May 2014

May 2014

Saturday 31/5/14
Single Stab, 89 players – Sponsor D.Butterfield
Men:- S.Browning 45pts. R/Up J.Demmery 41pts
Ladies:- D.Stanford 36pts ocb, Runer Up M.Gibson 36pts ocb
Rundown Men:- 38pts, Ladies:- 36pts
No2 Men: R.Robertson 134cms, Ladies:- No-one
No9 Men: L.Freeman 56cms, Men 2nd shot C.Innes 46cms, Ladies:- A.Brown 198cms
No11 Men: D.Butterfield 232cms, Ladies:- M.Gibson 567cms
No15 Men: I.Barry 40cms, Ladies:- P.Rogers 86cms
No13 Men: B.Johnston 170cms, Ladies:- J.Smith 248cms

Tuesday 27/5/14
Rosewood Golf Club Ladies Results
Single Stroke 4th round of Mid-week Championships
Div.1 E. Nelson 84/75, Runner Up J. Heath 101/76
Div. 2 D. Stanford 103/69 Runners Up J. Browning 104/73
Ball Rundown – R. Wass 98/76, M. Smith 96/76, M. Woodrow 98/76, L. Carlyon 104/77
No2 – E. Nelson 32 cm
No9 – 2nd shot J. Cook 155 cm
No11 – E. Nelson 697 cm
No15 – 2nd shot P. Rogers
Championship Winners.
Div.1 Gross E.Nelson Nett A. Finch
Div. 2 Gross M. Woodrow Nett R. Wass
Div. 3 Gross D. Stanford, Nett A. Smylie
Next week 3/6/14 Monthly medal
Next week 3/6/14 Monthly medal

Saturday 24/5/14
Single Stroke & Final Round of Championships, 115 players
Ladies:- P.Rogers 85/72, R/Up:- E.Nelson 82/73
Men Div.1:- J.Gardner 78/66, R/Up:- P.Dawson 79/67
Div.2:- G.Wilson 94/70 ocb, R/Up C.Innes 94/70
Ball Rundown Ladies:- 79, Men:- 73
No.2 Ladies:- E.Nelson 424cms, Men:- J.Gardner 20cms
No.9 Ladies:- 2nd shot J.Browning 694cms, Men:- P.Robb 171cms, 2nd shot C.Innes 65cms
No.11 Ladies:- J.Smith 595cms, Men:- J.Gardner 260cms
No.15 Ladies:- A.Finch 166cms, Men:- P.Dawson 457cms
No.6 Ladies:- E.Nelson 12mtrs, Men:- M.Manning 122cms
Champion Gross A Grade:- M.Manning, Net A Grade:- A.Bailey
Champion Gross B Grade:- L.Cameron, Net B Grade:- B.Hutton
Champion Gross C Grade:- G.Gibson,, Net C Grade:- V.Gibbons
Champion Gross Ladies Div.1:- E.Nelson, Net Div.1:- A.Finch
Champion Gross Ladies Div.2:- J.Morgan, Net Div.2:- D.Stanford
Over 70 Champion Net:- F.Akes

Tuesday 20/5/14
Rosewood Ladies Results, 3rd round championships and single stroke, 29 players
Div1: M.Woodrow 92/70, Runner-up – M.Boonstopple 91/71
Div2: B.Mack 105/74, Runner-up D.Stanford 109/75
P.Rogers 72, E.Nelson 72, L.Carlyon 74, J.Morgan 74, L.Kelly 75, B.Bugden 75, D.Stanley 75
No2: A.Brown 8cm, No9: J.Browning 443cm, No11: R.Wass 783cm, No15: A.Brown in the hole.
26/5/14 Triple Valley Championships at Rosewood
27/5/14 4th & Final Round Championships & Single Stroke
10/6/14 4 Ball Agg-Stab Mixed Day, Sponsored by David Pahlke

Saturday 17/05/14
Single Stroke & 3rd Round of club Championship 121 players
Div1: J.Soppa 80/66, R/Up: T.Wren 82/67 ocb
Div2: B.Donald 96/68, R/Up: D.Butterfield 88/69 ocb
Ladies: J.Morgan 92/70, R/Up: A.Finch 88/73
Ball Rundown, Men: 71, Ladies: 77
No2 Men: R.Hunter 322cms, Ladies: J.Smith 1027cms
No9 Men: S.Ross 162cms, Men 2nd shot S.Noble 60cms, Ladies 2nd shot: D.Stanford 328cms
No11 Men: T.Hamilton 70cms, Ladies: J.Soppa 745cms
No15 Men: S.Noble 280cms, Ladies: F.Parnell 1mm
No.12 Men: T.Avenell 142cms, Ladies: E.Nelson 346cms
M.Manning eagle No.10
Rosewood Juniors 17/05/14
Winner Junior A: L.Else 54/33, R/Up: J.Wojcicki 54/37 Rundown: T.Brown 62/44
Winner Junior B: B.Else 60/31, R/Up: C.Little 65/32
Winner Sub Junior:- B Skinner 41/18

