Rosewood Vets Results, 18 September 2017

Rosewood Vets Results

Monday, 18 September 2017

Single Stableford 

Trophy Donor: Phyllis Brown


                Men’s: T.Maroske 41pts 

                Ladies: D.Smith o.c.b 36pts

Runner up:

               Men’s: F.Akes 40pts  

               Ladies: S.Morgan 36pts


               Men’s to 35pts and Ladies to 34pts

Pin Shots:

No 2

               Men’s: T.Goodbun    

               Ladies: D.Johnson 

No 9

                Men’s: G.O’Connor 14cm    

                Ladies: D.Johnson 65cm

No 11:

                Men’s: G.Johnson 2cm      

                Ladies: D.Johnson 88cm

No 15

               Men: I.Keen 67cm           

               Ladies: H.Gilbert 138cm

Approach No 12

              Men: R.Turnbull        

              Ladies: A.Finch

Next game 16th of October 2017 for T.& H.Maroske trophies

Please note 8:00 am start.  All veteran golfers welcome.

Rosewood Vets Results, 14 August 2017


14 August 2017

Sponsors:  J Buckley & C Stevenson


Winner:           K Vollbrecht 43 pts|

Runner Up:      E Wright 40 pts

Ball Run Down to 36 pts

Pin Shots:

No 2:                J Buckley 10 cm 2nd Shot

No 9:                A Blackett 27 cm 2nd Shot

No 11:              T Maroske 260 cm

No 15:              A Green 13 cm 2nd Shot


No 1:                C Stevenson 3rd Shot in Hole



Winner:           S Goodbun 38 pts

Runner Up:      M Gibson 35 pts OCB

Ball Run Down to 30 pts

Pin Shots:

No 2:                A Brown 2nd Shot in Hole

No 9:                S Goodbun 59 cm 2nd Shot

No 11:              D Smith 250 cm 2nd Shot

No 15:              S Goodbun 86 cm 2nd Shot


No 1:                S Goodbun 4th Shot 23 cm

NEXT GAME:   Monday, 18.9.17, 8.30 am Start

Rosewood Vets, 10th of July

Rosewood Vets Results
Monday, 10 July 2017

Trophy Donor:  C Stevenson

Men’s Results:

Winner:  J Daniels OCB 38 pts
R/Up:  D Hastie 38 pts
Run Down to 34 pts

Pin Shots:

No 2 – J Hunter 56 cm 2nd shot
No 9 – J Buckley 19 cm 2nd shot
No 11 – D Hastie 91 cm
No 15 – B Waters In Hole 2nd shot


No 3 – L Hayne 26 cm 3rd shot

Ladies Results:

Winner:  M Boonstoppel OCB 31 pts
R/Up:  A Brown 31 pts
Run Down:  D Norris 30 pts,
A Arumugam 29 pts

Pin Shots:

No 2 – A Finch 27 cm 2nd shot
No 9 – D Norris 225 cm 2nd shot
No 11 – A Brown 52 cm 2nd shot
No 15 – A Brown 409 cm 2nd shot


No 3 – A Finch 27 cm 4th shot

Next game:  Monday, 14 August 2017 – 8.30 am start.  All veteran golfers welcome.

Rosewood Vets, 12th of June

Trophy Donors: D.Smith, J&L.Hunter.


Winner: C.Hallam 34pts ocb 

R/Up: A.Green 34pts ocb

Rundown: to 32pts


No.2: P.Frazer

No.9: I.Keen

No.11: G.O’Connor

No.15: B.Carter

No.17: B.Carter


Winner: D.Norris 33pts

R/Up: P.Brown 32pts

Rundown: to 30pts


No.2: A.Brown

No.9: A.Arumugam

No.11: A.Brown 

No.15: A.Arumugam 

No.17: M.Gibson

Rosewood Vets, May 15th

Trophy donors: S.Heise & J.Demmery


Winner: E.Wright 45pts

Runner-up: L.Hayne 42pts

Rundown to 32pts.


2/ 2nd shot, L.Hayne 2cm

9/ 2nd shot, J.Hunter 31cm

11/ V.Gibbons 409cm

15/ 2nd shot, G.O’Connor in hole

Approach No.14: G.O’Connor 29cm 3rd shot.  


Winner: A.Brown 35pts

Runner-up: S.Morgan 34pts

Rundown to 33pts.

NTP’s: all 2nd shot.

2/ P.Brown 48cm

9/  S.Goodbun 286cm

11/ A.Aruguman in hole

15/ S.Morgan 417cm

Approach No.14: P.Brown 26cm 4th shot. 

Next Game: 12th June, 8:30 am. All veteran golfers welcome

Rosewood Vets, April 2017


Monday, 10 April 2017


Winner:     G.Arumugan 38pts ocb  

R/Up:        B.Fletcher 38pts

R/Down to 32 pts.


2/  T.Goodbun in

9/  K.Vollbrecht 606cm

11/  J.Buckley 198cm

15/  B.Fletcher 31cm


6/  C.Petrohilos 11cm

Chris Petrohilos had an albatross on the 5th hole.



Winner:     S.Erith  39pts  

R/Up:        H.Gilbert  34pts

R/Down to 32 pts.


2/  S.Erith  34cm

9/  A.Arumugan  6cm

11/  S.Erith  14cm

15/  A.Arumugan  166cm


6/  A.Arumugan

Next game: Monday, 15th of May 2017 – 8:30 am shotgun start, all veteran golfers welcome.