June, 2017

June, 2017

24th of June, 2017:

Single Stableford

Men Div 1:

Winnner: T.Stanford 41pts ocb

Runner/Up: O.Schmidt 41pts

Mens Div 2:

Winner: A Huntley 43 pts

Runner/Up W.Robinson 36 pts


Winner: E.Nelson 38pts

Run/Down To 38pts


No.2: D.Russell 140cm

No.9: G.Crouch 88cm,   Ladies E.Nelson 65cm

No.11: R.Winrow 256cm,   Ladies E.Nelson 970cm

No.15: (0/18) R.Stagg 361cm, (19/36) E.Wright 12cm, Ladies L.Smith 198cm


No.6: D.Green 153 cm,   Ladies S.Goodbun 130cm

Match Play:

Winner: M.Clem 2/1

Runner/Up: V.Gibbons


17th of June, 2017:

Single Stab.

Men Div 1:

Winner:   D Mallett 40pts     R/Up: J Young 39pts

R/Up:       J Young 39pts

Men Div 2:

Winner:  K Hanly 42pts

R/Up:     T Brown 37pts


Winner:  M Gibson 39 pts 

R/Up:      E Nelson 36  pts

N.T.P:  No2/  Men:  J Hunter 387cm      Ladies: E Nelson 616cm

      No9/  Men: No-One                      Ladies: E Nelson 12cm

      No11/ Men: D Hartman 58cms        Ladies: J Browning 431cm

      No15/ Men (0-18) D Hartman 561cm,  (19-36) 2nd shot  K Hanly in Hole      Ladies: E Nelson 132 cm

Approach:   No12/ Men: S Browning 178cm,     Ladies: E Nelson 390cm

Ball Run down to 36 points.


10th of June 2017:

Single Stab.

Men Div 1:  

Winner:   P.Robb 41pts 

R/up:       P.Johnston 40pts

Men Div 2:

Winner:  R.Boughen 40pts

R/Up:      S.Noble 37pts


Winner:   J.Heath 34pts ocb


No2: Men:    B Russell 830cm          Ladies: J Heath 950cm

        No9: Men:    B Russell 167cm          Ladies: E Nelson 12cm

        No11: Men:   J Osbourne 85cm

        No 15: Men: (0-18): S.Browning 146cm     2nd shot (19-36): R.Newham in hole      Ladies: E.Nelson 90cm         

Approach No17 Men:- E.Wright 188cms    Ladies:- E.Nelson 104cms

Ball run down to 37pts.


3 June 2017:

Single Stroke & Monthly Mug

Men Div 1:

Winner:  B Sheraton 84/67
R/Up:  R Avenell 81/68 OCB

Men Div 2:

Winner:  D Browning 99/66
R/Up:  W Robinson 98/70

Men’s Rundown to 72 nett


Winner:  L Smith 88/67
R/Up:  J Heath 95/73 OCB

Ladies Rundown to 74 nett

NTP Men:

No 2:  R Avenell 120 cm
No 9:  V Gibbons 1014 cm
No 11:  J Piccini 58 cm
No 15:  C Bath 58 cm
No 15:  R Hunter (0-18) 7 cm

NTP Ladies:

No 2:  E Nelson 231 cm
No 9:  H Gilbert 71 cm
No 11:  L Smith 623 cm
No 15:  E Nelson 31 cm

Approach No 12:

Men:  K Hopper  57 cm
Ladies:  E Nelson 346 cm

Mr Putter:  B Sheraton 23
Mrs Putter:  E Nelson 27

Best Gross:  A Bailey 75

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