June 2014

June 2014

Saturday 28/6/14
Single Stab, 110 players
Ladies:- A.Brown 39pts, Men Div.1:- D.Green 41pts ocb, Div.2:- B.Donald 43pts
R/Up Ladies:- L.Smith 35pts ocb, Men:- Div.1:- G.Maxwell 41pts, Div.2:- K.Davey 41pts ocb
Rundown Ladies:- 34pts, Men:- 37pts
No.2 Ladies 2nd shot:- M.Gibson 85cms, Men:- A.Riedel 96cms
No.9 Ladies 2nd shot:- P.Rogers in hole, Men:- G.Maxwell 261cms, Men 2nd shot:- J.Demmerey 52cms
No.11 Ladies:- P.Rogers 1032cms, Men:- B.Hall 141cms
No.15 Ladies 2nd shot:- D.Stanford 143cms, Men:- M.Augustine 68cms
Approach No.12 :- No-one
Ladies Match play winner:- A.Finch def. D.Stanford on the 19th hole

Saturday 21/6/14
Single Stab, 93 players
J.Heath 36pts, R/Up A.Brown 34pts.
Div.1:- G.Maxwell 42pts, Runner Up D.Mallett 41pts
Div.2:- S.Noble 41pts, S.Browning 40pts
Rundown Ladies:- 32pts, Men:- 36pts
No.2 Ladies:- Nil, Men:- K.Davey 596cms
No.9 Ladies 2nd shot J.Smith 31cms, Men:- A.Timperley 248cms, 2nd shot:- J.Hunter 87cms
No.11 Ladies:- A.Finch 746cms, Men:- T.Hastie 79cms
No.15 Ladies:- S.Heise 725cms, Men:- G.Gibson 14cms
Approach: No.3 Ladies:- M.Boonstoppel 69cms, Men:- A.Timperley 345cms

Thursday 19/6/14
Rosewood Ladies Open Day
Div 1: B.Phillips 35pts, Runner-up E.Nelson 34pts
Div 2: A.Ross 39pts, Runner-up M.Boonstoppel 37pts
Div 3: D.Stanford 35pts ocb, Runner-up S.Heise 35pts
B.R.D: C.Guest 34pts, A.Brown 33pts, R.Wass 33pts, A.Finch 33pts, D.Jackson 32pts, L.Carlyon 32pts,
J.Cook 32pts, J.Hall 32pts.
No 2: C.Guest 388cm
No9: C.Nottingham 120cm 2nd shot
No 11: D.Jackson 515cm
No 15: B.Phillips 1009cm
Div 1: No 12 3rd shot E.Nelson,
Div 2: No 3 3rd shot M.Woodrow 310cm
Div 3: 4th shot J.Hall 66.5cm

Tuesday 17/6/14
Rosewood Ladies Results, 27 Hole Foursomes Championships Stroke
Winners: S.Rockerick & B.Wellings 1121/4
Runners-up: M.Gibson & M.Woodrow 1131/2
Gross Winners: E.Nelson & M.Smith 137
B.R.D: S.Haley & W.Scott, M.Boonstoppel & D.Stanford
No2: 2nd shot J.Morgan 30cm
No9: 2nd shot D.Stanford 51cm
No11: 1st shot P.Brown 409cm
No15: 2nd shot E.Nelson 150cm
Next Games – 19/6/14 Ladies Open Day and 24/6/14 Single Stroke

Monday 16/6/14
Rosewood Vets, Single Stab, Sponsors B.&D.Smith & J.&L.Hunter, 62 Players
Winners: E.Wright 42 pts, Ladies D.Stanford 37pts
Runnersup: Men P.Cook 41pts, Ladies S.Heise 36pts
Mens rundown to 34pts, Ladies to 31pts
No2: Men Nil, Ladies P.Brown 2nd shot 34cm,
No9: Men G.Maloney 2nd shot 52cm, Ladies A.Brown 2nd shot 122cm
No11: Men D.Davies 365cm, Ladies J.Heath 2nd shot 104cm
No15: P.Cook 2nd shot in hole, Ladies A.Finch 2nd shot 63cm
No3: B.Carter 3rd shot 24cm, Ladies D.Johnson, A.Brown A.Finch 4th shot inhole
Next Game 14th July. All veteran golfers welcome.

