up  R.Johnson
               Div2 Men  J Wojcicki 46 pts                      R/up
J.Middap 39pts
               N.T.P 2 Men M.Voller 227 cm                  Ladies Nil
               N.T.P.9 Men P.Solomon 39cm                   Ladies Nil
               N.T.P.11 Men  A.Bailey  391cm                Ladies Nil
               N.T.P.15 Men 0/18 R.Lee541cm  Men19-36 J.Buckley  14cm
Ladies J.Browning 122cm
               Approach No 3 Men 2nd Shot J WWojcicki 307 cm   Ladies 3rd
Shot Nil
               Run Down to38pts
             Mixed Foursomes Champions     Best Gross M.Clem&E. Nelson 124
                                                                 Best Net
A.Bailey & A.Finch      110.5


Saturday, 12 August 2017

Single Stableford

Div 1:

Winner:                     W Hill 42 pts

Runner Up:              I Pengelly 40 pts

Div 2:

Winner:                     K McGuire 44 pts

Runner-Up:              B Butterfield 43 pts


Winner:                     J Smith 40 pts

Ball Run Down to 38 pts

Pin Shots:

No 2:              Men:                          R Stagg 198 cm

                        Ladies:                       M Gibson 135cm

No 9:              Men:                          R Stagg 294 cm

                        Ladies:                       L Smith 130 cm (2nd Shot)

No 11:           Men:                          R Johnson 105 cm

                        Ladies:                       Nil

No 15:           Men (0-18):             W Johnston 419 cm

Men (19-36) :           S Norris 7 cm (2nd Shot)

Ladies:                       E Nelson (2nd Shot)


No 12:            Men:                          J Piccini 140 cm

                        Ladies:                       J Smith 647 cm

July, 2017

July, 2017

29 July 2017:
               Mens Div1 T.Stanford 39pts .ocb-       Runner Up W.Johnston
39  pts ocb    Ladies M.Gibson 38pts
               Mens Div2: J.Wojcicki 43pts                Runner Up
B.Donald 40 pts
                Run Down : To 37 pts
              N.T.P.No 2  Men M.Voller 162cm                      Ladies M
Gibson 686 cm
              N.T.P.No 9  Men: M.Voller 391 cm                    Ladies
S.Heise  11cm 2nd Shot
              N.T.P. No 11 Men R.Lee 213cm                          Ladies:
E.Nelson 530cm
              N.T.P. No15 Men:(0-18)  D.Green751cm                2nd
shot(19-36) D.Butterfield 29cm 2shot
              Ladies:- 2nd shotM.Gibson 118 2nd shot
             Approach No.12  Men: R.Lee 372cm                      Ladies:
E.Nelson 153cm


22 July 2017:

               Mens Div1:- D.Mallett 39pts ocb    Runner Up:- M.Brown 39pts ocb     Ladies:- E.Nelson 33pts

               Mens Div2:- W.Allan 41pts       Runner Up:- S.Norris 40pts      Ladies:- J.Smith 31pts

               Run Down :- 37pts

              N.T.P.No 2  Men:-  D.Green 293cm   

              N.T.P.No 9  Men:- D.Hastie 455cm    

              N.T.P. No 11 Men:- A.Bailey 556 cms                     Ladies:- L.Smith 700 cms

              N.T.P. No15 Men:-(0-18) P.Johnston 294 cms          2nd shot(19-36) M.Voller 36cms            Ladies:- L.Smith 51cms 2nd shot

             Approach No.6  Men:- A.Bailey 109 cm      Ladies:- E.Nelson 411 cm


15th of July, 2017:

