Ladies, November 2017

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

8 hole Fun Day – Cowgirl Day

Winner:  B Mack 26 1/2 nett 

R/Up:  M Boonstoppel 29 1/2 nett 

Pin Shots:

No 2:  M Gibson 58 cm

No 11:  M Boonstoppel 21 cm

Most Use of Course:  D Stanley 

Run Down:  Everyone Else


Ladies Results. 7/11/2017.
Melbourne Cup Day. Mixed Day. 4 Ball Best Ball Stableford.

Winners: D.Smith & V.Gibbons 43pts.
Runners-up: D.Stanley & B.Ellison 41pts.

S.Erith & P.Kuhn , K.McGuire & P.Brown ,                                                                                                                                      R.Wass & J.Hunter , M.Boonstoppel & B.Sheraton ,
M.Gibson & F.Akes , W.Hill & P.Johnston.


N.T.P:   Ladies                                            Men
No 2:    S.Erith 59cm.                                D.Sheraton 53cm.
No 9:    P.Brown 173cm.                           A.Browning 15cm.
No 11:  M.Gibson 30cm.                           D.Sheraton 23cm.
No 15:  M.Boonstoppel 112cm.              D.Sheraton 75cm.
Most Use Of Course: S.Morgam & A.Rogers.
14/11/2017 2 Person Ambrose. 8am start.

Ladies, October 2017

Ladies results, 31/10/2017
Par Day.
Winner: M.Gibson +5.
Runner-up: P.Brown -1.
B.R.D: D.Smith , S.Heise , S.Erith & D.Stanley.
N.T.P: All second shot.
No 2: M.Gibson 149cm.
No 9: M.Gibson 115cm.
No 11: D.Smith 109cm.
No 15: M.Gibson in hole.
7/11/2017. Melbourne Cup Day.
4 B.B.B Stab. 8 am start.
Mixed Day All Welcome.


Ladies Results 10/10/2017
Medal of Medals & Single Stab.
Winner of Medal of Medals: S.Erith 104/73.
Daily Winner: S.Erith 35pts.
Runner-up: M.Boonstoppel 33pts.
N.T.P. All 2nd shots.
No 2: R.Wass 64cm.
No 9: P.Brown 165cm.
No 11: M.Boonstoppel 87cm.
No 15: D.Norris 286cm.
17/10/2017 Mixed Day All Welcome.
Junior Course 2 Person Ambrose.




Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Monthly Medal – Single Stroke


Winner: M Gibson 99/75

Runner-Up: A Finch 97/80

Ball Run Down: S Morgan, S Heise, P Brown, S Erith     

Mrs Putters: M Gibson 29 putts, A Finch 29 putts

Next game: 10.10.17 – Medal of Medals & Single Stableford –  8 am start

Ladies, September 2017

Ladies Results 26/9/2017.

Mixed Day 2-Persons Ambrose

Winners: S.Erith & K.McGuire 83/68.

Runners-up: S.Morgan & J.Gilbert 80/68 1/4.

B.R.D: D.Stanley & T.Brown , D.Norris & I.Henry B&B Mack

Pin Shots:

Ladies      All 2nd Shots.         Men

No 2:  S.Erith 4cm                         V.Gibbons 100cm.

No 9:  S.Erith in hole.                   B.Mack   235cm.

No11: S.Morgan 111cm.            J.Gilbert 17cm.

No 15: B.Mack 31cm.                  J.Wojcicki 49cm.

3/10/2017 Monthly Medal. 8 am start.


Rosewood Ladies Results Tuesday, 19 September 2017

American foursomes:

Winners:   M Boonstoppel & D Stanley 97/79

Pin Shots:

No 2:  M Boonstoppel & D Stanley 88cm

No 9:  A Finch & S Erith 36cm

No 11:  P Brown & B Mack 35cm 

No 15:  M Boonstoppel & D Stanley 307cm

Next Week – Mixed Day – 2 Person Ambrose


Ladies Results 12/9/2017
Single Stab
Winner: D.Stanley 41pts.
Runner-up: S.Morgan 40pts.
B.R.D: S.Heise , A.Finch & S.Erith.
No 2: A.Finch in the hole.
No 9: A.Finch 30cm.
No11: S.Heise in the hole.
No 15: S.Erith 183cm.
American Foursomes. 8am start.

