Rosewood Vets, October 2019

Rosewood Vets, October 2019



Trophy Donors: Trevor & Heather Maroske

Single Stableford:

Winners: Men: W Johnston 39 pts ocb, Ladies: J Holloway 41 pts

R/Up: Men: E Wright 39 pts, Ladies: D Pearson 40 pts

Run Down: Men to 34, Ladies to 32

Pin Shots:

No 2: Men: C Hallam 487 cm, Ladies: D Pearson (In hole)

No 9: Men: R Turnbull (in Hole), Ladies: A Arumugam 224 cm

No 11: Men: R Turnbull 523 cm, Ladies: A Brown 36 cm

No 15: Men: B Mathers (In hole), Ladies: A Arumugam 231 cm

Approach (No 14):

Men: W Johnston 1200 cm, Ladies: D Stanley 633 cm

Next Game: Monday, 11.11.19 starting at 8am for trophies donated by John & Dot Stanford. All golfers with a GA handicap (50 & over) from any golf club welcome to play in the Competition.

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