Rosewood Vets, May 2021

Rosewood Vets, May 2021

MONDAY, 17 MAY 2021:

Rosewood Vets Results:

Single Stableford:

Winners:- Mens D.Cox 39pts   Ladies S.Heise 35pts
Runnersup:- Mens
J.Daniels 37pts   Ladies M.Boonstoppel 33pts
Rundown :- Mens to 31pts    Ladies to 29pts
N.T.P’S :

No2 Mens P.Trelour   Ladies S.Morgan
No9 Mens P.Johnston   Ladies M.Boonstoppel
No11 Mens D.Butterfield   Ladies A.Arumugam
No15 Mens R.Cromarty    Ladies D.Stanley
Approach No18 Mens R.Cromarty  Ladies P.Brown
Thankyou to Mary & Charlie for trophies Next game 14th June 8.30am start
Trophy donors will be Daphne, John & Lorraine
All veterans aged 50&over with G.A.Handicaps welcome  

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