        Golf Results 15/7/17 Single Stab.
                     Div1  Mens  Winner:- J.Piccini40pts ocb        Runner
Up:-   T.Stanford  40pts
                     Div2  Mens Winner:-  J .Daniels 41pts           Runner
Up:- J.Hunter 40pts
                     N.T.P. No2 Mens:-R Stagg      293cm
Ladies:-No One
                     N.T.P .No9 Mens:- S Browning 452cm
Ladies:-J Smith 341cm
                     N.T.P. No11 Mens:-  J.Young 127cm
Ladies:-J.Smith 546 cm
                     N.T.P. No15 Mens:- 0-18 M.Brown609cm     19-36 P.Toohey
354cm            Ladies:-L.Smith99cm
                     Approach   No. 12  MensA.Bailey 695cm
Ladies:-L.Smith 1500cm
                     Run Down To 37.pts

8th of July, 2017:

Div 1  Men:

Winner: T Stanford 40pts

Runner Up:  A Bailey 38pts           

Div 2 Men:  

Winner: W.Allan    42pts

Runner Up: J.Middap 39pts


Winner: E.Nelson 36pts

Run Down To 36


No.2:  Mens G.Crouch 540 cm,  Ladies  No One

No.9: Mens D.Mallett 111cm,  Ladies  L.Smith 276 cm

No.11: Mens R.Stagg 128cm,  Ladies L.Smith 337cm

No.15: Mens (0-18) G.Crouch 800 cm, (19-36) B.Thoms 70cm, Ladies  L.Smith in hole


No.6: Mens T.Stanford 225cm, Ladies J.Smith 552 cm


1st of July, 2017:

S/Stroke Monthly Medal

Men Div 1:

Winner: W.Johnston 84/69 ocb 

Runner Up: J.Young 74/69

Men Div 2:

Winner: B.Donald 92/66    

Runner Up: J.Middap 91/69


Winner: A.Finch 90/72

Runner up: L.Smith 97/77

Rundown Mens to 73 nett   


No2: no one

No9: Mens J.Soppa 125cm   Ladies E.Nelson 177cm

No11: P.Johnston 178cm       Ladies E.Nelson 1479cm

No15: (0-18) R.Stagg 170cm  19-36 P.Toohey 2nd shot in hole


No3: Mens P.Voller 2nd shot 195cm

                  Ladies A.Finch 3rd shot 288cm

Mr Putters: S.Voller & D.Hartman 25 

Mrs Putter: J.Smith 27

Best Gross: J.Young 74

June, 2017

June, 2017

24th of June, 2017:

Single Stableford

Men Div 1:

Winnner: T.Stanford 41pts ocb

Runner/Up: O.Schmidt 41pts

Mens Div 2:

Winner: A Huntley 43 pts

Runner/Up W.Robinson 36 pts


Winner: E.Nelson 38pts

Run/Down To 38pts


No.2: D.Russell 140cm

No.9: G.Crouch 88cm,   Ladies E.Nelson 65cm

No.11: R.Winrow 256cm,   Ladies E.Nelson 970cm

No.15: (0/18) R.Stagg 361cm, (19/36) E.Wright 12cm, Ladies L.Smith 198cm


No.6: D.Green 153 cm,   Ladies S.Goodbun 130cm

Match Play:

Winner: M.Clem 2/1

Runner/Up: V.Gibbons


17th of June, 2017:

Single Stab.

Men Div 1:

Winner:   D Mallett 40pts     R/Up: J Young 39pts

R/Up:       J Young 39pts

Men Div 2:

Winner:  K Hanly 42pts

R/Up:     T Brown 37pts


Winner:  M Gibson 39 pts 

R/Up:      E Nelson 36  pts

N.T.P:  No2/  Men:  J Hunter 387cm      Ladies: E Nelson 616cm

      No9/  Men: No-One                      Ladies: E Nelson 12cm

      No11/ Men: D Hartman 58cms        Ladies: J Browning 431cm

      No15/ Men (0-18) D Hartman 561cm,  (19-36) 2nd shot  K Hanly in Hole      Ladies: E Nelson 132 cm

Approach:   No12/ Men: S Browning 178cm,     Ladies: E Nelson 390cm

Ball Run down to 36 points.


