December 2014

December 2014

Saturday 27/12/14.
Single stab. 67 players.
Winner div 1 R.Graham 42pts, r/up J.Young 38pts
Winner div 2 I.Longworth 43 pts, r/up K.Davey 42pts
Ladies winner S.Heise 38pts, R/Up J.Soppa 37pts.
No2. M.Newman 367, Ladies K.Browning 88cms.
No9. J.Demmery 23cms, L.Smith 16cms.
No11. R.Pflugrath 124cms.
No15. S.Heise 469
Aproach: No3 W.Allan 487cms, No3. G.Morris 440 cms
Ball r/down men 37. Ladies 33.
3/1/2015 Monthly mug.
Happy & healthy new year to all.

Saturday 20/12/14.
Single Stab.Field 73
Winner Div 1.G.Maxwell 40 pts, R/Up Div 1.B.Carterv 39 pts.
Winner Div 2.P.Johnson 42 pts, R/Up Div 2.J.Buckley 41 pts.
Ladies winner. L.Smith 34 pts, R/Up.J.Heath 31 pts.
No2. P.Johnson 38 cm. G.Morris 35 cms 2nd shot.
N09. G.Maxwell 707 cms, E.Wright 2nd shot in hole. S.Morgan 71cms 2nd shot.
N011. J.Stanford 106 cms.S.Heise 161 cms.15.S.Browning 68 cms S.Heise 2nd shot
Approach No6.A.Bailey 770 cms2nd shot.S.Heise 1n hole 4th shot.
Ball r/down men 37, ladies29.

Saturday 13/12/14
Monthly Medal (rescheduled from 6Jan14), 76 players
Winners:- Men Div.1: R.Graham 83/69, Div.2: C.Innes 92/72 ocb
Ladies: J.Smith 95/75
R/Up:- Men Div.1: D.Green 85/71 ocb, Div.2: R.Hunter 92/72 ocb
Ladies: J.Soppa 112/80 ocb
Rundown Men: 74, Ladies: 82
No.2. Men: D.Green 150cm Ladies: G.Morris 119cm
No.9. Men 0-18 No-One, 2nd shot 19-36 R.Hunter in the hole, Ladies: E.Nelson 11cm
No.11. Men D.Butterfield 209cm, Ladies:- J.Smith 318cm
No.15. Men J.Demmery 136cm, Ladies:- L.Sheraton 107cm
Approach No.3 Men: No-One, Ladies:- J.Smith 514cm
Best Gross:- A.Bailey 80
Mrs. Putter:- E.Nelson 30 putts
Mr. Putter:- D.Hollands, R.Graham 25 putts

Saturday 6/12/14
Single Stab, 23 players
(Scheduled Monthly Mug postponed due to Rain, to be played 13th December)
Winner:- R.Avenell 41pts, R/Up:- N.Green 37pts ocb, Rundown:- 36pts
No.2 Men:- A.Bailey 870cms, Ladies:- M.Gibson
No.9 Men:- 0-18 R.Avenell 900cms, 19-36 2nd shot D.Hastie 554cms
No.11 Men:- R.Avenell 236cms
No.15 Men:- D.Topping 715cms
Approach No.17 R.Avenell 117cms

Monday 1/12/14
Rosewood Vets, Single Stab, 47players
Mens – N.Emmerson 41pts, Ladies A.Brown 40pts
Runnersup – Mens D.Fitzgerald 37pts o.c.b. Ladies A.Finch 37pts
Rundown – Mens to 30pts, Ladies to 29pts
No2 – Mens N.Emmeson, Ladies S.Heise
No9 – Mens K.Davey, Ladies A.Finch
No11 – Mens J.Buckley, Ladies J.Cook
No15 – Mens G.Maloney, Ladies J.Heath
Approach: No 6 – Mens J.Stanford, Ladies A.Brown
Thank you to all who participated in competitions during year
and have a very Merry Christmas & a safe and happy New Year.
See you all on February 16th, 2015

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