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Thursday 18 Hole Comp, June 2017

Thursday 18 Hole Comp, June 2017

Thursday, 29 June:

Winner:  S Daunt 38 pts

R/Up:  B Yates 37 pts

R/Down:  S Nichols 37 pts

Pins:  No 9 – B Yates 276 cm

No 15 – D McKee 1485 cm


Thursday, 22nd of June:

Winner: M.Rostron 35pts


No.2: M.Rostron 695cm

No.11: R.Ala-outinen 610cm


Thursday, 15th of June:

Winner: D.McKee 36pts

R/Up: B.Mathers 33pts ocb

NTP, No.15: B.Mathers 500cm

Rundown: D.Russell 33pts


Thursday, 8th of June:

Winner: B.Yates 38pts

R/Up: D.McKee 35pts

NTP, No.11: M.Schilling 625cm 


Thursday, 1st of June:

Winner:  R Ala-Outinen  30 pts



Thursday 18 Hole Comp, May 2017

Thursday 18 Hole Comp, May 2017

25th of May, 2017:

Winner: M Rostron 40pts

R/Up: B Yates

NTP: No.11 – R Ala-Outinen 710cm


18th of May, 2017:

Winner: R Ala-Outinen  39pts ocb

R/Up:     S.Browning   39pts ocb

R/Down:  D McKee  38pts

Pins:          No. 15 – R.Ala-Outinen  252cm.

                    No. 2 – Skinner


11th of May, 2017:

Winner:      R Johnson     33pts ocb

R/Up:          B Yates          33pts

R/Down:     M Rostron    32pts

Pins:             No. 11  – D McKee   1690cm


4th of May, 2017:

Winner:        S Nichols        38pts ocb

R/Up:           R Johnson     36pts

Pins:             No. 9  – R Johnson   600cm

                      No. 15  – D McKee     915cm

Thursday 18 Hole Comp, April 2017

Thursday 18 Hole Comp, April 2017

27th of April, 2017:

Winner:      B Yates   33pts

Pins:             No. 2 – G Doyle 1150cm

                      No. 11 – B Yates 825cm 


20th of April, 2017:

Winner:      S Gardner   42pts

R/Up:          M Rostron  39pts

R/Down:     R Ala-Outinen  38pts

Pins:             No. 9  – O Schmidt 915cm

                      No. 15 – R Johnson 390cm 


13th of April, 2017:

Winner:      B Richards  38pts

R/Up:          S Gardner   36pts

R/Down:     R Johnson  35pts

Pins:             No. 2  – R Johnson  1030cm

                      No. 11 – R Johnson  240cm


6th of April, 2017:

Winner:      R Ala-Outinen  38pts

R/Up:          S Nichols  33pts

R/Down:     S Daunt 32pts,  G Doyle 32pts

Pins:             No. 9  – E Skinner  –

                      No. 15 – S Gardner 400cm