August 2014

August 2014

Sunday 31/8/14
60th Anniversary – 4BBB 86 Players
Winners. P. Johnson & M.Clem 50 pts.
1st r/up W.Browning A.Browning 48.
2 r/up J.Demmery. K.Hanly 47, 3rd r/up D.Wojcicki M.Brown 47, 4th r/up T.Stanford J.Stanford.46.
Ball r/down to 41.
Ladies accuracy drive  G.Molly.
Mens Longest drive  S.Browning.
Approach. Men K.Hanly.271 cms. Ladies A.Newham 23 cms.
No2: Men D.Wojcicki 614 cms. Ladies A.Finch in hole 2nd shot.
No9: Men G.Wylie 70 cms. Ladies 2nd shot. S.Morgan 242
No11: Men J.Osborne 1245 cms. Ladies J.Hall 159 cms.
No15: P.Johnson 800cms. P.Rogers 21cms 2nd shot.

Saturday 30/8/14
S/Stab, Players 100 Trophies Rosewood Businesses
Ladies: L.Smith 38pts, Mens Div.1 J.Soppa 41pts ocb, Div.2 D.Butterfield 38pts
Runnersup: Ladies S.Heise 35pts, Mens Div.1 W.Johnston 41pts, Div.2 W.Robinson 37pts ocb
Mens to 36 pts, Ladies to 32pts
No2. Div 1, J.Young 162cms, Div.2 W.Lee 350cms, Ladies 2nd shot P.Rogers 63cms
No9. Div.1 L.Hayne 382cms, Div.2 M.Voller 2nd shot 44cms, Ladies 2nd shot P.Rogers 123cms
No11. Men R.Johnson 359cms, Ladies D.Stanford 138cms
No15. Div.1 B.Hutton 340cms Div.2 J.Demmery 34cms, Ladies M.Boonstoppel 112cms
Mens No12 J.Soppa 281cms, Ladies P.Rogers 552cms
No6 Mens B.Carter, Ladies Jill Soppa

Tuesday 26/8/14
Rosewood Ladies Results, 4BBB Stab
Winners: P.Lane and W.Scott 44pts
Runners-up: A.Finch and D.Stanford 42pts
B.R.D: S.Roderick and B.Wellings 41pts, S.Heise and M.Boonstoppel 40pts ocb, D.Johnson P.Rogers 40pts
No2: S.Heise  2nd shot 6cm
No9: A.Finch 2nd shot 83cm
No11: S.Heise 1st shot 808cm
No15: S.Morgan 2nd shot 17cm
2/9/14 Monthly Medal

Saturday 23/8/14
Rain Affected – Cancelled
Mixed Foursome postponed until 18th October 14

Tuesday 19/8/14
Rosewood Ladies Results, 4BBB Stroke Championships
Winners: E.Nelson and R.Wass 60 nett
Runners-up: M.Boonstoppel and D.Stanley 68 nett ocb
B.R.D: L.Sheraton and S.Heise 68 nett
No2: 2nd shot S.Morgan 11cm
No9: 2nd shot M.Boonstoppel 55cm
No11: 1st shot M.Boonstoppel 325cm
No15: 2nd shot A.Smyly 636cm
Tuesday 26/8/14 4BBB Stab

Saturday 16/8/14
Single Stab (Rain Affected causing limited field)
Winner: J.Ellemans 41pts
Runner-up: M.Voller 40pts ocb
Winners of the 4Ball Match Play M.Glem and D.Learoyd 5/4

Tuesday 12/8/14
Rosewood Ladies Results, 12/8/14 Breast Cancer Day, Texas Fourball, Players 60
Winners: J and G Wilson/M and E McCaffrey 174pts
Runners-up: V.Gibbons/A.Smyly/B.Hutton/B.Bugden 164pts,
2nd Runners-up: S.Browning/M.Brown/P and R.Lee 155pts
3rd Runners-up: A and R.Newham/M.Boonstoppel/T.Maroske 154pts
Accuracy Drive: Ladies: J.Smith  Men: D.Macklin
Accuracy Wiggly Drive: Ladies: L.Smith Men: P.Trelour
No 14:Ladies: M.McCaffrey 54cm 3rd shot,  Men: W.Johnston 93cm 2nd shot
No 17:Ladies: I.Hoens 14cm 3rd shot, Men: P.Fetaitai 330cm 2nd shot
No 2: Ladies: B.Bugden in the hole 2nd shot, Men: J.Stanford 535cm 1st shot
No 9: Ladies: A.Newham 78cm 2nd shot, Men: E.McCaffrey 680cm 1st shot
No 11: Ladies: J.Smith 216cm 1st shot, Men: P.Johnston 30cm 1st shot
No 15: Ladies: J.Cook 16 cm 2nd shot , Men: B.Hutton 739cm 1st shot
Best use of the course: D.Perarson/A.Ross/G.Ballard/A.Arumagan
Lucky card winners: B andG.Wellings/S and J.Roderick
19/8/14 4 BBB Stroke Championships

