June 2016

June 2016

Tuesday 29/06/2016
Ladies Open Day
Winner: Div1: P.Dennis 31pts  Div 2: J.Sippel 32pts ocb Div 3: D.Smith 38pts
Runner -up: 1st: A.Finch 29pts J.Marschke 32pts  K.Holmes 31pts
2nd: A.Brown 27pts P.Brown 29pts S.Erith 30pts
3rd: R.VAB 26pts, I.Wallis  28pts, P.Sibly 28pts
B.R.D: D.Norris, M.Gibson, S.Heise, B.Mack, D.Stanford, M.Grant, J.Cook, L.Hooke, A.Rogers & J.Blaney
N.T.P: No 2 : A.Finch 93cm, No 9: Nobody, No 11: J.Cook 381cm, No 15: P.Brown 145cm.
Accuracy Drive Div 1 A.Finch  Div 2 P.Brown Div 3 W.Hatfield
Most Use Of The Course: P.Gibbons

Saturday 25/06/2016
Single stab
Winner div (1) T.Ross 39pts R/up div (1)J.Demmery 38 pts
Winner div (2) S.Noble 37 ocb R/up div (2)B.Thoms 37 pts
Ladies winner. J.Smith 35pts.R/up E.Nelson 31 pts
Ball r/down Men.34 pts.Ladies 28pts
N.T.P.2.D.Hollands 495 cms.A.Newham 70 cms 2nd shot.9.H/C 0/18.G.Maxwell 316 cms.H.C 19/36 B.Butterfield 140 cms 2nd shot.11. P.Solomon 256 cms.E.Nelson 1600cms. 15.J.Heath 144cms 2nd shot.P.Ross 1046 cms Approach14.P.Ross 450 cms.Ladies J.Soppa
9 hole winner J.Wojcick 54/40
5 hole winner D.Emblem 48/11
R/up M.Emblem 51/19
R/down N.Sullivan 45/33

Tuesday  21/06/2016.
Ladies 27 hole Foursomes Championships.
Winners: D.Smith & P.Brown 119nett.
Runners-up: M.Gibson & S.Heise 124nett ocb.
B.R.D: E.Nelson & A.Finch , L.Sheraton & D.Stanford.
No 2: A.Finch 150cm 1st shot. No 9: J.Cook & J.Heath 185cm 2nd shot. No 11: A.Finch & E.Nelson 74cm 2nd shot.
No 15: J.Smith & S.Morgan 357cm.
Gross Winners; E.Nelson & A.Finch 140.

Monday 20/06/2016
Trophy donors D.Smith, J&L Hunter  47players
Winners Mens E.Wright 34pts     Ladies A.Finch 32pts
Runnersup Mens B.Donald 32pts o.c.b.  Ladies S.Morgan 30pts
Rundowns Mens to 28pts   Ladies to 24pts
N.T.P’S No2 P.Cook 2nd shot 52cm    D.Smith 2nd shot 265cm
No9 G.O’Connor 2nd shot 47cm     A.Finch 2nd shot 402cm
No15 F.Akes 2nd shot 96cm    S.Morgan 2nd shot 295cm
Approaches No14  G.O’Connor 3rd shot 160cm   A.Finch 4th shot 34cm

Saturday 18/06/2016
Single stab
Winner div (1) J.Osborne 43 pts R/up div (1) D.Hollands 38 pts o.c.b
Winner div (2) B.Donald 40 pts R/up div (2) S.Noble 39 pts
N.T.P.2.D.Hartman 180 cms. .E.Nelson 9.cms 2nd shot.9. H/c 0/18 no one. H/c
19/36 2nd shot I.Longworth 23 cms. 11.S.Noble 40 cms. M.Gibson 1116 cms.15. J.Collins 267 cms. E.Nelson 251 cms
Approach (7) Men.V.Gibbons 359 cms. 2nd shot.Ladies.Jill Smith 3rd shot 284 cms
Ball r/down Men.35 pts. Ladies 31
Winner M.Haynes 40/1 R/Up M.Bailey 49/9
Putting. N.Sulliven

Tuesday 14/06/2016
Ladies 4Ball AGG Stab Sponsored by David Pahlke
Winners: D.Smith & G O’Connor 73pts
Runners-up: P.Brown & J.Demmery 66pts
B.R.D: S.Heise & D.Macklin , M.Gibson & F.Akes , D.Stanley & A.Huntley , S.Erith & W.Hill
N.T.P:    Ladies                           Men
No 2: P.Brown 74 cm.       K.McGuire in the hole 2nd shot
No 9: M.Gibson 200cm     D.Macklin 145cm 2nd shot
No 11: Barb.Mack   276cm.    S.Browning 170cm 1st shot
No 15: J.Browning 112cm   Beres Mack in the hole 2nd shot
Most use of the course: J.Cook & P.Johnston

Saturday 11/06/2016
Single stab
Winner div 1.W.Johnston 39 pts ocb. R/up T.Stanford 39 pts ocb
Winner div 2. J.Middap 40pts R/UP S.Norris 39 pts
Ladies winner E.Nelson 35 pts. R/up Jill Smith 34 pts
Ball r/down to men 36.Ladies 31
Approach 17 th  Men S.Voller 412 cms.Ladies A.Newham 85 cms
N.T.P. 2.M.Dance.347 cms E.Nelson in hole 2nd shot 9th P.Smollen345 cms D.Hastie 26 cms 2nd shot M.Gibson 32 cms 11th S.Norris 214 cms. Lisa Smith 449 cms 15th D.Hastie 450 cms M.Gibson 72 cms

Tuesday 07/06/2016
Ladies Monthly Medal
Winner : S.Morgan 103/73 Runner-up : M.Gibson 99/75
No 2: S.Erith 43cm 2nd shot.
No 9: D.Stanford 69cm 2nd shot.
No 11 : D.Norris 1080cm 1st shot.
No 15 : A.Finch 121cm 2nd shot.
Mrs Putter : A.Finch27 putts.

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