November 2015

November 2015

Saturday 28/11/15
4bbb Stab, 66 Players
Winners:- R.& A.Newham 49pts, Runnersup:-P.Solomon & R.Lee 48pts
B.R.D. to 46 Pts
No 2. D.Russell 169cm, L.Sheraton 157cm
No 9. 0-18 D.Hollands 53cm, 19-36 K.Hanly 2nd shot 21cm, E.Nelson 40cm
No 11. J.Demmery 348cm, E.Nelson 927cm
No 15. F.Akes 171cm
Approaches No 14 M.Clem 2nd shot 656cm, L.Smith 3rd shot 40cm
Next Week Monthly Mug

Saturday 21/11/15
Single Stab, Red Course, 60 players
Winners: Div.1: P.Kuhn 42pts, Div.2: G.Sharpe ocb 40pts, Ladies: H.Gilbert 34pts
R/Up: Div.1:- R.Ellison ocb 41pts, Div.2:- K.McGuire 40pts
Ball Rundown: 38pts
No.2: Men:- A.Timperley 279cms, Ladies:- E.Nelson 420cms,
No.9: Men (0-18):- P.Johnston 568cms, Men(19-36):- K.McGuire 255cms, Ladies:- E.Nelson 115cms
No.11: Men:- C.Innes 68cms, Ladies:- L.Smith 1000cms
No.15: Men:- K.McGuire 1080cms, Ladies:- H.Gilbert 933cms
Approach No.12: Men:- A.Timperley 720cms, Ladies:- J.Heath 797cms
Next game 28/11/15 4BBB Stab. Please arrange own partners.

Tuesday 17/11/2015
Ladies Results, 9 Hole Fun Day
Winner: Liz
Runner-up: Marysha, 2nd Runner-up:Talitha
3rd. Liz in the hole 3rd shot
7th Anne 68cm 4th shot
Best Putter: Liz 17 putts left handed, Worst Putter: Anne 26 putts left handed
Most use of the course: Debbie & Issy.
24/11/2015 Start 9am Presentation, AGM and Christmas Luncheon (11:30AM)

Monday 16/11/15
Rosewood Vets, 56 players. Trophy donors S.Heise, D.Macklin, J.Demmery
Single Stableford
Winners: D.Macklin 41pts, Ladies A.Finch 37pts
Runnersup: D.Hastie 40pts o.c.b. Ladies M.Boonstoppel 35pts
Rundown: Mens to 35pts, Ladies to 31pts
No 2. C.Stevenson 263cm, Ladies J.Cook 2nd shot 29cm
No 9. T.Maroske 2nd shot in hole, Ladies J.Browning 2nd shot 413cm
No 11. J.Hafner 540cm, Ladies S.Erith 379cm
No 15 P.Cook 2nd shot 16cm, Ladies J.Heath 2nd shot in hole
Approaches No 3 D.Macklin 3rd shot in hole, Ladies A.Brown 4th shot in hole
Next game 7th December, 2015 (Christmas). All veteran golfers welcome.

Saturday 14/11/15
2 Person Ambrose, Early birds.
Winners. M.Augustine & J.Ellamans 71/63 3/4, R/Up C.Bath & B.Thoms 78/64/1/4 O.C.B.
Ball r/down to 68.
No 2. R.Johnson 210 cms, E.Nelson 173 cms 2nd shot.
No 9. M.Augustine 210 cms, G.Gibson 32 cms 2nd shot, E.Nelson 173 cms 2nd shot.
No 11. P.Voller 341 cms, L.Smith 255.cms.
Approach No 6. Men J.Piccini 38 cms, Ladies J.Heath 67 cms.
Next Saturday 21/11/15.
Single Stab Men & ladies off red markers.
Saturday 28/11/15/ 4BBB Stab.
Rosewood golf club cent auction 28/11/15 from 7 p.m. All welcome

Tuesday 10/11/15
Ladies Results, Hackers Day, Ambrose
Winners: Shirley & Michaela 35 1/2
B.R.D: Daphne & Donna 36
No 2: Shirley & Michaela 2nd shot 81cm
No 9: Ruth & Janelle 2nd shot 18cm
17/11/2015 Fun Day 8am start.

Saturday 7/11/15
Single stroke Monthly Mug.
Winner Div 1. T.Stanford 78/68, Runner Up.A. Timperley 77/69
Winner Div 2. J.Wojcicki 101/69, Runner Up W.Allan 93/71
Ladies Winner. S.Heise 102/76 o.c.b, Runner Up L.Smith 98/76.
No 2. T.Stanford 106 cms, E.Nelson 23cms.
No 9. G.Maxwell 374 cms, D.Hastie 78 cms 2nd shot, E.Nelson 28 cms 2nd shot.
No 11. T.Stanford 144 cms.
No 15. D.Hastie 377cms.
Aproach.No 6. G.Maxwell 47 cms, L.Smith 253
Best gross. A.Timperley 77nett.
Ball Run Down. Ladies 79, Men ???
Mr Putter. P.Gibson 25, Mrs Putter H.Gilbert 30.
Men Mug of Mug winner Div 1. P.Solomon 83/7, Div 2. C.Innes 93/72. Ladies mug of mug winner S. Hiese 102/76.
Saturday 14th 2 Person Ambrose.
Saturday 21st Single stab Men & ladies will be hitting of red markers.

Tuesday 3/11/15
Ladies Results, Texas FourBall Mixed Day.
Winners: J & W Browning, S.Browning & M.Brown.
Runners-up: J.Cook, J.Heath, V.Gibbons & B.Johnstone.
B.R.D: R & A. Newham, M.Boonstoppe , & L.Johns;
B.Bugden, J&H Gilbert & R.Ellison.
No 2:  J.Baulch 26cm, P.Johnston in the hole.
No 9: J.Browning in the hole,  S.Browning in the hole.
No 11: C.Vandaalen, F.Akes 500cm.
No 15: J.Soppa 4cm, J.Demmery 40cm.
No 6: Funny Line, H.Gilbert,  F.Akes
No 12: Approach, J.Browning, W.Johnston
Longest Drive:
Div 1: L.Smith, R.Ellison
Div 2: J.Browning, M.Brown
Div 3: L.Hook,  B.Johnstone
Most Use Of The Course: D.Bourne, D.Smith, L.Hunter&amp, K.McGuire.
10/11/2015 Hackers Day Start 9:00am.

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