August 2013

August 2013

Saturday 31.08.2013
Single Stab
Winner. T.Maroske 44 pts.R/Up P.Moran 41 ocb.
Ball r/down Men 38. Ladies 34
N.T.P. 2 D.Hartman 53 cms J.Heath 30 cms 2nd shot. 9 D.Russell 358 cms P.Thode in hole 2nd shot. A.Brown in hole 2nd shot 11.T.Hines292 cms 15.N.Zahnow Hole in one Jill Soppa 600 cms T.Hines Eagle on 5th hole
Approach.7th Men R.Fraser 70 cms. Ladies D.Johnson 272cms Ladies winner.B.Phillips 43 pts.R/up.L.Smith 39 pts.
Pot of gold Winner T.Maroske.
Field 104.
Next Sat .07.09.2013 Monthly Mug Putting competition

Tuesday  27.08.2013
4BBB Mixed Day
J. & T Smith 51
1st Runner-up  M. & P Minz 48 (ocb) 2nd Runner-up M. Smith & C. Ryan 48
Ball Rundown D. Stanford & C. Innes 47, J & G. Wilson 45, J. Heath & L. Hayne 45, M. Gibson & W. Gordon 45, M. Woodrow & J. Smith 44
Ladies Competition Winners L. Carlyon & E. Whiteing 45 Runner-up J. Cook & .B. Wellings 44
N.T.P. No.2 R, Newham 206 cm No. 9 J. Heath  330 cm (2nd shot) No. 11 E. Nelson 101 cm No. 15 E. Whiteing 35 cm (2nd shot)Next week 03.09.2013 Monthly Medal Single Stroke

Saturday 24.08.2013

Lions charity day Single Stab
Winner men.D.Russell 44 pts. R/up Don Mallett 43 pts. Ladies winner.J.Wilson 40 pts.R/Up S.Heise 39 pts
Ball  r/Down to Men 37 ocb. Ladies 32 ocb
N.T.P. 2.J.Piccini 155 cms.A.Brown 34cms 2nd shot. 9.L.Hayne 289cms. M.George in hole 2nd shot. E.Nelson 40cms 2nd shot
11.G.Wylie 82 cms.15.L.Smith 210 cms.2nd shot.Approach 12.Men.M.Manning 126 cms.Ladies.E.Nelson 114 cm
Juniors: Jack Wojcicki & Tyson Brown tie 36 nett Z.Verrell 27
Sub Juniors B.Else 31/7 2nd Casey little 39/9. J.miles 48/26
Pee wees D. Emblem-hayes 26/-5 B.Banks 30 –3. T.Cannan. 30/5.

Tuesday 20.08.2013
Fundraiser for Cancer Research. Texas Fourball
Winners L.&D. Sheraton,B. Bugden & P. Brown 166
Runners-up M. Boonstoppel ,T. Smith, E Phillips & S. Morgan 165
Ball Rundown J. Soppa, J. Smith, J. Stanford & P. Cook 158, L. Baker,M. Smith, D. Jackson & J. Shelton 156,J. Heath, W.Scott, B. Hutton & O. Baker 153, A. & R Newham,E. Nelson & L. Johns 149
NTP No.2 P. Cook Hole-in-one. No.9. P. Brown (2nd shot) 45cm No. 11 T. Smith 174cm No. 15 K. Rogers (2nd shot) in Hole

Saturday 17.08.2013.
27 hole foursomes championships.
M.Manning & A.Finch 119 
Nett winners
E.Nelson & M.Clem 102 3/4.
Single Stab
S.McCrea 41 o.c.b.  W.Nowak 43 o.c.b  Elizabeth Kelly 38pts Runnersup P.Solomon 41  C.Payne 43 Rundown to 38pts
No2 M.Manning 465cm   A.Finch 287cm
No9 K.Nugent 163cm  2nd shot D.Hastie 69cm
No11 A.Riedel 178cm  No15 D.Sheraton 128cm Approach No6 IK.Nugent 101cm
Next Saturday Lions Charity Day $15 per player  Handicap players only

