July, 2017

July, 2017

29 July 2017:
               Mens Div1 T.Stanford 39pts .ocb-       Runner Up W.Johnston
39  pts ocb    Ladies M.Gibson 38pts
               Mens Div2: J.Wojcicki 43pts                Runner Up
B.Donald 40 pts
                Run Down : To 37 pts
              N.T.P.No 2  Men M.Voller 162cm                      Ladies M
Gibson 686 cm
              N.T.P.No 9  Men: M.Voller 391 cm                    Ladies
S.Heise  11cm 2nd Shot
              N.T.P. No 11 Men R.Lee 213cm                          Ladies:
E.Nelson 530cm
              N.T.P. No15 Men:(0-18)  D.Green751cm                2nd
shot(19-36) D.Butterfield 29cm 2shot
              Ladies:- 2nd shotM.Gibson 118 2nd shot
             Approach No.12  Men: R.Lee 372cm                      Ladies:
E.Nelson 153cm


22 July 2017:

               Mens Div1:- D.Mallett 39pts ocb    Runner Up:- M.Brown 39pts ocb     Ladies:- E.Nelson 33pts

               Mens Div2:- W.Allan 41pts       Runner Up:- S.Norris 40pts      Ladies:- J.Smith 31pts

               Run Down :- 37pts

              N.T.P.No 2  Men:-  D.Green 293cm   

              N.T.P.No 9  Men:- D.Hastie 455cm    

              N.T.P. No 11 Men:- A.Bailey 556 cms                     Ladies:- L.Smith 700 cms

              N.T.P. No15 Men:-(0-18) P.Johnston 294 cms          2nd shot(19-36) M.Voller 36cms            Ladies:- L.Smith 51cms 2nd shot

             Approach No.6  Men:- A.Bailey 109 cm      Ladies:- E.Nelson 411 cm


15th of July, 2017:

        Golf Results 15/7/17 Single Stab.
                     Div1  Mens  Winner:- J.Piccini40pts ocb        Runner
Up:-   T.Stanford  40pts
                     Div2  Mens Winner:-  J .Daniels 41pts           Runner
Up:- J.Hunter 40pts
                     N.T.P. No2 Mens:-R Stagg      293cm
Ladies:-No One
                     N.T.P .No9 Mens:- S Browning 452cm
Ladies:-J Smith 341cm
                     N.T.P. No11 Mens:-  J.Young 127cm
Ladies:-J.Smith 546 cm
                     N.T.P. No15 Mens:- 0-18 M.Brown609cm     19-36 P.Toohey
354cm            Ladies:-L.Smith99cm
                     Approach   No. 12  MensA.Bailey 695cm
Ladies:-L.Smith 1500cm
                     Run Down To 37.pts

8th of July, 2017:

Div 1  Men:

Winner: T Stanford 40pts

Runner Up:  A Bailey 38pts           

Div 2 Men:  

Winner: W.Allan    42pts

Runner Up: J.Middap 39pts


Winner: E.Nelson 36pts

Run Down To 36


No.2:  Mens G.Crouch 540 cm,  Ladies  No One

No.9: Mens D.Mallett 111cm,  Ladies  L.Smith 276 cm

No.11: Mens R.Stagg 128cm,  Ladies L.Smith 337cm

No.15: Mens (0-18) G.Crouch 800 cm, (19-36) B.Thoms 70cm, Ladies  L.Smith in hole


No.6: Mens T.Stanford 225cm, Ladies J.Smith 552 cm


1st of July, 2017:

S/Stroke Monthly Medal

Men Div 1:

Winner: W.Johnston 84/69 ocb 

Runner Up: J.Young 74/69

Men Div 2:

Winner: B.Donald 92/66    

Runner Up: J.Middap 91/69


Winner: A.Finch 90/72

Runner up: L.Smith 97/77

Rundown Mens to 73 nett   


No2: no one

No9: Mens J.Soppa 125cm   Ladies E.Nelson 177cm

No11: P.Johnston 178cm       Ladies E.Nelson 1479cm

No15: (0-18) R.Stagg 170cm  19-36 P.Toohey 2nd shot in hole


No3: Mens P.Voller 2nd shot 195cm

                  Ladies A.Finch 3rd shot 288cm

Mr Putters: S.Voller & D.Hartman 25 

Mrs Putter: J.Smith 27

Best Gross: J.Young 74

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