May 2015

May 2015

Saturday 30/5/15
Single stroke.Final Round Championships, Field 84
Div (1) Winner D.Topping 75/67, R/U J.Collins 81/71.
Div (2) Winner. S.Voller 87/68.R/up o.c.b. B.Sheraton 97/69
Ladies Winner: J.Heath 94/72, R/up L.Smith 97/74
Ball r/down Men.72, Ladies 76
No2. G.NOBLE 148 cms, E.Nelson 11 cms.
No9. E.Wright 2nd shot in hole, M.Woodrow 22cms.
No11. J.Thornton 213 cms, A.Finch 286 cms.
No15. D.Butterfield 265cms, S.Heise 622 cms.
Approach No5. D.Topping 147cms, E.Nelson 4th 43 cms
Championship winners.
(A) Grade Gross, M.Newman 310.
(A) Grade Nett, J.Colllins 292.
(B) Grade Gross, D.Hollands 354 won on play off
(B) Grade Nett, (B) W.Johnston 288.
(C) Grade Gross, C.Payne 364.
(C) Grade Nett, J.Buckley 290
Ladies Div 1, E.Nelson 340 Gross, Nett A.Finch 314.
Ladies Div 2. J.Heath 386, Nett L.Smith 295.
Juniors winner. A.Browning 398 gross, Nett winner C.Wilson 294
Over 70.Winner. A.Window 297 nett
Saturday 6/6/15 Single stroke Monthly Mug.

Tuesday 25/5/15
Ladies Results 4th round Championships and single stab.
Winners: Div 1: E.Nelson 34pts, Div 2: D.Smith 34pts
Runners-up: Div 1: A.Finch 34pts, Div 2: S.Heise 33pts.
B.R.D: S.Erith, G.Morris, B.Mack & J.Browning.
No2: E.Nelson 33cm 2nd shot.
No9: Mrs Skinner.
No11: J.Heath 700cm 2nd shot.
No15: E.Nelson 19cm 2nd shot.
2/6/15 Monthly Medal
9/6/15 Mixed Day 4BALL Agg. Stab Sponsors by David Pahlke

Saturday 23/5/15.
Single Stroke, 3rd Round championships.
Mens Div 1. J.Collins 78/65, R/up J.Soppa 83/70, Div2. J.Buckley 83/63, R/Up.A.Huntley 91/68.
Ladies Winner L.Smith 95/72, R/up J.Soppa 107/75 o.c.b.
No2. S.Voller 341 cms, Lisa Smith in hole.
No9. J.Osborne 850 cms. C.Payne 24 cms 2nd shot, E Nelson 172 cms 2nd shot.
No11. E. Nelson, C.Wilson 489cms.
No15. D.Green 1179 cms, J.Browning 348 cms.
Approach. Ladies E.Nelson 800 cms.
Ball r/down Men.73. ladies.76.
30/5/15 Final rnd Championships.

Tuesday 19/5/15
Ladies Results, Single Stab.
Winners: Div 1: R.Wass 35pts, Div 2: P.Brown 38pts
Runners-up: Div 1: E.Nelson 33pts, Div 2: S.Erith 35pts
B.R.D: L.Sheraton, S.Morgan, S.Heise & J.Browning.
No2: M.Boonstoppel 49cm 2nd shot.
No9: A.Finch 52cm 2nd shot.
No11: R.Wass 697cm 1st shot.
No15: B.Bugden 1900cn 2nd shot.
26/5/15 Single Stab & 4th Rnd Championships.

Saturday 16/5/15
Single Stroke
Winners:- Men Div.1: D.Hollands 78/65, Div.2: C.Wilson 96/67 ocb, Ladies: J.Heath 93/71
R/Up:- Men Div.1: M.Newman 76/69, Div.2: A.Huntley 91/67, Ladies: E.Nelson 83/74 ocb
Rundown Men: 73, Ladies: ?
No.2 D.Hartman 222cms, Ladies: G.Morris 29cms
No.9 J.Collins 81cms, 2nd shot K.Davey in hole, Ladies: E.Nelson 50cms
No.11 D.Green 205cms, Ladies: E.Nelson 10mtrs
No.15 M.Voller 361cms, Ladies: No-One
Approach No.12 Men: T.Avenell 121cms, Ladies: E.Nelson 30cms

Tuesday 12/5/15
Ladies Results, Single Stab.
Winners: Div1. G.Morris 36pts, Div2. J.Browning 36pts
Runners-up: Div1. E.Nelson 34pts, Div2. S.Erith 34pts
B.R.D: J.Cook, D.Stanley, B.Bugden & B.Mack.
No2: B.Bugden 37cm 2nd shot.
No9: M.Boonstoppel 132cm 2nd shot.
No11: R.Wass 228cm. Winning the Eagles Nest.
No15: S.Morgan 50cm 2nd shot.
19/5/15 3rd round of the Championships and Single Stab

Monday 11/5/15
Rosewood Vets, S/Stableford, 40players Trophy, Donors D.Stanford & M.Boonstoppel
Winners Mens: P.Moran 38pts, Ladies: J.Heath 35pts
Runnersup Mens: J.Osborne 36pts: Ladies: A.Brown 33pts
Rundown Mens to 31pts, Ladies to 30pts
No2: J.J.Mills 61cm, Ladies L.Hunter 129cm
No9: D.Sheraton 54cm, Ladies A.Brown 237cm
No11: J.Demmery 333cm, Ladies A.Brown 388cm
No15: J.Demmery 15cm, Ladies D.Smith 231cm
Approach No 3: Men No One, Ladies F.Parnell 190cm
Next game Monday 15th June,2015. 8.30am Start.

Saturday 9/5/15
Monthly Mug & 1st Rnd Club Championships, 86Players
Winners: Mens Div1. M.Newman 74/67, Div2. J.Buckley 90/70 o.c.b. Ladies. S.Heise 101/74
Runnersup: Div1. W.Johnston 86/69, Div2. V.Gibbons 96/70, Ladies. J.Heath 98/75 o.c.b.
Rundown: Mens to 74 nett, Ladies 78Nett
No2. Mens R.Hunter 126cm, Ladies S.Heise 2nd shot in hole
No9. 0-18 G.Maxwell 274cm, 19-36 J.Demmery 2nd shot 63cm, Ladies G.Morris 2nd shot 109cm
No11. Mens J.Thornton 476cm, Ladies S.Morgan 416cm
No15. Mens M.Newman 150cm, Ladies S.Heise 2nd shot 878cm
Approaches: No6 Mens M.Newman 2nd shot 180cm, Ladies E.Nelson 3rd shot 45cm
Best Gross: M.Newman
Best Putters. Men P.Voller, J.Young and R.Pflugrath 28, Ladies E.Nelson 27
May 16th Single Stroke and 2nd rnd Club Championships

Tuesday 5/5/15
Ladies Results 5/5/15
Monthly Medal & 1st Round Championships.
Div 1: J.Heath 102/78, Div 2: J.Browning 104/75
Runners-up: Div 1: M.Gibson 103/79, Div 2: S.Erith 109/79
B.R.D: E.Nelson, P.Brown, G.Swan, G.Morris & D.Stanford.
No2: P.Brown 253cm 2nd shot
No9: E.Nelson 233cm 2nd shot
No15: S.Erith 171cm 2nd shot
Mrs Putter: M.Boonstoppel 26Putts
Saturday 9/5/15 Monthly Mug & 1st round of Championships.
12/5/15 2nd round Championships & Single Stab.

Saturday 2/5/15.
Monthly Mug – ***Cancelled due to rain***
Transferred to Saturday 9/5/15 along with 1st round club championships.

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