June, 2020

June, 2020


3rd Round Men’s Single (Handicap) Matchplay:

W Johnston def D Russell 4/3

J Osborne def G Hauser 3/1

P Kuhn def J Piccini 4/3

M Clem def R Graham 4/3

1st Round Ladies Single (Handicap) Matchplay:

J Holloway def D Pearson 3/2

L Johnston def M Boonstoppel 1 up

P Brown def J Browning 6/4

M Gibson def E Nelson 7/5

Single Stableford:

Winner: T Stanford 40 pts

R/Up: K Parker 38 pts

Run Down to 35 pts

Pin Shots:

No 2: Men: J Smith, Ladies: M Gibson (2nd shot)

No 9: Men: (0-18) D Mann, (19-36) W Browning (2nd shot), Ladies: M Gibson (2nd shot)

No 11: Men: J Hunter, Ladies: C McKenzie

No 15: Ladies: M Gibson (2nd shot)

Approach (No 12):

Men: P Toohey, Ladies: P Brown


2nd Round Men’s Single (Handicap) Matchplay:

W Johnston def J Young 5-4

D Russell def J Ellemans 2-1

G Hauser def J Morgan 1 up

J Osborne def J Smith 1 up

J Piccini def S Browning 1 up

P Kuhn def K Parker 4-3

M Clem def M Newman 2 up

R Graham def R Ellison 3-2

Single Stableford:

Winners: Men: P Voller 39 pts, Ladies: E Nelson 35 pts

R/Up: Men: M Voller 36 pts ocb, Ladies: S Heise 32 pts ocb

Run Down: Men to 34, Ladies to 30

Pin Shots:

No 2: Men: J Soppa, Ladies: S Heise (2nd shot)

No 9: Men: (0-18) S Browning, (19-36) W Browning (2nd shot), Ladies: E Nelson (2nd shot)

No 11: Men: S Browning, Ladies: E Nelson

No 15: Men: D Russell, Ladies: L Johnston (2nd shot)

Approach (No 3):

Men: M Newman, Ladies: L Johnston


1st Round Men’s Single (Handicap) Matchplay:

W Johnston def V Gibbons 3-2

Single Stableford:

Winner: Men: R Johnson 36 pts ocb, Ladies: J Browning 36 pts

R/Up: Men: D Hartman 36 pts ocb, Ladies: C McKenzie 35 pts

Run Down: Men to 33 pts, Ladies to 32 pts


Monthly Mug/Single Stroke:

(67 players)

Winners: Men: Div 1: A Barry 71/71, Div 2: B Donald 93/74, Ladies: D Pearson 101/72

R/Up: Men: Div 1: O Schmidt 84/72 ocb, Div 2: K Hanly 94/74 ocb, Ladies: L Johnston 92/73

Run Down: Men to 77 nett, Ladies to 76 nett

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