10th of June 2017:

Single Stab.

Men Div 1:  

Winner:   P.Robb 41pts 

R/up:       P.Johnston 40pts

Men Div 2:

Winner:  R.Boughen 40pts

R/Up:      S.Noble 37pts


Winner:   J.Heath 34pts ocb


No2: Men:    B Russell 830cm          Ladies: J Heath 950cm

        No9: Men:    B Russell 167cm          Ladies: E Nelson 12cm

        No11: Men:   J Osbourne 85cm

        No 15: Men: (0-18): S.Browning 146cm     2nd shot (19-36): R.Newham in hole      Ladies: E.Nelson 90cm         

Approach No17 Men:- E.Wright 188cms    Ladies:- E.Nelson 104cms

Ball run down to 37pts.


3 June 2017:

Single Stroke & Monthly Mug

Men Div 1:

Winner:  B Sheraton 84/67
R/Up:  R Avenell 81/68 OCB

Men Div 2:

Winner:  D Browning 99/66
R/Up:  W Robinson 98/70

Men’s Rundown to 72 nett


Winner:  L Smith 88/67
R/Up:  J Heath 95/73 OCB

Ladies Rundown to 74 nett

NTP Men:

No 2:  R Avenell 120 cm
No 9:  V Gibbons 1014 cm
No 11:  J Piccini 58 cm
No 15:  C Bath 58 cm
No 15:  R Hunter (0-18) 7 cm

NTP Ladies:

No 2:  E Nelson 231 cm
No 9:  H Gilbert 71 cm
No 11:  L Smith 623 cm
No 15:  E Nelson 31 cm

Approach No 12:

Men:  K Hopper  57 cm
Ladies:  E Nelson 346 cm

Mr Putter:  B Sheraton 23
Mrs Putter:  E Nelson 27

Best Gross:  A Bailey 75

May, 2017

May, 2017

27th of May, 2017:

Club Champion:  J Young 309,          A Grade Nett:   M Newman 288

B Grade Gross:  J.Collins 329,           Nett:  M.Clem 282               

C Grade Gross:  R.Boughen 370,       Nett:  E .Wright 289

Ladies Gross: E.Nelson 338,              Nett:  A.Finch 298

Over 70’s Winner:   L. Hayne 283  Nett


Winners Div1:   D.Hartman  82/66,     Div 2:  I.Longworth 91/70 ocb,      Ladies:  L. Smith 91/70

Runners Up Div1:  L.Baldry 82/67,      Div2:   W.Allan 93/70 ocb,              Ladies:  A.Finch 91/73

Rundown 71 Nett

N.T.P. No2:           D.Hartman 142 cm         B.Else 780 cm

No9:                M.Brown 65 cm

No11:              W.Allan 119 cm                 A. Finch 432cm

No15:   0-18  M.Augustine 300 cm,      19 -36 10cm C.Bath,      E.Nelson 34cm

Approach No3:  L.Hayne  2nd Shot 332cm,       S.Heise  3rd Shot 470 cm


Saturday 20th of May, 2017:                  

3rd round of championships and single stroke.


Men Div 1:  J Collins  75/62     

Men Div 2:   R Boughen   

Ladies:          A Finch  92/73 ocb                  

Runners up:

Men Div 1: M Newman 73/67 ocb                

Men Div 2: J Maxwell      

Ladies:       J Heath 96/73


No.2/ Men, C Stevenson 437cm

No.9/ Men, D Hartman   111cm

No.11/ Men, J Young        221cm

No.15/ (0-18) G Crouch 85cm,       (19-36) J Middap 50cm          Ladies J Browning 114cm, 2nd shot

Approach No.12:  R Robertson 317cm       Ladies   E  Nelson 235cm

Ball Run Down to 73.


Saturday 13th of May, 2017:

2nd round of Championships & single stab.


