July, 2021

July, 2021


Men & Ladies 4 ball (Handicap) Matchplay & Single Stableford:

Single Stableford:
Winner:- K Bourke 41pts
Runner up:- P Solomon 39pts
Ball Rundown to 35pts
NTP No2:- A Timperley 233cm  Ladies:- M Gibson 15cm
No 9 (0-18) :- P Voller 184cm  (19 +) J Demmery 20cm  Ladies:- E Nelson 29cm
No 11:- P Solomon 153cm
No 15:-
M Voller 332cm  Ladies:- E Nelson 139cm
Approach No 6:- D Green 151cm  Ladies:- E Nelson  127cm

4 ball Matchplay (Round 2) Results:

J Browning & L Johnston def C McKenzie & P Brown 3-2
E Nelson & K Browning def M Gibson & S Heise 2-1

D Green & M Clem def D Russell & L Cameron  3-1
T Stanford & T Brown def W Johnston & J Osborne 3-2

Matchplay Finals scheduled for Sat 14.8.21
Dan & Maurie vs Todd & Tyson
Janelle & Lisa vs Liz & Kristie

Next Week 7.8.21:  Monthly Mug – Single Stroke & qualifying round for Members Open Single Matchplay


Single Stableford:
Winner:- W Draheim  36pts  Ladies:- E Nelson 31pts
Runner up:-
J Wojcicki  34pts  Ladies:- K Draheim  27pts (OCB)
Ball rundown men to 30pts  Ladies to 27pts
NTP No2:- J Ormachea 320cm  Ladies:- C McKenzie  29cm
No 9 (0-18) J Wojcicki 53cm (19+) R Boughen 24cm  Ladies:- E Nelson 242cm
No 11:- W Browning 19m   Ladies:- K Draheim  15m
No 15:- P Mcguigan 10m  Ladies:- E Nelson 133cm
Approach No17:- J Wojcicki  744cm  Ladies:- C McKenzie  321cm

Ladies 4 Ball Matchplay – Round 1:
J Browning & L Johnston def D Pearson & M Boonstoppel 4-3

Men’s 4 Ball Matchplay – Round 1:
D Russell & L Cameron def V Gibbons & J Ellemans
D Green & M Clem def def J Smith & D Walkom 3-2
T Stanford & T Brown def D Browning & N Browning 6-5
W Johnston & J Osborne def W Browning & S Browning 3-2

Next Week (31.7.21): Men”s & Ladies 4 Ball Matchplay & Single Stableford:

Ladies 4 Ball Matchplay – Round 2:
C McKenzie & P Brown vs J Browning & L Johnston
K Browning & E Nelson vs M Gibson & S Heise

Men’s 4 Ball Matchplay – Round 2:
D Russell & L Cameron vs D Green & M Clem
T Stanford & T Brown vs W Johnston & J Osborne

Monthly Mug – Single Stroke:

Best Gross:- D Russell 77
Winner: Div1:- D Browning 81/68, Div 2: N Browning 92/70, Ladies: S Heise 101/76
Runner up: Div1:- D Russell 77/71  Div2:-W Allan 95/75  Ladies(OCB):- L Johnston 97/79
Ball rundown: Men  76 nett  Ladies 79 Nett
NTP No2:- Men: R Robertson 297cm  Ladies:- S Heise 24cm
No 9: Men: (0-18) D Wojcicki 242cm  (19+) W Browning 397cm  Ladies:- L Johnston 48cm
No 11:- Men: J Comp 850cm
No 15:- Men:D Walkom 110cm  Ladies:- E Nelson 128cm
Mr Putter :- D Russell 23
Mrs Putters:- S Heise + D Pearson 28

Mens Single Matchplay Winner :- M Clem  Runner up:- D Russell
Single Stableford results:
Winners:- J Morgan 39pts  Ladies:- E Nelson 29pts
Runner ups:- J Wojcicki 35pts  Ladies:– D Pearson  28pts
Ball rundown to 31pts
NTP: No2:-
D Wojcicki 572cm  Ladies:- E Nelson 71cm (2nd shot)
No 9 (0-18):- R Lee 740cm, (19+) V Gibbons 20cm (2nd shot) Ladies:- L Johnston 51cm (2nd shot)
No 11:- W Johnston 167cm
No 15:- D Mallott  570cm  Ladies:- E Nelson  68cm (2nd shot)
Approach No6:- R Hunter  473cm  Ladies:- L  Johnston  490cm


Monthly Mug postponed due to wet weather

Single Stableford: (8 players)

Winner: P Kuhn 33 pts

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