October 2014

October 2014

Tuesday 28/10/14
Ladies Results Canadian Foursomes
Winners: J.Wilson & P.Rogers 66 1/2 ocb
Runners-up: A.Newham & S.Heise 66 1/2
M.Gibson & D.Johson 70, M.Boonstoppel & P.Lane 71, M.Smith & L.Baker 71,
A.Smyly & M.McCaffrey 71 1/2
No2: B.Bugden & L.Sheraton 103cm
No9: W.Scott & B.Phillips 50cm
No11: S.Roderick & B.wellings 436cm
No15: J & K Browning 18cm
Next week 4/11/14, Melbourne Cup Day, Texas Four Ball, 8am shotgun start.

Saturday 25/10/14., 4bbb Stab.
Winners: K.Rogers & P.Rogers 46 o.c.b.
R/Up: D.Hastie & J.Buckley 46 pts
No2: Men:- D.Hastie 400cms, Ladies:- E.Nelson 39cms
No9: Men:- J.Piccini 626cms, Ladies:- L.Smith 234cms
No11: Men:- W.Browning 166cms, Ladies:- M.Woodrow 1080cms
No15: Men:- Matt Brown 263cms, Ladies:- P.Rogers 910cms
Approach: No6: Men:- P.Dawson 99cms, Ladies:- P.Rogers 20cms
Ball r/d. 44pts
Match play winner: M.Manning.
Next: 1/11/2014, Monthly Mug and Mug of Mugs.

Tuesday 21/10/14
Ladies Results Par 3 Course Mixed Day
Winners: Ladies: P.Brown 67/53, Men: D.Macklin 65/54.5
Runners-up: Ladies: S.Heise 73/59 Men: J.Demmery 67/57
B.R.D: F.Akes,J.Stanford, L.Carlyon, B.Bugden, D.Stanford & S.Morgan.
No1: Ladies 2nd Shot L.Carlyon 149cm, Men 2nd Shot D.Macklin 23cm
No8: Ladies 2nd Shot P.Brown 13cm, Men 2nd Shot M.Browning 237cm
No13: Ladies 2nd ShotS.Morgan 72cm, Men 2nd Shot S.Browning 94cm
No18: Ladies 2nd ShotP.Brown 120cm, Men 2nd Shot D.Macklin 210cm
Most use of the course: K.Browning.
28/10/14 Canadian Foursomes.
4/11/14 Melbourne Cup Day Texas Four Ball.

Saturday 18/10/14
Mixed Foursomes & Single Stab, 103 players
Single Stab Winners.
Div.1:- M.Augustine 41pts, Div.2:- D.Bourne 41pts
Div.1:- M.Dance 40pts ocb, Div.2:- S.Noble 40pts ocb
Rundown:- 37pts
No.2:- P.Dawson 326cms
No.9:- R.Newham 448cms
No.11:- P.Robb 236cms
No.15:- K.Sipple 198cms
Approach No.6:- R.Graham 205cms
Mixed Foursomes.
Gross Winners:- M.Manning/A.Finch 117
Nett Winners:- B.Hutton/J.Heath 102.75

Tuesday 14/10/14
Ladies Results, Medal of Medals & Single Stroke
Medal of Medals Winner is M.Woodrow.
Winners :Div 1: M.Woodrow 91/69, Div 2: S.Heise 107/79.
Runners-up: Div 1: A.Brown 94/77, Div 2: S.Erith 108/80.
B.R.D: M.Gibson, P.Lane.
No 2: M.Gibson 2nd shot 47cm
No 9: J.Cook 2nd shot 289cm
No 11: M.Woodrow 1st shot 1038cm
No 15: P.Lane 2nd shot 117cm
Lucky Card Draw : P.Brown
Most use of the course: B.Bugden
21/10/14 Mixed Day All Welcome Par 3 Course.
4/11/14 Melbourne Cup Day Texas Fourball, All Welcome Mixed Day.

Monday 12/10/14
Rosewood Veterans, S/Stab. Trophy Donors T.Maroske & R.Newham 61 players
Winners. Mens: B.Johnston 44pts, Ladies: J.Morgan 38pts o.c.b
Runnersup. Mens: W.Gordon 41pts, Ladies: S.Erith 38pts
Rundown – Mens to 34, Ladies to 33
No2: Mens – K.McGuire 760cm, Ladies – S.Goodbun 2nd shot 27cm
No9: Mens – R.Newham 2nd shot 31cm, Ladies – J.Morgan 2nd shot in hole
No11: Mens – G.Johnson 561cm, Ladies – J.Heath
No15: Mens – R.Turnbull 2nd shot 27cm, Ladies – M.Boonstoppel 2nd shot 104cm
Approach. No6: Mens – R.Turnbull, Ladies – S.Goodbun 3rd shot in hole
Next game 17th November 8a.m. start. All veteran golfers welcome

Saturday 11/10/14
Single Stab, 88 players, Sponsored by D. Bourne, B. Waters, G. Gibson
Men Div.1:- G.Johnson 44pts, Div.2:- W.Boyle 40pts, Ladies:- D.Stanford 34pts
Runners Up:-
Men Div.1:- A.Window 43pts, Div.2:- R.Pflugrath 41pts, Ladies:- S.Heise 32pts
Rundown Men:- 36pts. Ladies:- 31pts
No.2 Men:- K.Hopper 138cms, Ladies:- P.Rogers 74cms
No.9 Men Div.1:- W.Boyle 482cms, Div.2:- T.Maroske 45cms, Ladies:- D.Johnson 84cms
No.11 Men:- W.Gordon 417cms, Ladies:- No-One
No.15 Men:- S.Noble 582cms, Ladies:- S.Heise 249cms
No.17 Men:- B.Hall 269cms, Ladies:- A.Brown 3105cms

Tuesday 7/10/14
Ladies Results, Monthly Medal, Single Stroke
Div1: M.Woodrow 95/72, Div2: B.Moore 108/72
Div1: P.Lane 97/73, Div2: L.Carlyon 100/73
B.R.D: S.Heise, S.Erith, A Newham, J.Cook
No2: L.Carlyon 78cm 2nd shot
No9: M.Woodrow 30cm 2nd shot
No11: L.Carlyon 303cm 1st shot
No15: B.Mack 234cm 2nd shot
Putter of the Day: M.Boonstoppel 27 putts.
14th October 2014 Medal of Medals single stroke.
21st October2014 Par 3 Course Mixed Day All Welcome.

Saturday 4/10/14
Monthly Mug S/Stroke & Putting, 85 Players
Div 1. L.Solomon 84/68 o.c.b.
Div 2 K.Hanly 85/65
Ladies A.Brown 85/66
Runners Up:
Mens. Div1 J.Young 75/68, Div 2 C.Payne 87/65
Ladies . D Johnson 90/68
Rundown Mens to 70, Ladies to 76 net
No2: Mens D.Hollands 131cm, Ladies A.Brown 2nd shot 43cm
No9: Mens Div1 T.Stanford 305cm,Div 2 2nd Shot K.Hanly 49cm Ladies, J.Heath 2nd shot 15cm
No11: M.Manning 127cm
No15: T.Stanford 145cm
No5: Mens T. Stanford 3rd shot 122cm, Ladies 4th shot D.Johnson 11cm,
Best Gross T.Avenell andJ.Young 75
Mr Putter J.Young and A.Bailey 26
Mrs Putter D.Johnson 26

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