Rosewood Vets Results, 4 December 2017

Rosewood Veterans Results

Monday, 4 December 2017

Christmas competition:


Winner:  J Daniels 40 pts

1st Runner-Up:  E Wright 37 pts ocb

2nd Runner-Up:  T Goodbun 37 pts

Run Down to 30 pts


Winner:  M Boonstoppel 36 pts ocb

1st Runner-Up:  S Goodbun 36 pts

2nd Runner-Up:  J Browning 28 pts

Run Down to 22 pts

Pin Shots:


No 2:  A Raper In Hole

No 9:  G Buckley In Hole

No 11:  P Frazer 23 cm

No 15:  B Sheraton 27 cm


No 2:  A Finch 26 cm

No 9:  S Heise 428 cm

No 11:  S Goodbun 50 cm

No 15:  R Wass 69 cm

Approach:  (No 17):

Men:  J Gilbert 64 cm

Ladies:  D Johnson 68 cm

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Next game:  Monday, 12.2.18

All Veteran golfers with a GA handicap welcome!

Rosewood Vets Results, 13 November 2017

Single Stableford Event

Trophies donated by S.Morgan & A.Finch

Winners:        Men: L.Hayne 39pts o.c.b.  

                         Ladies: M.Boonstoppel 35pts

Runners/up:  Men:  A.Elape 39pts   

                         Ladies: A.Finch 32pts

Rundown Men’s to 34pts and Ladies to 28pts

Pin Shots All 2nd Shot:

No2:   Men: A.Elape in hole      Ladies: M.Boonstoppel in hole

No9:   Men: I.Henry in hole       Ladies: H.Gilbert 14cm

No11: Men: P.Frazer 29cm        Ladies: S.Morgan 86cm

No15: Men: K.Mcguire  71cm   Ladies: H.Gilbert 90cm



No 3 L.Hayne  3rd shot 72cm and A.Finch 4th shot in hole

Next game 4th December, 8am start. All veteran golfers are welcome to come along and enjoy our Christmas Cheer

Rosewood Vets Results, 18 September 2017

Rosewood Vets Results

Monday, 18 September 2017

Single Stableford 

Trophy Donor: Phyllis Brown


                Men’s: T.Maroske 41pts 

                Ladies: D.Smith o.c.b 36pts

Runner up:

               Men’s: F.Akes 40pts  

               Ladies: S.Morgan 36pts


               Men’s to 35pts and Ladies to 34pts

Pin Shots:

No 2

               Men’s: T.Goodbun    

               Ladies: D.Johnson 

No 9

                Men’s: G.O’Connor 14cm    

                Ladies: D.Johnson 65cm

No 11:

                Men’s: G.Johnson 2cm      

                Ladies: D.Johnson 88cm

No 15

               Men: I.Keen 67cm           

               Ladies: H.Gilbert 138cm

Approach No 12

              Men: R.Turnbull        

              Ladies: A.Finch

Next game 16th of October 2017 for T.& H.Maroske trophies

Please note 8:00 am start.  All veteran golfers welcome.

Rosewood Vets Results, 14 August 2017


14 August 2017

Sponsors:  J Buckley & C Stevenson


Winner:           K Vollbrecht 43 pts|

Runner Up:      E Wright 40 pts

Ball Run Down to 36 pts

Pin Shots:

No 2:                J Buckley 10 cm 2nd Shot

No 9:                A Blackett 27 cm 2nd Shot

No 11:              T Maroske 260 cm

No 15:              A Green 13 cm 2nd Shot


No 1:                C Stevenson 3rd Shot in Hole



Winner:           S Goodbun 38 pts

Runner Up:      M Gibson 35 pts OCB

Ball Run Down to 30 pts

Pin Shots:

No 2:                A Brown 2nd Shot in Hole

No 9:                S Goodbun 59 cm 2nd Shot

No 11:              D Smith 250 cm 2nd Shot

No 15:              S Goodbun 86 cm 2nd Shot


No 1:                S Goodbun 4th Shot 23 cm

NEXT GAME:   Monday, 18.9.17, 8.30 am Start

Rosewood Vets, 10th of July

Rosewood Vets Results
Monday, 10 July 2017

Trophy Donor:  C Stevenson

Men’s Results:

Winner:  J Daniels OCB 38 pts
R/Up:  D Hastie 38 pts
Run Down to 34 pts

Pin Shots:

No 2 – J Hunter 56 cm 2nd shot
No 9 – J Buckley 19 cm 2nd shot
No 11 – D Hastie 91 cm
No 15 – B Waters In Hole 2nd shot


No 3 – L Hayne 26 cm 3rd shot

Ladies Results:

Winner:  M Boonstoppel OCB 31 pts
R/Up:  A Brown 31 pts
Run Down:  D Norris 30 pts,
A Arumugam 29 pts

Pin Shots:

No 2 – A Finch 27 cm 2nd shot
No 9 – D Norris 225 cm 2nd shot
No 11 – A Brown 52 cm 2nd shot
No 15 – A Brown 409 cm 2nd shot


No 3 – A Finch 27 cm 4th shot

Next game:  Monday, 14 August 2017 – 8.30 am start.  All veteran golfers welcome.

Rosewood Vets, 12th of June

Trophy Donors: D.Smith, J&L.Hunter.


Winner: C.Hallam 34pts ocb 

R/Up: A.Green 34pts ocb

Rundown: to 32pts


No.2: P.Frazer

No.9: I.Keen

No.11: G.O’Connor

No.15: B.Carter

No.17: B.Carter


Winner: D.Norris 33pts

R/Up: P.Brown 32pts

Rundown: to 30pts


No.2: A.Brown

No.9: A.Arumugam

No.11: A.Brown 

No.15: A.Arumugam 

No.17: M.Gibson

Rosewood Vets, May 15th

Trophy donors: S.Heise & J.Demmery


Winner: E.Wright 45pts

Runner-up: L.Hayne 42pts

Rundown to 32pts.


2/ 2nd shot, L.Hayne 2cm

9/ 2nd shot, J.Hunter 31cm

11/ V.Gibbons 409cm

15/ 2nd shot, G.O’Connor in hole

Approach No.14: G.O’Connor 29cm 3rd shot.  


Winner: A.Brown 35pts

Runner-up: S.Morgan 34pts

Rundown to 33pts.

NTP’s: all 2nd shot.

2/ P.Brown 48cm

9/  S.Goodbun 286cm

11/ A.Aruguman in hole

15/ S.Morgan 417cm

Approach No.14: P.Brown 26cm 4th shot. 

Next Game: 12th June, 8:30 am. All veteran golfers welcome

Rosewood Vets, April 2017


Monday, 10 April 2017


Winner:     G.Arumugan 38pts ocb  

R/Up:        B.Fletcher 38pts

R/Down to 32 pts.


2/  T.Goodbun in

9/  K.Vollbrecht 606cm

11/  J.Buckley 198cm

15/  B.Fletcher 31cm


6/  C.Petrohilos 11cm

Chris Petrohilos had an albatross on the 5th hole.



Winner:     S.Erith  39pts  

R/Up:        H.Gilbert  34pts

R/Down to 32 pts.


2/  S.Erith  34cm

9/  A.Arumugan  6cm

11/  S.Erith  14cm

15/  A.Arumugan  166cm


6/  A.Arumugan

Next game: Monday, 15th of May 2017 – 8:30 am shotgun start, all veteran golfers welcome.