October, 2021

October, 2021

Open Matchplay winner :-
D Green

Single Stableford:
Winner:- W Johnston 38pts   Ladies:- L Johnston 31pts (OCB)
Runner up:- B Sheraton 37pts   Ladies:- C McKenzie  31pts
Ball rundown men to 34pts 
Ball rundown ladies to 30pts
NTP No2 Ladies:- C Mckenzie 51cm
No 9 (0-18):- W Johnston 345cm  (19+) D Hartman 155cm 
No 11:- W Johnston 171cm  Ladies:- E Nelson 199cm
No 15:- R Robertson 812cm  Ladies:- E Nelson 32cm
Approach No 10:- T Brown 120cm  Ladies:- C Mckenzie 9m


Single Stableford:
Winner:- S Browning 38pts   Ladies:- M Gibson 32pts (OCB)
Runner up:- A Timperley 35pts  Ladies:- C McKenzie 32pts
3rd Round – Members’ Open Matchplay :-

D Russell def M Clem 6-5, D Green def D Wojcicki 4-3
Ball rundown men to 33pts
Ball rundown ladies to 30pts


No 2:- R Hunter 244cm  Ladies:- E Nelson  in hole (2nd shot)
No 9: (0-18) D Hollands 322cm  (19+) J Hunter 33cm  Ladies:- M Gibson  in hole (2nd shot)
No 11:- L Solomon 519cm  Ladies :- A Finch 421cm
No 15:- R Johnson 348cm  Ladies:- M Gibson 62cm (2nd shot)
Approach No7:-

S Browning 194cm  Ladies:- C McKenzie 155cm

Single Stableford:

Winner:  Men:  S Muggeridge 37 pts, Ladies:  L Johnston 30 pts
R/Up:  Men:  D Hollands 36 pts, Ladies:  M Gibson OCB 26 pts
Run Down:  Men to 31, Ladies to 26
No 2:    Men: 
N Farrell 558 cm, Ladies:  D Pearson 90 cm (2nd shot)
No 9:    Men:  (0-18) D Hollands 81 cm, (19+) V Gibbons 144 cm (2nd shot), Ladies:  L Johnston 191 cm (2nd shot)
No 11:  Men:  D Wojcicki 337 cm
No 15:  Men:  D Green 334 cm, Ladies:  E Nelson 107 cm (2nd shot)
Approach (No 12):  Men:  Mr Nobody, Ladies:  Mrs Nobody
2nd Round Members’ Open Matchplay:
D Russell def T Woodford 1 up (20th hole), M Clem def R Graham, D Wojcicki def T Stanford, D Green def T Brown

Memorial Day in honour of deceased members 4BBB Stableford:
Prizes kindly donated by R Ellison and J Soppa

Winners:- R Graham and M Clem  47pts
Runner up:- A Timperley and R Boughen 45pts (OCB)
Ball rundown to 42pts
NTP No2:- M Soich 328cm  Ladies:- J Hauser 97cm
No9 (0-18) R Farraway 276cm  (19+) J Buckley in hole  Ladies:- S Heise  28cm
No 11:- D Butterfield  159cm  Ladies:- A Finch 1250cm
No 15:- J Demmery 427cm  Ladies:- J Browning 80cm
Approach No5:- J Wojcicki 133cm  Ladies:- E Nelson 45cm



Proceeds to Helping Hands Support Services, Ipswich

Sponsor: Megan Acutt – LJ Hooker

2 Person Ambrose:


1. J Davies & J Morgan 62 nett

2. T Pearce & J Busst 63.5 nett

3. A Broderick & G Taylor 65.25 nett

4. A Penman & W Hawthorne 66.25 nett

Pin Shots:

No 2: P Johnston

No 11: P Johnston

Longest Drive (No 6): K Williamson

Bradman’s: T Johnson & K Hoffman

Lucky Card Draw also took place with more players winning a prize.

Thank you to Megan Acutt – LJ Hooker for sponsorship and thank you to everyone who contributed, volunteered or played in this event for such a worthy Charity. Well done EVERYONE!

Monthly Mug – Single Stroke:

Best Gross:- D Green 80
Winner Div 1:- R Farraway 82/69  Div 2:- J Ellemans 98/72  Ladies:- S Heise 98/74
Runner up Div 1:- T Brown 84/70  Div 2:- K Parker 92/73  Ladies:- L Johnston  95/76
Ball rundown to 74 nett men  Ladies nett 76
NTP No 2:- R Lee 161cm  Ladies:- M Gibson 53cm
No 9 (0-18) :- J Osborne 92cm  (19+):- K Parker 227cm  Ladies:- C Mckenzie 37cm
No 11:- S Noble 477cm   Ladies:- A Finch 1306cm
No 15:- T Moir 516 cm Ladies:- M Gibson 241cm
Approach No 16:- J Wojcicki 85cm  Ladies:- L Johnston 703cm
Mr Putters:- D Butterfield , J Demmery and M Clem 27
Mrs Putter:- L Johnston 29

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