September 2014

September 2014

Tuesday 30/9/14
Rosewood Ladies Results, 4B.B.B Stab 30/9/14
Winners: M.McCaffrey & I.Hoens 45pts
Runners-up: M.Gibson & J.Wilson 42pts ocb
B.R.D:  D.Stanley & J.Heath 42, M.Smith & P.Lane 42, P.Brown & B.Mack 41, A.Brown & D.Johnson 40, E.Whiteing & L.Carlyon 40, S.Heise & S.Erith 40, D.Stanford & A.Smyly 40.
N02: 2nd shot S.Roderick 59cm
No9: 2nd shot E.Nelson 46cm
No11: 1st shot E.Nelson 376cm
No15: 2nd shot M.Gibson in the hole.
Most use of the course: J.Cook & W.Scott
7/10/14 Monthly Medal
21/10/14 Par 3 course Mixed Day

Saturday 27/9/14
4BBB Stab Aggregate, Sponsored by J.J.Mills, J.Hunter, T.Maroske, L.Hayne, 92 players
Winners:- D.Hartman/R.Johnson 79pts ocb
R/Up:- R.Lee/A.Timperley 79pts
Rundown:- 73pts
No.2:- Men- T.Hopper 80cm, Ladies- A.Newham 615cms
No.9:- Men(0-18)- R.Graham 170cms, Men(19-36) 2nd Shot- J.Demmery 38cms, Ladies- D.Johnson 1103cms
No.11:- Men- W.Gordon 326cms, Ladies- A.Newham 1035cms
No.15:- Men- E.McCaffrey 288cms, 2nd shot Ladies- S.Goodbun 84cms
Approach:- No. 12:-2nd shot Men- P.Mahoney 843cms, 3rd shot Ladies- A.Brown 459cms

Tuesday 23/9/14
Ladies Results, Single Stab
Winners: Div 1: L. Carlyon 33pts, Div 2: J. Soppa 40pts
Runners-up : Div 1: A. Brown 32pts, Div 2: S. Erith 36pts
Men Winner : J. Stanford 43pts,
Runner-up : G. Wilson 42pts
K. Rogers 34, S. Heise 33, R.Newham 33, P. Rogers 32, A. Finch 32, D. Johnson 32, J. Wilson 31, A. Smyly 31, B.Mack 31.
N.T.P :
No 2 : Ladies P. Lane 67cm, Men R. Newham 8cm
No 9 : Ladies P. Rogers 106cm, Men A. Russell 10cm
No 11: Ladies L. Carlyon 218cm, Men J. Erichsen 68cm
No 15: Ladies I. Hoens 61cm, Men K. Rogers 168cm
No 6: Ladies A. Finch in the hole, Men V. Gibbons in the hole
Most use of course: Ladies.K. Browning, Men B. Mack

Saturday 20/9/14
Single Stab, Sonsored by Lions Charity Day, 112 players
Winners:- Men: A.Riedel 43pts ocb, Ladies: J.Smith 41pts
R/Up:- Men: G.Wilson 43pts ocb, Ladies: L.Smith 40pts
2nd R/Up:- Men: J.Collins 43pts ocb, Ladies: A.Newham 39 pts ocb
Ball Rundown:- Men: 40pts, Ladies: 36pts
No.2:- Men: R.Johnson 299cms, Ladies: A.Smyly 29cms
No.9:- Men: J.Young 121cms, Mens 2nd shot: A.Window 19cms, Ladies: M.Gibson 38cms
No.11:- Men: V.Gibbons 234cms, Ladies: A.Smyly 1020cms
No.15:- Men: R.Murgatroyd 436cms, Ladies: E.Nelson 63cms
Approach:- No.3:- Men: M.Manning 141cms, Ladies: E.Nelson in the hole
Eagle: G.Johnson 10th

Tuesday 16/9/14
Rosewood Ladies Results, American Foursomes
Winners: M.Boonstoppel & S.Heise 74 3/4
Runners-up: L.Carlyon & E.Whiteing 75 1/8
B.R.D: A.Brown & P.Rogers 76 1/4
No2: A.Smyly & A.Finch 80cm
No9: E.Whiteing & L.Carlyon 67cm
No11: S.Morgan 221cm won the EAGLES NEST
No15: A.Brown & P.Rogers 208cm
23rd September Single Stab Mixed Day All Welcome