Monday 11/8/14
Rosewood Vets Single Stab, Sponsors J.Heath & P.Brown, 67 Players
Winners: Mens K.Davey 44pts, Ladies S.Goodbun 38pts
Runnersup: Mens T.Maroske 42pts o.c.b, Ladies B.Phillips 37pts
Rundown: Mens to 36pts  Ladies to 33pts
No2: Mens P.Cook 537cm, Ladies P.Lane 2nd shot in hole
No9: Mens T.Maroske 2nd shot 29cm, Ladies M.Boonstoppel 2nd shot 9cm
No11: Mens K.Vollbrecht 574cm, Ladies J.Soppa 292cm
No15: Mens V.Gibbons 2nd shot 10cm, Ladies S.Goodbun 2nd shot 80cm
Approaches: No6 Mens N.Sippel 2nd shot 249cm, Ladies P.Lane 3rd shot 28cm

Saturday 9/8/14
Single Stab, 100 players
Ladies:- A.Smyly 37pts, Men: Div.1- G.Molloy 41pts, Div.2- M.Voller 43pts
R/Up: Ladies:- S.Heise 34pts ocb, Men: Div.1- T.Stanford 40pts ocb, Div.2- R.Winrow 42pts
Ball Rundown : Ladies:- 32pts, Men:- 38pts
No.2: Men:- M.Voller 100cms
No.9: Men:- Div.1- T.Stanford 118cms, Div.2- T.Maroske 16cms, Ladies- E.Nelson 31cms
No.11 Men:- P.Mahoney 79cms, Ladies:- D.Stanford 510cms
No.15 Men:- D.Learoyd 450cms, Ladies:- A.Newham 76cms
No.10: Men:- P.Gibson in hole, Ladies:- E.Nelson 800cms
Ladies 4ball Match Play Winners:- J.Browning/A.Newham 3/2 Defeated M.Gibson/M.Woodrow

Tuesday 5/8/14
Rosewood Ladies Results, Monthly Medal
Winners: Div 1: A.Brown 90/71, Div 2: B.Bugden 108/69
Runners-up: Div 1: R.Wass 96/73, Div 2: S.Heise 104/73 ocb
B.R.D: A.Smyly & S.Erith
No 2: M.Woodrow 2nd shot in the hole
No 9: A.Brown 2nd shot in the hole
No 11: A.Finch 1st shot 373cm
No 15: S.Heise 2nd shot 50cm
Putter of the Month: L.Sheraton 26 putts
12/8/14 Texas Fourball Breast Cancer Day. All welcome mixed day.

Saturday 2/8 14
Monthly Medal, 101 players
Div.1:- Matt Brown 74/66 ocb, Div.2:- C.Innes 89/66, Ladies:- L.Sheraton 91/68
R/Up: Div.1:- D.Hollands 78/66, Div.2:- K.Hanly 89/67, Ladies:- M.Gibson 98/73
Ball Rundown Men:- 71, Ladies:- 74
No.2:- Men:- D.Hollands 232cms
No.9:- Men:- P.Gibson 389cms, 2nd shot M.Voller 24cms, Ladies:- J.Smith 111cms
No.11:- Men:- G.Gibson 80cms,
No.15:- Men:- R.Avenell 255cms, Ladies:- J.Morgan 40cms
Approach No.3:- Men:- C.Innes 228cms, Ladies:- E.Nelson 56cms
Mr. Putter:- D.Hartman 23
Mrs. Putter:- L.Sheraton 27
Best Gross:- Matt Brown 74

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