March 2014

March 2014

Saturday 29/3/14
2 Person Ambrose, 108 players
Sponsors:- AUSTWELD Engineering Pty. Ltd.
Winners:- A.Bailey/D.Learoyd 62.5
R/Up:- 1st M.Brown/P.Dawson 62.75, 2nd W.Freeman/L.Freeman 64 ocb, 3rd B.Morgan/H.Morgan 64, 4th A.Timperly/R.Boughen 64.5
Rundown:- 70.25
No.2:- A.Timperley/R.Boughen 294cms
No.9:- A.Timperley/R.Boughen 361cms
No. 11:- K.Parkes/R.Diprose 168cms
No. 15:- L.Cameron/D.Russell 750 cms
Approach:- No.6:- R.Grant/P.Mahoney 132cms

Tuesday 25/3/14
Rosewood Ladies, 25/3/14 4BBB Stab Mixed Day
Sponsored by Sean Choat, No of players 60
Winners: P.Lane and J.J.Mills 45pts
Runner-up: M.McCaffrey and M.Borthwick 44pts
B.R.D: M.Smith and C.Ryan 43pts, L.Carlyon and B.Waters 43pts, P.Minz and M.Minz 43pts, J.Wilson and G.Wilson 42pts, D.Stanford and B.Hutton 42pts, E.Whiteing and A.Russell 42pts, M.Gibson and W.Gordon 42pts
N.T.P Ladies
No 2: Ladies M.Woodrow 98 cm,
No 9: Ladies S.Haley 46cm, Men B.Waters 12cm
No 11: Ladies A.Finch 533cm, Men J.J.Mills 108cm
No 15: Ladies A.Brown 23cm, Men C.Ryan 4cm
Next Tuesday 1/4/14 Monthly Medal 2nd round Golf QLD Brooch Matchplay Qualifying. Sponsor Club Pennants 31/3/14 at Hattonvale

Saturday 22/3/14
4BBB Stab, Sponsored by W.Power, 104 players
Winners:- N.Hayes/J.Maxwell 48pts
R/Up:- C.Innes/T.Stanford 47pts ocb
Rundown:- 43pts
No.2 Men: D.Topping 511cms
No.9 Men: D.Russell 850cms, 2nd Shot 19/36 C.Innes 61cms, Ladies: 2nd Shot 0/26 A.Brown 17cms
No.11 Men: S.Voller 35cms, Ladies: M.Gibson 254cms
No.15 Men: W.Browning 274cms, Ladies: 27/45, 2nd Shot F.Parnell in the hole
Approach No.12 Men: 2nd Shot G.Johnson 133cms, Ladies: 3rd Shot E.Nelson 119cms
R.Robertson eagle on 13th.

Tuesday 18/3/14
Ladies VSS Game, No of players 25
Div 1 Winner: A.Brown ocb -1, Runner-up D.Stanley -1
Div 2 Winner: A.Smyly +4, Runner-up D.Stanford -2
BRD :M.Boonstoppel -2, D.Johnson -2, S.Morgan -2, B.Bugden -3, S.Erith -3
N.T.P :
No 2, 2nd shot: M.Woodrow 26cm
No 9, 2nd shot: B.Bugden 102cm
No 11, all in : B.Mack 250cm
No 15, all in : L.Nelson 20cm
Next Week 25/3/14 4BBB Mixed Day All Welcome, Sponsored by Sean Choat
Monday 24/3/14 Pennants at Wolston Park

Saturday 15/3/14
Members Foursome Championship. 27 holes 97 players
M.Manning/J.Gardner 113 gross
R/Up: L.Denman/K.Gardner 105.5 nett
Rundown: K.Hanly/B.Taylor 105.75
Single Stableford Overflow
Winner: L.Freeman 41pts
R/Up: B.Morgan 39pts ocb
Rundown 36pts
No.2 men: B.Hutton 249cms, Ladies: A.Brown 281cms
No.9 men:  W.Gordon 499cms
No.11 men: R.Parnell 344cms, Ladies: A.Brown 825cms
No.15 men: D.Macklin 930cms, Ladies: S.Heise 405cms

