Rosewood Vets, June 2019

Rosewood Vets, June 2019

MONDAY, 17 JUNE 2019

Single Stableford:

Trophy Donors: D Smith & L & J Hunter

Winners: Men: N Porter 39 pts, Ladies: M Gibson 34 pts

R/Up: Men: J Hunter 38 pts, Ladies: A Brown 33 pts

Run Down: Men to 32 pts, Ladies to 26 pts

Pin Shots:

No 2: Men: N Porter, Ladies: S Goodbun (in hole) 2nd shot

No 9: Men: D Sheraton, Ladies: M Gibson

No 11: Men: N Porter, Ladies: S Morgan

No 15: Men: N Porter, Ladies: M Gibson

Approach (No 12):

Men: R Cromarty, Ladies: M Boonstoppel

Next Game: Monday, 15 July, 8.30 am start

All veteran golfers 50 and over with GA Handicap welcome

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