Tuesday 13/5/14
Rosewood Ladies Results, 28 players
2nd round championships
Div1: A.Brown 91/73, Runner-up L.Nelson 83/74ocb
Div2: D.Stanford 105/70, L.Carlyon 102/75
B.R.D: P.Brown 100/74, J.Heath 98/74
No 2: P.Brown 10cm
No9: E.Whiteing 72cm
No11: A.Brown 421cm
No15: J.Browning 458cm
19/5/14 Pennants Toogoolawah, 20/5/14 3rd Championships

Saturday 10/5/14
2nd Round Championships and Stroke
Div1:- J.Young 76/67, R/Up R.Murgatroyd 83/68
Div.2:- V.Gibbons 66, Ladies:- L.Smith 75 ocb
Ladies:- E.Nelson 75 ocb,
Ball Rundown Men:- 73, Ladies:- 78
No.2 Men- K.Rogers 140cms, Ladies-A.Smyle 141cms
No.9 Men- A.Bailey 343 cms, Men 2nd shot- R.Pflugrath 83cms, Ladies:- A.Brown 311cms
No.11 Men- E.Brown 295cms, Ladies- P.Rogers 450cms
No.15 Men- M.Manning 81cms, Ladies 2nd shot- J.Browning 76cms
No.3 Men- 2nd shot S.Ross 227cms, Ladies- 3rd shot E.Nelson – in the hole
Junior Results
Junior A Winner:- J.Wojcicki 51/33, R/Up:- L.Else 56/34, R/down TBrown 53/35
N.T.P. J.Wojcicki, Putting T.Brown 17
B Winner:- M.Verrall 55/19, R/Up:- A.Verrall 61/27, R/down, B.Else 60/28
Putting: B.Murray 19
Sub Junior Winner:- B.Cannan 52/12, R/Up:- J.Turner 47/12, R/down T.Cannan 47/15
Putting B.Skinner

Tuesday 6/5/14
Rosewood Ladies Results. 26 players
1st Round Championships
Winners: Div 1 – L.Sheraton 98/75, Div 2 – S.Erith 98/72
Runners-up: Div 1 – L.Nelson 88/79, Div 2 – D.Stanford 115/80 ocb
B.R.D : J.Morgan 102/80, A.Newham 106/80, M.Gibson 103/81 R.Wass 103/81, M.Smith 102/83
N.T.P – NO 2: M.Woodrow 149 cm, N0 9: P.Rogers 206cm, NO 11: J.Morgan 306cm, NO 15: I.Hoens 343 cm
Putting Champ: M.Gibson 27 putts
Nett Winners: Div 1 – L.Nelson 79, Div 2 – S.Erith 72 & Div 3 D.Stanford 80
12/5/14 Pennants at Laidley, 13/5/14 RND 2 Midweek Championships

Saturday 3/5/14
1st Round Club Championships – Monthly Mug 123 players
Winner Div1: -L.Cameron 83/70, R/Up:- G.Wylie 89/72
Winner Div.2: – D.Sheraton 96/77, R/Up:- J.Buckley 99/78
Winner Ladies:- J.Morgan 102/80, R/Up:- D.Johnson 103/81
Ball Rundown Men:- 77, Ladies:- 87
No.2- Men:- B.Hutton 238cms, Ladies:- S.Morgan 1640cms
No.9- Men:- K.Rogers 74cms, Men 2nd shot:- E.Wright 85cms, Ladies:- No-one
No.11- Men:- B.Hutton 139cms, Ladies:- No-one
No.15- Men:- G.Wylie 285cms, Ladies:- D.Johnson 449cms
Approach No.17- Men:- M.Manning 215cms, Ladies:- No-one
Best Gross:- M.Manning 77
Monthly Mug:-Men- L.Cameron 83/70, Ladies- J.Morgan 102/80
Mr. Putter:- L.Freeman, D.Hollands 24
Mrs. Putter:- F Parnell 31

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