Tuesday 11/3/14
Ladies Monthly Medal, 30 players
Winner Div 1 : M.Gibson 95/73, Runner-up: S.Erith 98/73
Winner Div 2: W.Scott 98/69, Runner-up: B.Bugden 115/75
BRD :A.Finch, A.Brow, B.Mack, M.Smith, P.Rogers
N.T.P. NO 2: P.Brown in the hole 2nd shot
NO 9: D.Stanford 442 cm 2nd shot
NO 11: M.Woodrow 266cm 1st shot
NO 15: M.Gibson 24cm 2nd shot.
Next Week – 18/3/14 V.S.S., 17/3/14 Pennants at Rosewood,
25/3/14 Mixed day, all welcome 4bbb – Sponsored by Sean Choat

Saturday 8/3/14
Single Stab. Sponsor D.Butterfield, 107 players
Div.1: R.Robertson 44pts, Div.2: L.Denman 43pts ocb
Ladies: A.Brown 37pts ocb
R/Up:- Div.1: R.Avenell 39pts ocb Div.2: C.Innes 43pts, Ladies: L.Smith 37pts
Ball Rundown Men: 36pts, Ladies: 34pts
No.2 Men: C.Ryan 50cms, Ladies 2nd Shot: E.Nelson 7cms
No.9 Men: 19/36 2nd shot: J.Hunter 23cms, 0/26 2nd shot Ladies: A.Brown 15cms
No.11 Men: O.Schmidt 124cms, Ladies: E.Nelson 462cms
No.15 Men: L.Cameron 74cms, Ladies: L.Smith 62cms
No.6 2nd shot Men: J.Soppa 106cms, 3rd shot Ladies: A.Brown 94cms
Reminder to all ladies for Tuesday 11th March, there will be a rolling start from 7.10am
Junior Results 8/03/14
Junior A Winner:- J. Wojcicki 57/39, R/Up:- Z.Verrell 65/41, L.Else 66/41
Junior B Winner:- B.Else 73/40, R/Up:- B.Murray 74/42
N.T.P:- Z.Verrell Putting:- T.Brown
Sub Juniors Winner:- J.Turner 53/13, R/Up:- B.Skinner 49/23
N.T.P:- B.Skinner, Putting:- B.Skinner
Pee Wee Winner:- D.Emblem-Hayes 37/16, R/Up:- P.Emblem 37/16, B.Banks 52/25
N.T.P:- P.Emblem, Putting:- D.Emblem-Hayes

Tuesday 4/3/14
Ladies Single Stableford – Players 29
Div 1 Winner: L.Sheraton 33 pts
Runner-up: L.Nelson 32pts ocb
Div 2 Winner: J.Cook 39pts
Runner-up: B.Bugden 35pts
Ball Rundown: S.Erith 32pts , S.Haley 32pts , S.Morgan 31pts , P.Lane 31pts , S.Heise 30pts
N.T.P No 2 A.Finch 13cm
No 9 J.Cook 145cm
No 11 B.Bugden 962cm
No 15 J.Browning 59cm
Next week Monthly Medal
Pennants Monday at Laidley

Saturday 1/3/14
Monthly Mug 122 players
Winner:- Men Div.1:- B.Sweeting 80/67, Div.2:- D.Sheraton 89/69
Ladies:- P.Rogers 85/75
R/Up:- Men Div.1:- L.Cameron 81/68, Div.2:- M.Clem 89/70
Ladies:- M.Gibson 98/76
Ball rundown:- Men:- 73, Ladies:- 77
N.T.P:-No2:- Men G.Wylie 266cms, Ladies:- P.Rogers 50cm
No9:- Men N.McMillan 51cm, 0/19 P.Thode 133cms 2nd shot
Ladies:- S.Morgan 1cm 2nd shot
No11:- R.Graham 225cms, Ladies:- J.Morgan 174cms
No15:- Ladies:- A.Smyly 199cms 2nd shot
Approach No12:- Men:- A.Bailey 127cms, Ladies:- A.Finch 334cms 3rd shot
Mr Putter:- M.Voller 26 ocb, Mrs Putter:- J.Smith 28 ocb
Best Gross:- M.Manning 71

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