Ladies, August 2018

Ladies, August 2018

Tuesday, 28 August 2018:
Texas Four Ball Mixed Day Breast Cancer Fundraiser:
A big thank you to Ipswich City Council for their community donation to assist in running this event. 

Winners:M. Boonstoppel, D. Stanley, W. Crouch, L. Baldry 154.
Runners-up: S. Heise, P. Brown,J. Demmery, A. Elapa 148.
Ball rundown:D. Pearson, S. Morgan, W. Hill, P. Johnston 144.
Most use of the course: S. Erith, L. Sheraton,  R. Ellison, D. Sheraton 132
No. 2 Ladies L. Hunter. Men D. Russell
No  9 Ladies J. Browning.  Men D. Russell.
No  11 Ladies A. Finch. Men P. Johnston.
No 15 Ladies M. Boonstoppel. Men R. Ellison.
Next week Tuesday 4/9/18 Monthly Medal, Single stroke.


Tuesday, 21 August 2018:
4BBB STROKE Championships
Winners:M.Gibson & D. Smith 62
Runners-up :A. Finch & S. Morgan 63
NTP 2nd shot
No. 2 M. Gibson 77 cms
No. 9 M. Boonstoppel  129 cms
No. 11 D. Norris 3 cms
No. 15 S. Heise 313 cms
Next week 28/8/18 Mixed day fundraiser for breast cancer Texas  foursomes. Join the ladies for a fun day of golf. 8:30 start.


Tuesday, 14 August 2018:
Single Stableford
Winner: S. Morgan 37
Runner-up: L. Sheraton 35
Ball rundown: M. Boonstoppel 33, D. Norris 33, L. Hunter 33.
No. 2 2nd shot, S. Erith 18cm
No. 9 2nd shot, D Stanley 251 cm
No. 11 2nd shot L. Sheraton 28cm
No. 15 2nd shot L. Sheraton In the hole.
Next week 21 /8/18 4BBB Stroke Championships.
28/8/18 Texas 4 Ball fundraiser for breast cancer. All welcome, time sheet at clubhouse.


Tuesday, 7 August 2018:
Winner:  S. Heise 98/72,  Runner-up S.Erith 104/74
Ball rundown:  D Smith75, M.Gibson 77
NTP No. 2 M.Gibson
No. 9 M.Gibson
No. 11 M Boonstoppel
No. 15 P Brown
Mrs Putter M. Gibson 28
Next week 14/8/18 Single Stableford 8.30 start

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