APRIL 2015

APRIL 2015

Tuesday 28/4/15
Ladies Results
Rosewood v’s Ipswich Ladies, Single Stab
Rosewood 338pts & Ipswich 307pts.
                                        Rosewood                  Ipswich
Winners:                        J.Cook 39pts              P.Rogers 35pts
1st Runners-up:           E.Nelson 36pts           P.Lane 34pts
2nd Runners-up:          R.Wass 35pts             W.Scott 32pts ocb
3rd Runners-up:           S.Heise 34pts ocb     A.Brown 32pts
B.RD: J.Heath, S.Morgan, D.Stanford, A.Smyly, S.Roderick & B.Wellings.
No2: P.Rogers 2nd shot 4cm
No9: R.Wass 2nd shot 5cm
No11: J.Cook 1st shot 427cm
No15: S.Erith 2nd shot 327cm
Most use of course: Rosewood-I.Duggan, Ipswich- J.Wilson
5/5/15 Monthly Medal. Start of Championships.

Saturday 25/4/15
4.B.B.B.Stab, Sponsored by E-Service personnel, Field 86.
Winners J.Soppa & A.Browning 52 pts.
1st R/Up D.Green & N.Green 50pts.
2nd R/Up B.Butterfield & W.Allan 47 pts.
Approach: 4th Div1. no one. Div2. M.Brown 366 cms. Ladies Div1 E.Nelson 215 cms, Div2.J.Browning 806 cms.
Approach 14th. Div1. M.Augustine 510 cms, Div2. J.Wojcicki 27cms. Ladies Div1. J.Heath 810 cms, Div2.no one.
N.T.P Men. No2. J.Morris 127 cms Div2 J.Buckley 64 cms.
No9. P.Ross 107 cms, Div2 D.Butterfielld in hole.
No11. A.Timperley 520cms.
No15. Div1 W.Johnston 51 cms. Div2 W.Allan.
N.T.P. Ladies
No2. E.Nelson 8cms, J.Browning 221cms
No9. A.Finch 70 cms, J.Browning 309cms.
No11. E.Nelson 1579 cms, S.Heise 406 cms.
No15. J.llewellyn 40 cms, S.Heise 81 cms.
Most use of course G.Morris S.Morgan 31pts. R/UP P.Johnston J.Smith ocb 34.
Ball R/down to 41 ocb

Tuesday 21/4/15
Ladies Results, Russian Roulette
Winners: S.Heise & A.Finch 46pts.
Runners-up: G.Morris & R.Wass 44pts ocb.
No2: B.Mack 128cm 2nd shot.
No11: B.Mack 10 mtrs 1st shot.
No15: E.Nelson 202cm 2nd shot.
28/4/15 Single Stab Competition With Ipswich Ladies at Rosewood

Saturday 18/4/15
Event 4 ball Mixed Stroke C’ships & S/Stroke, 80 players
Winners: C’ships E.Nelson & M.Clem 62nett, Runner-up o.c.b. L.Smith & W.Johnston 65nett
S/Stroke winners: Div1 D.Hartman 82/66, Div2 W.Hill 89/64
Runner-up: Div1 D.Wojcicki 83/67, Div2 G.Noble 93/68 o.c.b.
Rundown to 72nett
No2: W.Hill 349cm, Ladies L.Smith 32cm
No9: 0-18 D.Mallett 290cm, 19-36 R.Winrow 2nd shot 8cm, Ladies A.Finch 174cm
No11: P.Kuhn, Ladies L.Smith 346cm
No15: D.Hartman 680cm, Ladies J.Browning 473cm
Approach: No3 J.Soppa 2nd shot 129cm, Ladies E.Nelson 3rd shot 700cm
25thApril ANZAC DAY 4BBBstab

Tuesday 14/4/15
Ladies Results 14/4/15
Mixed Foursomes
Winners: S.Morgan & L.Hayne 84/631/2
Runners-up: P.Brown & T.Maroske 91/68
B.R.D: S.Erith & W.Gordon , S.Heise & D.Macklin , L & D. Sheraton.
No2: S.Heise & D.Macklin 103cm 2nd shot.
No9: S.Morgan & L.Hayne 79cm 2nd shot.
No15: B & B.Mack 31cm 2nd shot.
21/4/15 Russian Roulette

Monday 13/4/15
Rosewood Vets, Single Stab, 58 players
Winners: L.Hayne 40pts, Ladies J.Heath 36pts
Runnersup: B.Carter 39pts o.c.b. Ladies S.Heise 34pts
Rundown: Mens 36pts, Ladies 30pts
No2 A.Riedel 2nd shot in hole, Ladies D.Johnson 162cm
No9 L.Smith 1mm, Ladies S.Heise 2nd shot 262cm
No11 J.Hunter 350cm,
No15 L.Hayne 2nd shot in hole, Ladies A.Brown 257cm
Approach No1 B.Carter 3rd shot 122cm, Ladies D.Johnson 4th shot in hole
Next game 11th May 2015 8.30am start. All veteran golfers welcome.

Saturday 11/4/15.
Single Stroke, Monthly mug.
Ladies winner: E.Nelson 83/73. R/Up L.Smith 98/74.
Ladies ball r/down to 78.
Men Winner Div1: K.Hopper 82/66, R/Up.O.Schmidt 82/69.
Winner Div2: J.Smith 96/68, R/Up B.Taylor 104/69.
Men Ball r/down to 73.
Mr putter R.Graham 24 putts. Mrs putter E.Nelson.26.
No9. D.Hollands 509 cms, J.Demmery 42cms 2nd shot, A.Finch 24cms 2nd shot.
No11. I.Longworth 210.cms.
No15. E.Nelson 131cms, M.Clem 121 cms. S.Heise 821.2nd shot.
Approach No5. Ladies L.Sheraton 131 cms, Men G.Maxwell 441cms.
Saturday 18/4/15 Mixed 4 ball Stroke Championships, Single stroke for overflow players.

Tuesday 7/4/15
Rosewood Golf Club Ladies Results
Monthly Medal
Winners : Div. 1 E. Nelson 84/73 Div. 2 S. Heise OCB 114/87
Runners-up: Div 1 A. Finch 99/83 Div. 2 D. Stanford 116/87
Ball Rundown: D. Stanley, R. Wass, P. Brown, L. Sheraton
N. T. P.
No.2 J. Cook 151cm
No.9 E. Nelson 18cm.
No.11 L. Sheraton 827 cm
No.15 E. Nelson 55 cm
Mrs putter : E. Nelson, D. Stanford 27
Next game 14/4/15 Mixed foursomes

Saturday 4/4/15
Single Stab.
Winner: D.Hollands 38pts o.c.b.
R/Up: W.Johnston 38
Ball r/down: 34pts.
No11. T.Avenell 275 cms.
No15. A.Timperly 885 cms.
Approach: D.Routh 157 cms.
Saturday 11th single stroke monthly mug

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