January 2014

January 2014

Sunday 26/01/14
Australia Day Cup
Winner. R Avennell

Saturday 25/01/14
Single Stroke, Sponsor RGC – 87 players

Ladies – H.Slater 129/84 ocb
Mens – A.Bailey 73/68 ocb, J.Ellemans 100/71
Runners Up
A.Smyly 112/84 M.Brown 79/68 W.Robinson 99/72 Rundown to 74 net
N.T.P No.2 – M. Brown 347 cms
No.9 T.Barry 623 cms J.Ellemans 75 cms J.Heath 804 cms
No.11 W.Power 229 cms
No.15 D.Hollands 418 cms
App. No.7 A.Timperley 164 cms

Saturday 18/01/14
Single Stroke

Winners:- Div.1:- W.Power 83/66 ocb, Div.2:- I.Barry 93/65 ocb
Ladies:-A.Smyly 100/71
R/Up:- Div.1:- P.Dawson 80/66, Div.2:- P.Thode 87/65
Ladies:-L.Smith 103/73ocb
Ball Rundown Men:-72 Ladies:-73
N.T.P:- No.2 Men:- T.Barry 166cms, Ladies:-27/45hcp -D.Stanford 91cms 2nd shot
No.9 Men:- M.Brown 261cms 19/36:-2nd shot I.Barry In the hole
No.11 :- T.Haslam 200cms
No.15 Men:-J.Hanley 134cms, Ladies:-J.Smith 447cms
Approach:- No.16 Men:- K.Gardner 195cms, Ladies:-A.Brown 267cms
Pot of gold winner:-Men:-I.Barry 93/65, Ladies:-L.Smith 103/73

Come along Sunday 26/01/14, Australia Day – All welcome, sponsored by I.C.C

Saturday 11/01/14
Single Stab.
Winners: Div.1:- D.Hollands 41pts, Div.2:- G.Slater 46pts, Ladies:- J.Heath 33pts
R/Up Div.1:- J.Piccini 40pts ocb, Div.2:- H.Morgan 42pts,  Ladies:- L.Smith 31pts ocb
Ball Rundown :- Men:- 38pts, Ladies:- 31pts
No.2 Men:- G.Johnson 212cms, Ladies 2nd Shot:- D.Johnson 177cms
No.9 Men:- M.Kinnane 144cms, Men:- 19/36 2nd Shot G.Tanner 98cms, Ladies:- J.Heath 411cms
No.11 Men:- T.Barry 64cms, Ladies:- L.Smith 377cms
No.15 Men:- G.Maxwell 130cms, Ladies:- J.Heath 297cms
Approach No.6:- Mens 2nd Shot:- P.Ross 91cms, Ladies 3rd Shot:- E.Nelson 394cms

Saturday 04.01.14
S/stroke Monthly Mug & Putting

Winners:- Div 1:- T.Barry 80/68 Div 2:- B.Taylor 104/68
Runnersup:- Div1:- M.Manning 67/68 ocb Div2:- D.Butterfield 90/71 ocb
Rundown to:- 72
No 2 Men:- M.Voller 272cms, Ladies:- 2nd shot S.Morgan 105cms
No 9 Men:-A.Bailey 523cms Ladies:- 2nd shot S.Morgan 67cms
No 11 W.Gordon 92cms
No 15 D.Macklin 1200cms
No 14 Mens 2nd shot:- A.Riedel 239cms, Ladies 3rd shot:- S.Heise 765cms
Best Gross:- M.Manning 67
Mr Putter:- J.Hunter 27 putts ocb, Mrs Putter:-S.Morgan 31 putts

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