Saturday 14/6/14
Single Stab. Sponsor:- Club, 96 players
Ladies:- L.Smith 36pts, Runner, J.Heath 32pts
Men Div.1:- J.Young 44pts, Runner Up P.Solomon 42 ocb
Men Div.2:- J.Buckley 39pts, Runner Up R.Pflugrath 38pts ocb
Ball Rundown: Ladies:- 30pts, Men:- 38pts
No.2 Ladies:- L.Smith 367cms, Men:- M.Clem 63cms
No.9 Ladies 2nd shot:- D.Stanford 500cms, Men:- T.Avenell 295cms Men 2nd shot:- J.Hunter 64cms
No.11 Ladies:- J.Smith 1300cms, Men:- L.Hayne 55cms
No.15 Ladies:- L.Smith 21cms, Men:- Z.Verrall 627cms
No.12 Ladies:- E.Nelson 200cms, Men:- M.Brown 672cms
Junior Results 14/06/14
Junior A Winner:- L.Else 52/34, R/Up:- Z.Verrall 53/34
Rundown:- J.Wojcicki 55/38
Junior B Winner:- S.Verrall 58/28, R/Up:- B.Else 60/33
Rundown:- M.Verrall 65/36
Sub Junior:- Claire 63/23

Tuesday 10/6/14
Rosewood Ladies Results, 4 Ball Agg Stab
Winners: J.Wilson and G.Wilson 74pts
Runners-up: B.Mack and B.Mack 69pts
B.R.D. M.Smith and C.Ryan 68, P.Rogers and R.Pelugrath 67, B.Bugden and W.Gordon 67, S.Heise and J.Demmery 66, D.Johnson and G.Johnson 66, D.Stanford and J.Stanford 63, M.Boonstoppel and B.Carter 61
No2: 2nd shot A.Finch 81cm, G.Johnson 34cm 2nd shot
No9: 2nd shot B.Phillips in the hole, P.Cook 32cm 2nd shot
No11: B.Phillips 4.80cm 1st shot, P.Kuhn 3.86cm 1st shot
No15: 2nd shot S.Heise 34cm, T.Maroske 2nd shot in the hole
17/6/14 Foursomes Championships 27 holes Stroke 8am start

Saturday 7/6/14
Monthly Mug S/Stroke & Putting – 98 Players
Mens Div1 S.Ross 81/68, Mens Div2 I.Barry 93/64
Ladies D.Stanford 100/69
Runnersup Mens Div1 Matt Brown 79/69, Mens Div2 P.Johnston 95/68 o.c.b, Ladies A.Finch 88/72
Rundown Mens to ??, Ladies to 75nett
No2 J.Osborne 400cm, Ladies P.Rogers 1320cm
No9 Mens Div1 W.Boyle 159cm, Div2 J.Buckley in hole, Ladies A.Smyly 37cm
No11 O.Schmidt 141cm, Ladies M.Gibson 522cm
No15 J.Buckley 331cm Ladies A.Finch 75cm
Approaches No7 Mens A.Bailey 270cm, Ladies J.Heath 244cm
Best Gross A.Bailey 75
Mr Putter J.Demmery 22, Mrs Putter M.Gibson & P.Rogers 28

Rosewood Juniors Results 31st May 2014
Junior A Gross L.Else 104/64 Nett Z.Verrall 107/61 Junior B Gross B.Else 121/65 Nett B.Murray 124/66 Sub Junior Grosss P.Emblem 106/34 Nett D.Emblem-Hains 126/46

Tuesday 3/6/14
Rosewood Ladies Results
Winners Div 1: L.Nelson 78/69, Div 2: D.Stanford 97/64
Runners-up Div 1: M.Woodrow 96/73, Div 2: P.Brown 97/71
B.R.D: J.Browning 73, S.Haley 75, A.Smyly 75, A.Brown 75, & P.Lane 75
No2 2nd shot, W.Scott 98cm
No9 2nd shot, S.Morgan 48cm
No11 D.Stanford HOLE IN ONE also won Eagles Nest
No15 2nd shot, S.Morgan in the hole
Lady Putter: L.Nelson 27 putts
10/6/14 4 ball agg stab, mixed day sponsorsed by David Pahlke

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