August 2015

August 2015

Saturday 29/8/15
27 Hole Foursomes, Field 71
Gross Winners: A.Bailey, A.Finch 121
Net Winners: P.Gibson, M.Gibson 101
S/Stab:- Winner: A.Timperley 39pts ocb, R/Up: M.Dance 39pts
No.2: R.Graham 442cms
No.9: 0-18 P.Gibson 356cms, 19-36 J.Wojicicki 236cms 2nd shot, Ladies M.Gibson 12cm 2nd shot
No.11: J.Hunter 191cms
No.15: J.Wojcicki 191cm, Ladies: J.Browning 98cm
Approach No.12: D.Green 194cm, Ladies: M.Gibson 167cm

Tuesday 25/8/15
Ladies Results, Texas Four Ball Breast Cancer Day.
Winners: L&D Sheraton. M.Boonstoopel&B.Sheraton 169pts.
1st Runners-up: S.Morgan , B.Bugden , L.Hayne & C.Stevenson 165pts.
2nd Runners-up: D.Stanford , A & R Newham & B.Hutton. 160pts.
B.R.D: S &T Goodbun , M.Gibson & P.Gibson , B &B Mack , S.Erith & K.Matzke.
N.T.P:           Ladies                                           Men
No 2: L.Sheraton 2nd in the hole.      W.Johnston 2nd in the hole.
No 9: M.Gibson 2nd shot 37cm.         P.Gibson 2nd shot 30cm.
No 11: J.Heath 1st shot 448cm.          J.Hunter 1st shot 524 cm.
No 15: B.Bugden 2nd in the hole.       L.Hayne 2nd shot in the hole.
Accuracy Drive No 6: Ladies: S.Erith, Men: J.Hunter.
Most use of the course: C.Innes , D.Smith , I.Duggan & J.Scroxton.
Lucky Card Draw: G.Morris , J.Browning , M & J Middap.
1/9/15 Monthly Medal. 8:00am Start.

Saturday 22/8/15.
Single Stab. Lions charity day.
Winner Div 1. R. Johnson 41, R/up A. Timperley 39.
Winner Div 2. K. Hanly 47, R/up A. Huntley 41 o.c.b.
Winner Ladies. S. Goodbun 38 o.c.b. R/UP M. Gibson 38.
N0 2. C. Bath 193 cms, J. Smith in hole 2nd shot.
No 9. A. Bailey, J. Ellamans 2cms 2nd shot, G. Morris 117 cms 2nd shot
No 11. R. Johnson 413 cms, L. Smith 317 cms
No 15. D. Butterfield 465 cms, S. Heise 520 cms 2nd shot.
Approach No 6. Men.R.Johnson, Ladies.E.Nelson 188 cms.
Ball r/down Men 38, Ladies.37.
Saturday 29th Mixed foursomes championships and Single Stab for other players.

Tuesday 18/8/15
Ladies Results, 4BBB Stroke Championships.
Winners: G.Morris & B.Bugden 62nett.
Runners-up: J.Cook & D.Stanford 65nett.
B.R.D: E.Nelson & R.Wass
No 2: D.Smith 327cm 2nd shot.
No 9: G.Morris 2nd shot in the hole.
No 11: A.Finch 265cm 1st shot & eagles nest.
No 15: G.Morris 46cm 2nd shot.
25/8/15 Breast Cancer Day Texas Fourball. Mixed Day All Welcome 8:30 Shotgun Start

Saturday 15/8/15.
Single Stab and Finals 4 ball match play.
Winner Finals Mens & Ladies M/play Men. M.Clem & J.Young. Ladies M/play.M.Gibson & M.Woodrow.
Winner Div 1. J.Collins 42 pts, R/Up D.Russell 40 pts.
Winner Div 2. J.Ellamans 41pts, R/Up R.Newham 40 ocb.
Ladies Winner. A.Newham 34 pts, R/Up Jill Soppa 31 pts o.c.b.
Ball r/down Ladies 31, Men 38.
No 2: D.Russell 63 cms, G.Morris 42 cms 2nd shot.
No 9: J.Young 223cms, K.Davey in hole 2nd shot, L.Sheraton 163 cms 2nd shot
No 11: S.Volller 360 cms, Jill Soppa 154 cms.
No 15: A.Timperley 112 cms.
Approach No 6: Men.J.Collins 137 cms, Ladies.E.Nelson 78 cms.
Saturday 22/8/15.Lions charity day $15.00.Per player

