October, 2017

October, 2017

Rosewood Golf Results, Saturday 28 October 2017

4 Ball Best Ball Stableford Sponsored by S.Heise, J.Demmery, and K.Hanly

Winners: C.Bath/B.Thoms 53pts          

Runner/Up: L.Baldry/W.Crouch 48pts ocb
Rundown: To 46pts

Pin Shots:
N.T. P No2   Men:  M.Dance 103cm
N.T.P No9    Men: D.Hollands    390cm      

                          Ladies: 2nd Shot E.Nelson 126cm
N.T.P.No11  Men: P Robb 320cm              

                          Ladies: J Browning 800cm
N.T.P. No15 Men:(0-18) M.Voller  218cm  

                          Men: (19-36) 2nd Shot: B.Thoms 5cm      

                          Ladies: 2nd Shot: E.Nelson 126cm

Approach  No12: Men:- D.Hollands 295cm     Ladies:- E.Nelson 268cm


Saturday, 14 October 2017

Rosewood Golf Results, R Faint Memorial Day

Winner:  Men Div 1 I Pengelly 41 pts             

R/up: D Russell 40 pts         

Ladies: L Smith 37pts ocb

Winner: Men Div 2 E Wright 50 pts           

R/up: P Toohey 42 pts            

Ladies: T Fromuller 37pts

Ball Run Down to 39pts

Pin Shots:

No2: Men P Toohey 330cm                                                    

No9: Men M Newman 353cm, Ladies: 2nd shot E Nelson 2cm

No11: Men D Mallett 454cm, Ladies: E Nelson477cm

No15: Men (0-18): T Ross311cm, Men (19-36): 2nd shot R Newham in hole

Ladies: 2nd shot J Browning 83 cm 

Approach: No6 Men 2nd shot M Dance 51 cm, Ladies 3rd shot   E Nelson 297 cm



Saturday, 7 October 2017

Monthly Mug:


Men’s: Div1 R Graham 84/70     

Runner/Up: M Clem 89/71    

Ladies: E Nelson 83/74


Men’s: Div2 Winner J Wojcicki 92/66      

Runner/Up:  B Sheraton 89/70 o.c.b.

Run Down To 73

N.T.P. No2 Men B Sheraton 547 cm

N.T.P. No 9 Men S Browning   118 cm
Ladies: E.Nelson 129 cm

N.T.P. No 11 Men D Hollands 129cm

N.T.P. No 15.  0-18 Men R Lee 463cm  

19-36 2nd Shot D Butterfield 25cm         

Ladies 2nd shot L Smith 45cm

Approach No3 M Brown 278 cm
Ladies E Nelson 88 cm

Best Gross M Newman 78

Mr Putter: J Piccini 27                 

Mrs Putter: E Nelson 27

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