Ladies, August 2017

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Secret Partners  – 4 Ball Aggregate Stableford

Winners:                   S Morgan & P J O’Sullivan 73 pts

Runners-Up:            S Erith & R Wass 68 pts

Pin Shots (All 2nd Shots):

No 2:              R Wass 22 cm

No 9:              B Mack 169 cm

No 11:           S Morgan 112 cm

No 15:           R Wass 3.5 cm

Next game: 4.9.17 – Monthly Medal, 8 am start


Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Breast Cancer Fundraiser Day – Texas Fourball

Sponsored by:  Cr David Pahlke

Winners:                   D Norris, D Smith, V Gibbons & K McGuire 181 pts

Runners-Up:            J Browning, S Browning, M Brown & P Johnston 147 pts

Ball Run Down:       Every player received a ball

Pin Shots (All 2nd Shots):

No 2:              Ladies:           J Browning in hole

                        Men:              P Johnston in hole

No 9:              Ladies:           S Heise 73 cm

                        Men:              S Browning 65 cm

No 11:           Ladies:           C Dawson 28 cm

                        Men:              D Gillett in hole

No 15:           Ladies:           D Norris 138 cm

                        Men:              J Demmery 74 cm

Lucky Card Draw:               P Brown, D Gillett, A Rogers & C Nottingham

Next game:  29.8.17 – 4 Ball Aggregate Stableford – Secret Partners – 8.30 am start


Tuesday, 15 August 2017

4BBB Stroke Championships

Winner:                     D Smith & M Gibson 62 nett

Runners-Up:            D Stanley & J Browning 66 nett

Pin Shots (All 2nd Shots):

No 2:                          D Stanley 70 cm

No 9:                          M Boonstoppel 11 cm

No 11:                       M Gibson 82 cm

No 15:                       P Brown 71 cm

Next game:              22.8.17 – Breast Cancer Fundraiser Day (Mixed Day) –

Texas Fourball – 8.30 am start



Winner P Brown 0CB 90/68

Runner Up D Stanley  96/68

NTP   No 2  S Morgan 73cm, No 9 P Brown 18cm, No 11 P Brown 18cm, No 15 M Boonstoppel 16cm

Mrs Putter  P Brown




Final Matchplay Result –  D Stanley

Single Stableford :   Winner  S Erith  35pts OCB,  Runner Up  D Norris  35 pts


NTP  No 2  S Erith 10cm,  No 9  D Stanley  158cm,  No 11  D Smith  96cm  No 15  M Gibson  189cm

Ladies, July 2017

Rosewood Golf Club Ladies Results 4/7/17:                                                                                                                                     

Monthly medal 

Winner D. Stanley 101/73 Runner-up. B. Mack 103/74. 

Ball rundown A Finch 76, M.Boonstoppel 76.


No. 2 S Morgan  114 cm 2nd shot.

No. 9 P. Brown 226 cm 2nd shot

No. 11 D Stanley 1500 cm

No. 15 A. Finch 105 cm 2nd shot.

Mrs Putter M.Boonstoppel  24

Next week 1st round match play and single stab.

Ladies, June 2017

27th of June, 2017:

Rosewood Ladies Single Stroke.

Winner: D Norris 96/66

Runner Up: B Mack 98/68


No.2: M Boonstoppel In Hole

No.9: M Boonstoppel 135cm

No.11: B Mack 86cm

No.15: D Norris 85cm


Next Week – Monthly Medal


20th of June, 2017:

Rosewood Ladies 27 Hole Foursomes Championship.

Winners: S.Morgan & M.Gibson  111 3/4

Runners Up: B.Mack & S.Erith 113


No.2: S.Morgan & M.Gibson (In Hole)

No.9: S.Morgan & M.Gibson 117cm

No.11: R.Wass & J.Browning 25cm

No.15: A.Finch & P.Brown 112cm


Gross C/Ship: A.Finch & P.Brown 151

Nett: S.Morgan & M.Gibson 111 3/4


Ladies, May 2017

Tuesday, 30th of May, 2017:

Ladies Results: 30/5/2017.

Mixed Day Russian Roulette.

Winners: S.Heise & W.Crouch 74pts.

Runners-up: L.Sheraton & V.Gibbons 73pts.

B.R.D : J.Cook & W.Hill.

N.T.P:    Ladies.                                      Men.

No 2:      M.Boonstoppel 53cm.          W.Hill 79cm.

No 9:      M.Boonstoppel 20cm.          W.Crouch in Hole.

No 11:     S.Morgan 5cm.                       L.Hayne 53cm.

No 15:     L.Sheraton in Hole.               L.Hayne 58cm.

Most use of Course: Barb & Beres Mack.

5/6/2017 Monthly Medal 8:30 start.


Tuesday, 23rd of May, 2017:

Final Round of Championships & Single Stab.

