November, 2017

November, 2017

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Winner :  C.Bath & B. Thoms 75/ 62.5
R/up :  W.Johnston & L.Smith 72/63
Run Down To 64/3/4

No2. Men: W.Draheim 328 cms   Ladies:  L.isa Smith 1000cms

No9: Men: Voller 244cms              Ladies: Jill Smith 41 cms
No11: Men: W.Hill 187 cms            Ladies: Nil
No15: Men: W.Hill 237 cms           Ladies: Nil

Approach  Men: No12  Ladies:No12
Saturday 4/12/2017 Monthy mug

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Lions Club Day


Winner:  R Lee 40 pts

R/Up:  J Hooper 38 pts


Winner:  E Nelson 34 pts

R/Up:  M Gibson 24 pts

Pin Shots:


No 2:  L Hayne 268 cm

No 9:  D Hastie 752 cm

No 11:  D Mallett 179 cm

No 15:  0-18:  R Lee 710 cm

19-36:  D Butterfield 83 cm

Pin Shots:


No 2:  Nil,  No 9:  Nil,  No 11:  Nil

No 15:  E Nelson 74 cm


No 6:  Men:  Nil

No 6:  Ladies:  E Nelson 32 cm

Bradman Award:  J Smith

Rosewood Open 11, November 2017    

  MDGA Order of merit event

Best Gross: A Barry 72-69
Winner Men’s Div 1: D Mallett   74-64          Runner/Up A Barry 72-69 ocb
Winner Men’s Div 2: D Hastie 87-64             Runner/Up  W Allan 91-71
Winner Ladies: J Smith 99-75 ocb                  Runner/Up M Gibson 99-75
Run Down To  71

Pin Shots:
No2: Men: A Huntley     390 cm                       Ladies: Nil
No9: Men: K Robertson 22cm                          Ladies 2nd shot: Nil
No11: Men: M Frohmuller 158 cm                   Ladies Nil
No15: Men (0-18): D .Hollands 108cm           Men: (19-36): M Voller in hole
Ladies: K Frohmuller 158cm
Approach:  Men: No12  A Barry 84cm           Ladies: No12 M Gibson 168 cm


Monthly Mug 4 November 2017    

Sponsored by the Rosewood Golf Club
Winners:  Mens Div 1: M Clem 83/66 ocb

                      Runner /Up: Wojcicki81/66-
Ladies:  J Smith 97/73
Mens Div 2: R Boughen 86/66

                      Runner /Up:- K Hanly 88/67
Ladies  E Nelson 86/77
Run Down To 70

Pin Shots:

No2: Men: C.Bath 326cm                          Ladies: A.Finch 771cm
Men: M.Augustine 394cm               Ladies: E.Nelson 20cm 2nd shot
No11: Men: P Ross 478 cm
No15: (0-18) Men: D Russell 98 cm        Men: (19-36) D Hastie 8cm

No.15: Ladies: E Nelson 54 cm
Approach  Men: No6: S.Voller 177cm       Ladies: No.6: A.Finch 239cm

Mug Of Mug Winners:

Division 1: M Clem 83/66

Division 2: J Wojcicki 92/68 Ladies J Smith 97/73
Best Gross: A Barry 74
Mr. Putter: A Barry 25
Mrs. Putter: J.Smith 29
NEXT WEEK  Rosewood Open  M.D.G.A. Event All Welcome

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