Monday 15/9/14
Rosewood Vets, Single Stab, 52 Players, Sponsor S. Erin
Winners. Men C.Payne 41pts, Ladies J.Browning 38pts
Runners Up. R.Turnbull 40pts o.c.b. Ladies G.Daniel 36pts
Rundown. Men 35pts, Ladies 33pts
No2: C.Hallam 50cm, Ladies A.Finch 205cm
No9: E.Wright 35cm, Ladies 2nd shot M.Boonstoppel 30cm
No11: R.Turnbull 220cm, Ladies M.Boonstoppel 41cm
No15: R.Turnbull 2nd shot in hole, Ladies D.Stanford 2nd shot 63cm
No16: D.Sheraton 3rd shot in hole, Ladies J.Browning 4th shot 24cm
Next game 13th October 8 a.m. shotgun start. All veteran golfers welcome.

Saturday 13/9/14
Single Stab and Ladies Foursomes,  Sponsored by M & G Woodrow , 100 players
Winners: Div.1:- R.Johnson 41pts, Div.2:- S.Noble 44pts
R/Up: Div.1:-  W.Gordon 40pts ocb, Div.2:- C.Innes 43pts ocb
Ball Rundown:- 39pts
No.2:- W.Gordon 518cms, Ladies: J.Browning 1027cms
No.9:- 0-18 G.Wylie 48cms  19-36 M.Brown 51cms, Ladies: M.Woodrow 1110cms
No.11:- J.Soppa 76cms
No.15:- T.Barry 193cms
No.10:- T.Wren 83cms
Ladies Foursomes: Gross Winners:- M.Boonstoppel/E.Nelson 137, Net Winners:- A.Newham/J.Browning 115.5

Tuesday 9/9/14
Ladies Results, Single Stab
Winners: Div1: L.Sheraton 36pts ocb, Div 2: S.Heise 36pts
Runners-up: Div 1: M.Woodrow 36pts, Div 2: D.Stanford 33pts
B.R.D: A.Brown 35pts, L.Carlyon 35pts, B.Phillips 33pts
No2: P.Brown 2nd shot 45cm
No9: B.Mack 2nd shot 48cm
No11: P.Rogers 1000cm 1st shot
No 15: A.Brown 2nd shot in the hole
16th September American Foursomes, 23rd September Single Stab Mixed Day

Saturday 6/9/1
Single Stroke Monthly Medal, 109 players
Div.1: B.Hutton 80/65, Div.2: P.Johnston 88/65, Ladies: D.Johnson 94/70
R/Up:- Div.1: D.Hollands 79/68, Div.2: W.Browning 95/67, Ladies: S.Heise 101/71
Ball Rundown: Men 71, Ladies 74
No.2: Men A.Huntley 288cms, Ladies: E.Nelson 2nd shot in hole
No.9: Men 1st Div. R.Stagg 4cms, 2nd Div. R.Newham 2nd.shot 42cms, Ladies: A.Finch 2nd shot in hole
No.11 Men K.Sippel 392cms, Ladies:M.Gibson 393cms
No.15 Men J.Ellemans 192cms, Ladies:S.Heise 2nd shot 57cms
No.6 Men:A.Bailey 363cms, Ladies: E.Nelson 89cms
Best Gross: A.Bailey 76,
Mr. Putter D.Butterfield 28, Mrs. Putter D.Johnson 28 ocb
Eagle J.Soppa 8th

Tuesday 2/9/14
Rosewood Ladies Results
Winner: Div 1: D.Stanley 95/72, Div 2: S.Heise 103/70
Runner-up: Div 1: A.Brown 94/75, Div 2: A.Newham 100/74
B.R.D:  B.Mack , A.Finch , J.Browning , B.Phillips & D.Johnson
No2: P.Rogers 2nd shot in the hole
No11: E.Nelson 435cm
No15: M.Boonstoppel 2nd shot in the hole Best Putter of the day: D.Stanley 31 putts
9/9/14 Single Stableford
23/9/14 Mixed Day Single Stableford

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