Men Div 1:   W Heath  85/68 ocb    

Men Div 2:   J Middap 91/69

Ladies:          J Heath 96/73 ocb


Men Div 1: J Piccini     83/68            

Men Div 2: D Hastie    94/70       

Ladies: S Heise      97/73 ocb

Ball rundown to 71.


No 2: G Crouch 235cm 

No 9: D Hartman  448cm        Ladies L Smith 2nd shot 100 cm

No 11: L Baldry  270cm          L Smith 695cm

No 15:   (0-18)   M Augustine  367cm            (19-36)  K Mcguire 107 cm 2nd shot

                Ladies:  B Else  60cm 2nd shot

Approach No6:  A Timperley 140cm    E Nelson  111cm

Single Stab:  Winner:  R Boughen  37pts 

                Runnner Up:  L Baldry    36pts

Saturday 6th of May, 2017:

Monthly Mug and 1st round of Championships


Div.1:       M.Clem 84/66   

Div.2:       J Middap      

Ladies:    J.Heath 98/75


Div.1:        T.Ross 74/68 ocb        

Div.2:       M.Voller 91/71 ocb 

Ladies:     A.Finch 94/76



Men:  L.Hayne 531cms


Men: T.Ross 207cms              

Ladies: 20cms


Men: M.Voller 260cms         

Ladies: L.Smith 47cms


Men:   (0-18) M.Clem 290cms,     (19-36) 2nd shot J.Ellemans 23cms

Ladies: A.Finch 280cms

Approach No.12:

Men: T.Ross 210cms       

Ladies:- E.Nelson 725cms

Ball Rundown: Ladies 78     Men  71

Mr Putter: T.Ross 25

Mrs Putter: J.Heath 30 ocb

Best Gross:- T.Ross 74


Monday 1st of May, 2017:

Labour day special event.

Winner: T Norris  41pts

Runner up: R Parnell 38pts

Run down: G Sharpe 38pts

April 2017

April 2017

Saturday 29th of April, 2017:

4BBB  Aggregate Stableford:

Winners:   O.Schmidt & R.Johnson 78pts    R/Ups:- R.Lee/A.Timperley

R/Ups:       R.Lee & A.Timperley 77pts


2)   Men’s:  G Maxwell 880  cm

        9)   Men’s: (0-18) J Young 321cm,    (19-36) E.Wright 39cm,   Ladies 2nd shot:    E.Nelson in hole

        11)   Men’s:    I.Henry 242cm

        15)   Men’s:    (0-18) P.Smollen 136cm,    (19-36) J.Daniels 2nd shot in hole,   Ladies:  E.Nelson 131cm

Approach No6 Men: (0-18)  W.Heath 381cm,   (19-36) T Maroske 63cm,    Ladies:- E Nelson 323 cm

Ball Rundown to 74pts


Tuesday 25th of April, 2017:

Anzac day golf results, Sponsored by Ex-Service personnel.

Winners:                J.Piccini & B.Sheraton 46 ocb

R/up:                      V.Gibbons & B.Richards 46 pts


2)    V.Gibbons 1500 cms

9)    Jill Smith 15 cms

11)   S.Browning 830 cms

15)  W.Crouch in hole 2nd shot

All player won a ball & they can be picked up from the Captain’s office.


Saturday 22nd of April, 2017:

Mixed four-ball stroke championships:

Winners: J.Young & A.Finch 63

R/up: P.Johnston & J.Smith 64 ocb

Single stab:

Div 1:

Winner:  D.Green 42 pts

r/up:  M.Dance 39 ocb

Div 2:

winner:  W.Robinson 38pts

R/up:  G.Wylie 36pts


2)  M.Clem 1550cm,    Ladies B.Else 210cm

9)  R.Robertson 236cm,  Ladies  A.Finch 368cm 

11)  M.Clem 125cm,    Ladies A.Finch 609cm

15)  0/18 D.Hartman 82cm,  19/36 G.Wylie 53 cm,  Ladies B Else 25cm

Approach 12)   G.Maxwell 712 cm,    Ladies E.Nelson 97 cm

Ball r/down 38

Saturday 29/4/2017 4bbb agg stableford

Saturday 6/5/2017 m/mug/ & 1st rnd club championships.