Tuesday 11/8/15
Ladies Results, Single Stab.
Winner Div 1: G.Morris 36pts. Runner-up: L.Sheraton 33pts.
Winner Div 2: B.Mack 37pts. Runner_up: D.Smith 36pts.
B.R.D: S.Heise, S.Morgan, J.Cook, M.Boonstopple.
No 2: M.Boonstopple 36cm 2nd shot.
No 9: J.Cook 149 cm 2nd shot.
No 11: E.Nelson 1830cm 1st shot
No 15: A.Finch 81 cm 2nd shot.
Winners of 4 Ball Matchplay: R.Wass & E.Nelson.
18/8/18 4 BBB Stroke Championships.
25/8/15 Breast Cancer Day Mixed Day Texas Fourball 8:30 shotgun start.

Monday 10/8/15
Results Rosewood Vets, Sponsors J.Heath & P.Brown. 50 players.
Winners Men: B.Carter 43pts, Ladies: S.Morgan 37pts.
Runners-up Men: B.Sheraton 37pts, Ladies: D.Johnson 35pts ocb.
B.R.D Mens to 35pts. Ladies to 30pts.
N.T.P: MEN Ladies
No 2:  Men L.Hayne 2nd shot in the hole, Ladies J.Cook 2nd shot in the hole.
No 9: Men J.Demmery 2nd shot in the hole, Ladies A.Finch 2nd shot 64cm.
No 11: Men J.Buckley 1st shot 644cm, Ladies A.Finch 1st shot 654cm.
No 15: Men J.Demmery 2nd shot in the hole, Ladies S.Goodbun 2nd shot 122cm.
Approaches: No 1: Men : C.Payne 3rd shot 70cm, Ladies: A.Finch 4th shot 1cm.
Next Veteran Game 7/9/15. Sponsors : S.Erith & J.Stanford.
All Veterans Welcome.

Saturday 8/8/2015.
Single stab.
Winner Div 1.A.Bailey 42 pts, R/Up D.Hartman 41 ocb.
Winner Div 2.P.Johnston 40 ocb, R/Up.J.Middap 40
Ladies winner L.Smith.
Ball r/down men 37
No 2. D. Wojcicki 800 cm, Ladies L.Sheraton 40 cm 2nd shot.
No 9. R.Graham 443 cm, Ladies M.Gibson 22 cm 2nd shot.
No 11. D.Hartman 217 cm, Ladies M. Boonstoppel 110 cm.
No 15. D. Butterfield 325 cm.
Approach. Men.E.Wright 213 cm, Ladies S.Morgan 160 cm.
Saturday 15th Single stab
Saturday 22nd Lions charity day $15.00 per player

Saturday 1/8/15
Monthly Mug S/Stroke, 77 Players
Winners: Mens Div 1 A.Bailey 72/65, Mens Div 2 B.Johnston 97/64
Ladies: J.Smith 93/70 o.c.b.
Runners Up: Mens Div 1 R.Hunter 86/70 ocb, Mens Div 2 M.Brown 87/67
Ladies: L.Sheraton 95/70
Rundown: Mens 72, Ladies: 76
No 2. Mens J.Young 320cm, Ladies M.Gibson 278cm 2nd shot
No 9. Mens 0-18 M.Augustine 317cm, 19-36 K.McGuire 72cm 2nd shot
No 11. Mens D.Green 471cms, Ladies: G.Morris 84cms
No 15. Mens K.Hanly 339cms, Ladies: J.Soppa 176cms 2nd shot
Approaches: No 14 Men P.Gibson 171cms, Ladies G.Morris 198cms
Best Gross: A.Bailey 72
Mr Putter: S.Browning 25, Mrs Putter: A.Finch 25

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