Rosewood Vets, May 15th

Rosewood Vets, May 15th

Trophy donors: S.Heise & J.Demmery


Winner: E.Wright 45pts

Runner-up: L.Hayne 42pts

Rundown to 32pts.


2/ 2nd shot, L.Hayne 2cm

9/ 2nd shot, J.Hunter 31cm

11/ V.Gibbons 409cm

15/ 2nd shot, G.O’Connor in hole

Approach No.14: G.O’Connor 29cm 3rd shot.  


Winner: A.Brown 35pts

Runner-up: S.Morgan 34pts

Rundown to 33pts.

NTP’s: all 2nd shot.

2/ P.Brown 48cm

9/  S.Goodbun 286cm

11/ A.Aruguman in hole

15/ S.Morgan 417cm

Approach No.14: P.Brown 26cm 4th shot. 

Next Game: 12th June, 8:30 am. All veteran golfers welcome

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