June 2015

June 2015

Tuesday 30/6/15
Ladies Results
Winners: R. Wass 97/75
Runner-up: M. Boonstoppel 96/77.
B.R.D: L.Sheraton, D. Norris, S. Morgan.
No2: S. Erith 88CM 2nd shot.
No9: J. Cook 292cm 2nd shot.
No11: A. Finch 757cm 1st shot.
No15: M. Boonstoppel 83cm 2nd shot.
7/07/2015 Monthly Medal.

Saturday 27/6/15.
Single Stab.
Div 1. D.Wojcicki 40 pts, R/Up J.Soppa 39 pts.
Div 2. A.Huntley 44 pts.R/U.R.Winrow 39 ocb Mens ball r/down to 38
Ladies. L.Sheraton 33 pts.R/Up M.Gibson 31.ball r/down to 28.
No2: P.Solomon 396 cms, L.Sheraton 326 2nd shopt.
No9: D.Green 95cms, D.Butterfield 67 cms 2nd shot, E.Nelson 95 cms.
No11: P.Robb 245 cms, M.Gibson 1210.
No15: D.Butterfield 345 cms.
Aproach: R.Hunter 932 cms, Ladies G.Morris 298 cms.
Ladies Handicap match play final G.Morris def E.nelson.
Saturday 4/7/15 Monthly mug Single stroke.

Tuesday 23/6/15
Ladies Open Day
Div 1: A.Finch 36pts, Div 2: S.Littlejohns 39pts, Div 3: D.Stanford 37pts ocb.
Div 1: R.Williams 33pts ocb, Div 2: J.Sippel 37pts, Div 3: S.Treadgold 37pts.
B.R.D to 31pts.
No 2: D.Gould 594cm 1st shot (Div 1).
No 9: D.Stanley 101cm 2nd shot (Div 2).
No 11: D.Stanford 29cm 1st shot (All in).
No 15: G.Geldard 214cm 2nd shot (Div 3).
Accuracy Drive No 6: M.Gamble.
Last week 27 hole Foursomes Championships Gross Winners were R.Wass & E.Nelson 140.
Nett Winners were M.Gibson & G.Morris 110 3/4.
30/6/15 Single stroke.

Saturday 20/6/15.
Single Stab.Field 72.
Winner Div 1. M.Newman 40 pts.o.c.b. R/Up. P.Solomon 40 pts.
Winner Div 2. B.Taylor 40pts. R/Up D.Butterfield 38 pts.
Ladies winner. J.Heath 35 pts. R/Up M.Gibson 30 pts.
Ball r/down. Men 35, Ladies 27.
Approach No 12. R.Graham 664 cms. Ladies J.Heath 159 cms.
No2. D.Hollands 250 cms, E.Nelson 34 cms 2nd shot.
No9. L.Cameron.244cms, J.Hunter 121 cms 2nd shot, E.Nelson 286 2nd shot.
No11. P.Gibson 493 cms, G.Morris 593 cms.
No15. T.Maroske 140 cms, M.Gibson 2nd shot.

Tuesday 16/6/15
Ladies Results
27 Hole Foursomes Championships.
Winners: M.Gibson & G.Morris 146-110 3/4
Runners-up: A.Finch & J.Browning 148-114 1/4
B.R.D: S.Heise & B.Mack, E.Nelson & R.Wass
No2: B.Bugden & P.Brown 40cm 2nd shot
No9: M.Boonstoppel & J.Heath 134cm 2nd shot
No11 : E.Nelson & R.Wass 14cm 2nd shot
No15: M.Boonstoppel & J.Heath 202cm 2nd shot
23/6/2015 Ladies Open Day Single Stab. 8:30 start.

Monday 15/6/15
Rosewood Vets, Single Stab
Trophy Donors D.Smith & J.&L.Hunter 45Players
Winners: K.Davey 42pts, Ladies D.Johnson 34pts
Runnersup: R.Winrow 38pts o.c.b. Ladies A.Brown 34pts
Rundown: Mens to 34pts, Ladies to 33pts
No2: J.Hafner 2nd shot 55cm, Ladies M.Boonstoppel 2nd shot 9cm
No9: B.Carter 2nd shot 15cm, Ladies A.Brown 2nd shot 24cm
No11: R.Winrow 115cm, Ladies J.Heath 744cm
No15: K.Davey 2nd shot 49cm, Ladies M.Boonstoppel 2nd shot 62cm
Approaches: No 17 R.Newham 3rd shot 28cm, Ladies S.Heise 4th shot in hole
Next Game 13th July. All veteran golfers welcome

Saturday 13/6/15
Single Stab.
Winner P.Johnston 43 pts
R/Up K.Davey 42 pts, Ball r/down to 37 pts.
No2: T.Stanford 615 cms, Jill Soppa 32 cms.
No9: G.Maxwell 560 cms, B.Sheraton in hole 2nd shot, E.Nelson 24 cms.
No11: M.Clem 506 cms, J.Smith 475 cms.
No15: V.Gibbons.
Approach No3: T.Maroske 399 cms, L.Smith 21 cms

Tuesday 9/6/15
Ladies Results, 4Ball Agg. Stab.
Sponsor: David Pahkle
Winners: J&S Browning 78pts
Runners-up: P.Brown & D.Macklin 73pts
B.R.D: A.Finch & L.Hayne 69pts, J.Heath & V.Gibbons 68 pts & D.Norris & F.Akes 68pts.
No 2: D.Sheraton & S.Erith 476cm
No 9: D.Macklin & P.Brown 296cm
No 11: D.Sheraton & S.Erith 263cm
No 15: M.Clem & E.Nelson 476cm
Most use of the course:
B.Bugden & M.Gerasin.
16/6/2015 27 Hole Foursomes Championships

Saturday 6/6/15
Single Stroke Monthly Mug & Putting
Winners: Div1 D.Russell 78/65, Div2 A.Window 91/67, Ladies S.Heise 95/68
Runnersup: Div1 P.Ross 82/66, Div2 T.Brown o.c.b. 104/69, Ladies G.Morris 96/74
Rundown: Mens to 71, Ladies to 77 nett
No2: T.Avenell 390cm, Ladies A.Finch 95cm
No9: 0-18 R.Hunter 167cm, 19-36 T.Brown 2nd shot 28cm, Ladies L.Smith 2nd shot 16cm
No11: J.Hunter 207cm, Ladies D.Stanford 1000cm
No15: T.Avenell 275cm
Approach: No16 P.Robb 578cm, Ladies E.Nelson 408cm
Best Gross: T.Weigand 73
Mr.Putter: T.Stanford 26
Mrs Putter: S.Heise 28

Tuesday 2/6/15
Ladies Monthly Medal
Div 1: G.Morris 91/69
Div 2: P.Brown 97/71
Div 1: E.Nelson 84/75
Div 2: D.Norris 104/76
B.R.D: A.Finch, S.Heise, M.Gibson, M.Boonstoopel & B.Mack
No 2: D.Stanford 53cm 2nd shot
No 9: G.Morris 70cm 2nd shot
No 11: E.Nelson 320cm 1st shot
No 15: E.Nelson 99cm 2nd shot.

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