Tuesday 13.08.2013
Ladies 4BBB Stroke Championships
Winners S. Haley & B. Wellings 59
Runners-up B. Mack & B. Bugden (ocb) 61
Ball Rundown S. Erith & D. Stanley 61, A. Smyly & L. Allan 62, P. Hume & B. Moore 62, P. Lane & J. Soppa 63.
N. T. P. No.2 E. Nelson 334 cm No. 9 (2nd Shot ) S. Heise 126 cm No. 11 E. Nelson 219 cm No. 15 (2nd Shot) E.Nelson 35 cm
Next week 20.08.2013 Fund-raiser for Cancer Awareness and Research. Join the day for a fun game of Texas Fourball. Men and Ladies welcome

Monday 12.08.2013
Trophy Donors A.Newham & B.Mack 

Winners E.McCaffery 41pts o.c.b.  A.Newham 39pts Runner up  G.Tanner 41pts o.c.b. D.Johnson 38pts
Rundown  E.Wright 41pts, S.Schipplock, G.Kelly, R,Newsham 40pts J.Hunter, D.Fitzgerald, K.Vollbrecht, T.Haley 39pts  T.Maroske 38pts B.Carter, J.Ormaechea, J.Buckley, R.Newham, J.Stanford 37pts A.Green, D.Daview, J.Roderick, C.Hulett 36pts
Ladies J.Schipplock, S.Morgan 37pts  A.Brown, M.Boonstoppel 36pts P.Lane, J.Heath, S.Goodbun 35pts
N.T.P No2  R.Newham 225cm  P.Lane 2nd shot in hole No9 G.Hulett 45cm  A.Finch 54cm No11 E.McCaffery 140cm
A.Brown 35cm No15 J.Buckley 18cm  A.Brown 105cm
Approaches No 16  B.Carter 32cm D.Johnson 28cm
Next game Monday 16th September.  All veterans with A.G.U or WGA handicaps welcome

Saturday 10.08.2013
4 Ball agg stableford

Winners. R.Winrow & B.Preston 87 pts R/Up.W.Boyle & K.Sippell 80 pts
Ball r/down to 71
N.T.P. 2T.Maroske 204 cms.S.Morgan 1cm.2nd shot.9.A.Anderson 233 cms.R.Hunter in hole 2nd shot M.Boonstoppel 292 cms 2nd shot. 11.W.Power 211 cms. 15.N.Mcmillan 210 cms. L.Smith 182cms 2nd shot
Approach men B.Freeman 207 cms. ladies.A.Brown 116 cms
Winners 4ball match play final M.Clem & D.Learoyd on forfiet
Field 118
August 17th 27 hole Mixed Foursomes Championships Single stableford for overflow players

Tuesday 06.08.2013
Ladies Monthly Medal Single Stroke
 Div 1  A. Finch 82/65 Div 2 P. Lane 99/66
Runners-up Div 1 D. Johnson 99/72 Div 2 D. Stanford 104/69
Ball Rundown E. Whiteing 69, P. Minz 70, A. Smyly 71, M. McCaffrey 72, M. Gibson 72, I. Hoens 73, M. Boonstoppel 73, M. Smith 73, B. Phillips 73.
N T. P. No. 2 E. Nelson 315 cm No. 9 S. Erith (2nd Shot) 243 cm No. 11 D. Stanford 281 cm No. 15 A. Finch (2nd Shot) 77cm
Putting comp A. Finch 25
Next Week  13.08.2013 4BBB Stroke Championships

Saturday 03.08.2013

Single Stroke Monthly Mug & Putting comp
Winner div 1 B.Carter 84/67.R/Up S.Voller 87/68
Winner div 2 E.McCaffery 90/63  R/Up div 2 C.Ryan 90/67
Ladies winner L.Smith 108/70.o.c.b R/Up A.Brown 87/70
N.T.P.2. A.Reidel 216 cms.A.Newham 10cms. 9 R.Graham 610cms B.Hutton in hole M.Boonstoppel 198 cm.11.D.Russell 72cm J.Wilson 391cms, P.Soloman.680cms.
Approach 6 J.Crichton 82 cms. A.Brown in hole.
Ball r/down men.71 Ladies.74.
Gross T.Avenell 75
Putting comp Men N.Zahnow 24.Ladies A.Brown &.G.Morris 29
Field 132
Rosewood vets 12.08.2013 All vets with A.G.U.or W.G.A handicaps welcome.

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