Winner: S.Erith 38pts.

Runner-up: S.Morgan 31pts.

B.R.D: A. Finch, D.Norris & J.Browning.


No 2: S.Morgan 100cm.

No 9: D.Stanley 200cm.

No 11: D.Norris 35cm.

No 15: D.Smith 66cm.

30/5/2017. Mixed Day All Welcome Russian Roulette. 8 am start.


Midweek Championship Results:

Div 1:

Gross: Annie Finch

Nett: Marysha Boonstoppel

Div 2:

Gross: Shirley Morgan

Nett: Sarah Erith


Tuesday 16th of May, 2017:

Single Stab & 3rd Round of Championships.

Winner: P.Brown 32pts.

Runner-up: M.Gibson 31pts.

B.R.D: S.Heise, A.Finch & J.Cook.

N.T.P: All 2nd Shots.

No 2: B.Mack 131cm

No 9: A.Finch 140cm

No 11: S.Heise 22cm

No 15: P.Brown 365cm.

23/5/2017 Final Round Championships & Single Stab.

30/5/2017 Mixed Day Russian Roulette All Welcome, starting 8am.


Tuesday 9th of May, 2017:

Single Stab & 2nd round Championships.

Winner: M.Boonstoppel 26pts ocb.

Runner-up: P.Brown 26pts ocb.

B.R.D: J.Heath, A.Finch & S.Heise.

N.T.P: All 2nd Shots.

No 2: S.Erith 203cm.

No 9: A.Finch 94cm.

No 11: S.Morgan 74cm

No 15: P.Brown 535cm.

Most use of the course: D.Norris.


Tuesday 2nd of May, 2017:

1st round Championships & Monthly Medal.

Winner:          S Erith 101/70

Runner-up:    J Cook 113/75

B.R.D:             S.Heise , B.Mack & M.Gibson.


No 2: B.Mack 17cm.

No 9: M.Gibson 157cm.

No 11: J.Browning 1820cm.

No 15: J.Browning 158cm.

Mrs Putter: J.Cook 29 putts.

9/5/2017 2nd Championships & Single Stab for the Championship Players.

Ladies, April 2017

Tuesday 18th of April, 2017:

Friendship Day with Ipswich, 4bbb Stableford

Winners: L.Dionysius & S.Heise 44pts.

Runners-up: L.Allen & S Morgan 39pts.

B.R.D: Everyone.


No2: B.Phillips 594cm.

No9: B.Mack in hole.

No 11: D.Stanley 51cm.

No15: M.Gibson 337cm.

Rosewood 262pts and Ipswich 230pts.

No Ladies 25/4/2017.

Anzac Day Comp is 4BBB Stab.

2/5/2017 Monthly Medal and Start of Championships, 8am start.


Tuesday 11th of April, 2017:

Irish Fours Mixed Day:

Winners:    M Boonstoppel, B Ellison, D Stanley, & J Cook  99pts

Runners-Up:    D Stanford, P Kuhn, J Daniels, & D Browning  97pts

Ball Run Down:    M Gibson, W Hill, B Else, & D Sheraton 

                                         S Heise, P Brown, J Demmery, & D Gillet

NTP’s ( All 2nd shot ): 

No. 2:  P Brown 27cm,  D Gillet 21cm

No. 9:  M Gibson 11cm,  B Albion 90cm

No. 11:  D Stanley 71cm,  W Hill 30cm

No. 15:  A Finch 408cm,  L Hayne 114cm


Tuesday 4th of April, 2017:

Monthly Medal:

Winner:  P Brown 100/77

Runner-Up:  A Finch 96/78 ocb


No. 2:  M Boonstoppel 31cm

No. 9:  B Mack 98cm

No. 11:  P Brown 203cm

No. 15:   P Brown 144cm

Mrs Putter:  A Finch 31 putts

Ladies, March 2017

Tuesday 28th of March:

4BBB Stab Mixed Day:

Winners:  S Morgan & C Stevenson 44pts

Runners-Up:  M Gibson & J Daniels 42pts

Ball Rundown:  J & H Gilbert

                             D & L Sheraton

                             J Browning & P Johnston

                             J Buckley & S Erith

NTP’s ( All 2nd shot ):

No. 2:  L Sheraton 332cm,  L Hayne in hole

No. 9:  A Finch 54cm,  J Hunter 100cm 

No. 11:  P Brown in hole,  V Gibbons 27cm

No. 15:  H Gilbert 150cm,  P Johnston 88cm


A special thank you to Jim Madden MP for sponsoring the event.