December 2011

December 2011

Single Stableford 31.12.2011
Winner Div 1 F Akes 42pts  R/up M Kinnane 41 pts
Winner Div 2. J Ellamans 44 pts  o c b 
R/down to 37.
Golden Hole winner  J Hunter
N.t.p. 2nd J Hunter 194cms  9th B Sweeting 327cms  11th T Hanly 141cms 15th K Davey 303cms  
App 14th  men K Hanly 170 cms ladies 14th  E Nelson 225cms 

Single Stableford 24.12.2011
Winner Div 1 G. Gibson ocb R/up S. Nonu. 
Winner Div 2 A. Blaine 41 ocb R/up S. Browning 41
Ball Rundown to 36. 
NTP  No 2 M.Clem No 9 M.Kinnane No 11 D.Butterfield No 15 T.Crisp. 
Approaches Men No 12 B.Morgan Ladies  L.Sheraton.

4BBB Stab 17.12.2011
Winners  J Demmery  T Hanly  R/up  T Larkin  L Taylor
Ball R/down  43 on count back
NTP No 2 G Noble 9 B Freeman 2nd shot G Noble ladies 2nd shot J Heath
11 S McCrea ladies E Nelson 15 T Barry ladies E Nelson.
Approaches 5 B Morgan  ladies E Nelson.

 Happy Christmas and a great new year to all our members and our loyal social players.

Monthly Mug  03.12.2011
Div 1 Winner T.Stanford 83/67 Runnerup P.Ross 84/71
Div2 Winner M.Clem 85/66 Runnerup D.Macklin 96/71
Ladies Winner D.Stanford 101/72 Runnerup L.Sheraton 103/75o.c.b.
B.R.D. Mens 74 Ladies 75
No2 M.Newman 211cm
No9 T.Stanford 113cm 2ndshot C.Worth 47cm A.Finch &J.Heath in hole
No11 C.Worth 168cm L.Sheraton 750cm
No15 G.Cahill 620cm J.Heath 78c.m
Approaches No6 P.Cannan 482cm J.Heath 662cm
Mr Putter W.Nowak 23 Mrs Putter J.Heath 29
Best Gross M.Newman 79

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