Rosewood Vets Results, 13 November 2017

Rosewood Vets Results, 13 November 2017

Single Stableford Event

Trophies donated by S.Morgan & A.Finch

Winners:        Men: L.Hayne 39pts o.c.b.  

                         Ladies: M.Boonstoppel 35pts

Runners/up:  Men:  A.Elape 39pts   

                         Ladies: A.Finch 32pts

Rundown Men’s to 34pts and Ladies to 28pts

Pin Shots All 2nd Shot:

No2:   Men: A.Elape in hole      Ladies: M.Boonstoppel in hole

No9:   Men: I.Henry in hole       Ladies: H.Gilbert 14cm

No11: Men: P.Frazer 29cm        Ladies: S.Morgan 86cm

No15: Men: K.Mcguire  71cm   Ladies: H.Gilbert 90cm



No 3 L.Hayne  3rd shot 72cm and A.Finch 4th shot in hole

Next game 4th December, 8am start. All veteran golfers are welcome to come along and enjoy our Christmas Cheer

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