Saturday 15th of April, 2017

Mens Division 1:

Winner:  R Stagg 41pts                            

Runner-Up:  J Buckley 40 pts

Mens Division 2:

Winner:  A Huntley 45pts

Runner-Up:  T Norris 38pts


Winner:  M Gibson 32 pts



No  2: A Bailey 379cm

       No 9:  I Pengelly 160cm

               No 11:  A Barry 392 cm

               No 15:  J Buckley 8 cm

                            D Butterfield 2nd shot 112cm


No 2:  S Heise  266cm

No 9:  no one

No 11:  J Heath 1190 cm

No 15:  M.Gibson 297cm

Mens Approach No 3:  A Barry 229 cm

Ladies Approach No 3:  M Gibson 1215 cm

Run Down  39pts to 38 pts


Saturday, 8 April 2017 (Monthly Mug & Putting)

Men Div 1:  

Winner:  D Hollands 79/69

Runner-up:  M Clem 87/69

Men Div 2: 

Winner:  S Norris 90/69

Runner-up:  V Gibbons 96/72 ocb


Winner:  L Smith 94/74

Runner-up:  E Nelson 83/75 

Nearest to the Pins:

2) D Hollands 348cm,  L Smith 107cm

9) D Russell 660cm,  E Nelson 287cm

11) P Johnston 173cm

15) R Hunter 238cm,  J Middap 127cm,  L Smith 12cm


17) D Hollands 2nd shot,  E Nelson 94cm 3rd shot

Ball Run down to 73 nett.

Best Gross:  A Bailey 77 stroke.

Mr Putters:  D Hollands & J Young 26

Mrs Putter:  L Smith 27

D Hollands Eagle on the 17th


Bunny Run Results 2/4/17:


Winner:  W Browning 23pts

Runner Up:  P Filler 20pts

Rundown:  S Browning 19pts, R Cromarty 17pts, D Bowe 17pts


Winner:  Les Smith 20pts

Runner Up:  Jeff Hunter 19pts

Rundown:  P Jones 18pts, D Salway 17pts, R Crymer 16pts

Special thanks to Rosewood Pharmacy for sponsoring the day.


Saturday 1/4/17:

Monthly Mug Postponed due to wet weather conditions.

March 2017

March 2017

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Men Div 1:  

Winner:  P Voller 40pts

Runner up:  L Solomon 38pts ocb

Men Div 2: 

Winner:  D Butterfield 40pts

Runner up:  J Gilbert 37pts


Winner:  J Heath 35pts 

Runner up:  B Else 32pts 

Nearest to the Pins:

2) P Voller 198cm

9) J Piccini 264cm

11) D Mallet 449cm,  E Nelson 601cm

15) (0-18) L Solomon 234cm, (19-36) J Gilbert 9cm, J Heath 193cm


6) T Maroske 162cm, B Else 517cm

Ball Run down to 36pts.

Pot of Gold: D Butterfield ocb.


Saturday, 18 March 2017

Foursomes Championship Winners:

Men: A.Bailey & A.Barry 110 gross.

          M.Clem & R.Farraway 101 1/2 nett

Ladies: E.Nelson & A.Finch 124 gross

              M.Gibson & L.Sheraton 111 1/2

Single Stableford:

Winner: J.Buckley 42 pts

Runner Up: O.Schmidt 40 pts

Ball run down to 38 pts.

Nearest to the Pins:

2) J.Young   302cm

9) M.Voller   158cm

11) M.Brown   hole in one,   J.Browning   997cm

15) R.Farraway   621cm,   J.Browning   210cm