November 2014

November 2014

Saturday 29/11/14.
4BBB. Stab.
Winners: R.Hunter & L.Hayne 45 pts o.c.b.
R/Up: D.Butterfield & B.Butterfield.45 pts.
N02. L.Hayne.645 cms
No9. R.Hunter 92 cms, R.Murgatroyd 34 cms.2nd shot Ladies L.Smith 195 2nd shot
No11. C.Innes 422 cms, Ladies J.Heath.
No15. J.Thorton, Ladies L.Smith
Approach. Men.T.Maroske 676 cms, Ladies.J.Heath 525 cms.
Ball r/down.42.

Saturday 22/11/14
Single STab, 77 players
Winners:- Men Div.1:- R.Avenell 43pts, Div.2:- G.Noble 39pts ocb, Ladies:- M.Gibson 38pts
R/Up:- Men Div.1:- A.Timperley 41pts, Div.2:- E.Wright 39pts, Ladies:- L.Smith 36pts ocb
Ball rundown:- Men 37pts, Ladies:- 36pts
No2: – D.Hartman 246cms
No9: -0-18 2nd shot N.Green in hole, Ladies:- L.Sheraton 687cms
No11: – D.Hartman 92cms, Ladies: L.Smith 15mtrs
No15: – L.Hayne 370cms, Ladies:- J.Browning 349cms
Approach No.13: -Men: C.Innes 30cms, Ladies: J.Browning 818cms

Monday 17/11/14
Rosewood Vets, Single Stab, 54 Players
Sponsors – J. Demmery, D. Macklin, S. Heise
Winners: Mens – K.Vollbrecht 42pts O.C.B, Ladies S.Morgan 37pts
Runnersup: Mens – J.J.Mills 42pts, Ladies – M.Boonstoppel 36pts
Rundown: Mens to 33pts o.c.b, Ladies to 27pts
No2: Mens – K.Vollbrecht 312cm, Ladies – D.Stanford 56cm
No9: Mens – P.Frazer in hole, Ladies – P.Rogers 213cm
No11: Mens – K.Klemm 285cm Ladies – A. Brown 667cm
No15: Mens – E.Wright in hole, Ladies – P.Rogers 84cm
Approach: No 12 Mens – T.Goodbun, Ladies – S.Morgan 35cm
Next Game 1st December 2014 – Christmas Cheer – 8am shotgun start.
All veteran golfers welcome.

Saturday 15/11/14
Single Stab, 67 players
Sponsored by E.Wright, T.Hastie, D.Hastie
Winners: Div.1: J.Collins 43pts, Div.2: D.Macklin 39pts
R/Up: Div.1: D.Topping 41pts ocb, Div.2: J.Demmery 38pts ocb
Ball Rundown: 35pts
No2: M.Manning 67cms
No9: Men 0-18 – B.Hutton 860cms, Men 19-36 – S.Buckley 118cms, Ladies – E.Nelson 101cms
No11: Men – T.Maroske 237cms, Ladies: L.Smith 1100cms
No15: Men – , Ladies: E.Nelson
Approach No.3: Men: J.Soppa 398 cms, Ladies: L.Smith 68cms
Winner of Open Matchplay M.Manning 1 up over A.Bailey

Saturday 8/11/14
2 Person Ambrose
Winners:- N.Green/D.Topping 65.25 ocb
R/Up:- G.Mollloy/K.Davey 65.25
Rundown:- 67.75
No2: – V.Gibbons 200cms
No9: – M.Newman 301 cms
No11: – L.Hayne 605cms, S.Goodbun
No15: – D.Russell 6mtrs, E.Nelson 515cms
Single Stab Winner:- W.Allan 41pts
R/Up:- P.O’Sullivan 39pts

Tuesday 4/11/14
Ladies Results, Texas Four Ball Melbourne Cup Day
Winners: M.Clem, I.Longworth, L.Hayne & C.Innes 161ocb
Runners-up: M.Boonstoppel, A & R.Newham & L.Johns 161
S.Erith, L.Carlyon, P.Lane & T.Maroske 152
J, W & S.Browning & M.Brown 149
J.Cook, J.Heath, D & J.Stanford 146
B.Hutton , P.Brown , A.Finch & S.Morgan 146
No2: Ladies – Mrs Skinner, Men – I.Longworth 507cm
No9: Ladies -A.Finch 41cm, Men – B.Hutton 65cm
No11: Ladies – J.Cook 446cm, Men – C.Innes 331cm
No15: Ladies – B.Bugden 28cm, Men – R.Newham 261cm
Approach No 12: 3rd shot Ladies: A.Finch 123cm, 2nd shot Men: W.Browning 63cm
Funny Line No 6: Ladies: B.Bugden, Men: W.Browning
Longest Drive No 17
Div 1: 0-22: Ladies – M.Boonstoppel, Men – Div 1: 0-18: J.Soppa
Div 2: 23-30: Ladies – J.Heath, Men – Div 2: 19-25: S.Browning
Div 3: 31-45: Ladies – J.Soppa, Men – Div 3: 26-36: M.Brown
Most use of the course: W & M.Scott, K.Rorie & B.Moore
11/11/14 Hackers Day
25/11/14 Christmas Luncheon

Saturday 1/11/2014.
Monthly Mug and Mug of Mugs.
Men Div.1: J.Collins 80/67, Div.2: D.Hastie 87/64, Ladies: L.Smith 97/72
R/Up:- Men Div.1: J.Thornton 80/68, Div.2: R.Pflugrath 91/70, Ladies: J.Smith 95/72
Ball Rundown Men: 73, Ladies: 75
No.2:- Men: R.Pflugrath 490cms, Ladies: J.Browning 735cms
No.9:- Men: Div1: P.Solomon 103cms, Div2: C.Payne 19cms
No.11:- Men: B.Hall 34cms, Ladies: L.Sheraton 318cms
No.15:- Men: M.Augustine 460cms, Ladies: J.Morgan 366cms
Approach: No.14:- Men: T.Ross 7cms, Ladies: E.Nelson 98cms
Mug of Mug Winners:- Men: Div1: B.Hutton, Div2: D.Hastie, Ladies: L.Smith
Mr.Putter: D.Hartman, J.Thornton 27 putts
Mrs.Putter: J.Smith 29 putts
Best Gross: P.Gibson 78

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